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    The HTF has once again tempted me into spending more money than I should, and I'm interested in buying a BFD. However, is there any way that I can use this eq for my mains too? I mean are 24 bands neccessary for a sub? First a little info about my equipment: I have an Integra DTR-7, sonosub, mackie 1400i (powering the sonosub in mono), and a pair of B&W 602s for the front channels. I currently have the sub-out running to the mackie for the .1 channel, and the mains hooked up to the reciever's amp. My question is this: if I hook an EQ up to the monitor loop (my reciever has pre-outs and amp-ins for the mains, they currently have little jumpers connecting them), will this affect the sub frequencies going to the sub-out? I don't really know another way to hook it up unless I buy two EQs.... Thanks for your help (hope this is the right area for this post)
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    You get 12 bands per channel, not 24 bands for channel. There are 2 channels (12 bands each).
    If your bass management is working correctly (and your front speakers are set to small) your monitor loop would only allow you to use the BFD on the front speakers. You'd need another BFD to handle the .1 output to the sub.
    If you set your speakers to large and sub to no, then use the speaker passthrough on your sub's amp, you could you the monitor loop with one BFD to tailor the sound for both the sub and speakers.
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    There are probably different thoughts on this, but I would have a tendency not to put one in my mains circuit. While this thing seems to be a very fine piece of gear, I would not want to run my main audio through a $135 outboard equalizer.
    Subs don't concern me much. The frequency is low, there's just not as much concern as to whether it might introduce some nuance or not.
    Just my thoughts.

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