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    My mom just bought a 47 inch LG 47GA6400 LED TV yesterday (I wanted her to buy the 50 inch Panasonic L50E60 but it was $200 more - however she signed up for the lease to own program which isn't too bad compared to what a credit interest would have been, so if the LG picture ends up being horrible when we get it back, we could maybe exchange it right away for the Panasonic and make payments on that instead) but anyway, not to get off topic, my first question is: What is a good external airplay device since the LG does not support airplay internally? I would like to get her something she could use to watch her Facebook YouTube videos on, and view pictures from her iPhone or Kindle camera rolls with. Is there an external airplay device out there that will automatically override the digital cable input and audio receiver input (if she is watching tv) and bring up the AirPlay content right away (so she doesn't have to switch any inputs, except to get back, of course)?

    Second, she will have a Blu Ray Player (or gaming system with Blu Ray capability) and then the LG TV. I think just those two machines. Can anyone recommend a good low-budget but quality-friendly audio receiver and speaker setup? Just looking for a basic 2.1 speaker setup and prefer NON-wireless as I've always experienced an audio lag with wireless.

    Final question, can you recommend a good universal remote that will switch both the audio receiver and tv input together with each button function? i.e. a 'watch tv' button would automatically switch the audio receiver to TV and TV input to Cable. a 'blu ray' button would switch the audio receiver to the Blu Ray or gaming machine and TV input to the right input, as well. Just to minimize the amount of remotes she would need to use to limit any confusion that could arise.

    P.S. Out of curiosity, has anyone ever noticed a lag in audio on digital cable channels and digital cable movie orders? Even when running through wired speakers, I swear there is always the slightest audio delay, or maybe it's a video delay, and it's the biggest pet peeve of mine. I never have the problem with Blu Ray discs/movies. Only digital cable!

    Thanks for your help! Sorry for all the questions :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
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    Look at Apple TV for AirPlay, and Harmony remotes.Apple May be introducing new Apple TV's next week, so you should wait. And no, they don't auto switch, but you could set up a Harmony to manage that.

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