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Audio / Video Equipment Stacking Order (1 Viewer)

Mike H Wizard

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 7, 2002
Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to figure out what the best way to organize my Audio / Video Equipment in my cabinet would be...
This is the order I have it arranged in my cabinet now from
top to the
DVD Player
Tape Deck
CD Player
I have everything in One Black Entertainment Center the
TV is located to the Right of my Audio / Video Equipment.
The Entertainment Center is sectioned off into 3 sections left to right see link below:
My Entertainment Center
A/V Equipment, TV, and CD's all next to each other...
How do all of you have your equipment arranged, which would be the best way to arrange my Equipment?
Thank you in advance,

Westly T

Second Unit
Oct 5, 1999
I always like to put the receiver on top as it puts off the most heat and you need not cook all your AV equipment. I also have always had a vent of some sort at the top of the cabinet.

Jeff Pryor

Supporting Actor
Mar 5, 2002
My equipment from top to bottom:

VCR on top shelf

DVD player on shelf below

Cassette deck stacked on CD player on next shelf

Receiver on the bottom shelf with about six inches of space above for venilation

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
I always like to put the receiver on top
While I do agree with the reason, ventilation, I put my receiver amp at the bottom.
My dominating rule: put things up high if you interact with them. The things you dont physically touch, put lower. (Yes, I'm getting old and too lazy to bend over a lot - there, I said it before you guys could :) )
Bonus: putting the receiver on the bottom allows all those heavy speaker wires to flow out with minimal fall, and naturally keeps these "power" wires from the interconnects. It really solves a lot of the cable-clutter issues.
So my rack has:
DVD Player
Empty shelf - I might stick the XBox here, but then I need a place for my soon-to-watch DVDS, extra remotes, etc.
DSS receiver


Senior HTF Member
Mar 28, 2000
Call me wishy-washy, but I agree with both Westly and Bob. However, I have to side with Westly. Put the receiver on the top shelf and provide plenty of headspace for ventilation. I wouldn't want to have a receiver that generates a lot of heat under other components. After putting the receiver on top, put the component you use least often on the bottom shelf. Here is how I have my entertainment center component cabinet set up from top to bottom:
A/V receiver (8" of headspace with a desktop fan on top)
Denon CD changer
Sony SACD changer
Kenwood minidisc player
Sony DVD changer
I have a stereo system and home-theater system in the same room and listen to music far more often than I watch movies, so the DVD player is on the bottom shelf. The set-up is a bit screwed up though. I use the Denon changer for recording CDs to minidisc, so I guess it would make sense for the Denon and Kenwood components to be stacked together, but the cables easily reach now, so I don't worry about it. Still, I don't use the Denon changer often, so I should bury it lower down in the rack. It's just too much trouble to move things around. Besides, the Denon changer isn't bothering the other components where it is now. :)
As an obvious exception to my rule of having an amp on the top shelf, I wouldn't worry about placing an amp on a lower shelf if it doesn't get too warm. I have an NAD C 350 stereo integrated amp on the middle shelf in a stereo system (with plenty of headspace), and I've had no problems. The C 350 doesn't get very warm.
Here is another exception to the amp-on-the-top rule. Consider the weight of your receiver/amp and the weight limits for shelves on your rack. A couple of months ago, I considered replacing my Sony STR-V444ES receiver with an STR-DA5ES. The 'DA5ES weighs about 44 lbs., and the adjustable shelves in my entertainment center (Sauder) are only rated to 40 lbs. So, had I bought the 'DA5ES, I would have had to place it on the bottom shelf. The bottom shelf, which includes the space in the component rack and the space in the cabinet under the TV is rated to 100 lbs. The 'V444ES weighs 37.5 lbs., so I can put it on any shelf.

Bill Lucas

Supporting Actor
Mar 20, 1999
Items that require access (DVD players, CD changers, VCR's, etc.) should be between waist and shoulder height. Amps can be above or below but need plenty of space and ventilation. A whisper fan or two and "U" grooves cut into the back of shelves make an excellent cooling system. Regards.

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