Best place to spend $1500 for HT system

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    Hi all,

    I figured I'd ask the experts in this area. I'm trying to find the best way to improve my home theatre system. I have a Sony DB930 receiver (3 or so years old), Definitive Tech BP-6B fronts,CLR 2002 center, and Venturi rear surrounds. My subwoofer is pretty crappy, an Acoustic Research with an 8" woofer. What could I do to get the best bang for the buck for $1500?

    Thanks - Paul
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    May 27, 2002
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    If you are looking for just upgrades, you could buy only a reciever a sub, which will be a good upgrade to your current setup.

    Maybe you should consider

    ONKYO SR800 $850
    DENON AVR3803 $850
    Pioneer Elite VSX 43TX $680

    SVS 25-31PCi $550
    SVS 25-31PC+ $750
    SVS PB1-ISD $600

    But if you are looking for a complete setup (timber match), I think for $1500 you could get a pretty decent system.

    Check JBL speakers, not so expensive and very good sound. Check Studio series or Northbrige series.

    My personal recomendation will be,
    Four S38 $270 (pair) = 540
    One SCenter $140
    SVS 25-31PCi $550
    Reciever Pioneer VSX 811S = $290
    TOTAL = $1,520


    For S26 $170 (pair) = $340
    One Scenter $140
    SVS 25-31PCi $550
    Harman Kardon AVR-325 $550
    TOTAL = $1,580

    If you dont like SVS cilinder line, check the new PB1-ISD for $600 seems to be a good alternative, or maybe check the HSU VTF2 or VTF3.

    Hope this helps,

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