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Blood: Last Vampire (1 Viewer)

Chad Ferguson

Supporting Actor
Oct 31, 2000
Alright, I had seen this movie once before when it first came out. Didn't like it too much then but I decided to give it another chance. Well, please someone help me!!! First off what I found good. The Animation was just amazing to look at. I have no problems with the CGI thrown in the mix.
Alright, the rest. First off, if there is a story I must has missed it, cause there is no way it's just about killing a couple of vampires!?! Really, the Nurse lady I found annoying beyond belief. Voice acting was horrible. Personally I would have cut her out of the show, but you can't do that cause you might end up with a 20 minute show. That's another question I have, what's up with the run time on this movie? Did they go over budget or something?
Well that's my venting for now, please share your views, perhaps you can enlighten me on these show?

Brian Thibodeau

Supporting Actor
Dec 10, 2003
I think the run time was deliberate as the creators were experimenting with new techniques (and, I think, new people in the industry or some such). I always took the limited plot as designed to be part of a larger whole, the "missing" story to which you refer. Right from the start, it appears like we're dropped into the middle of things and when it ends, it feels far from over.

Personally, I loved this approach because it deliberately leaves something to the imagination and feels like a middle episode of a larger series without, and as such, feels no need to fill in the gaps. The photo at the end would indicate that additional tales could be set on either side of the timeline of this one and, bit by bit, we'd receive any info we couldn't glean from the characters in this "episode," although personally, I didn't really feel like I was missing much at all since the tale is so firmly rooted in vampire lore (of which we've seen so many cultural variants, including this one, that we can now fill in the blanks almost automatically). I think the filmmakers knew exactly what they were doing with this one.

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