Audio format detection in receiver help.

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    When switching between audio sources such as the menus on a DVD, or between stereo and DD, I get a long dropout in sound (about 1-2 seconds) followed by loud clicking sound. (Sounds like amps clicking on).

    Is this a problem with the receiver or the dvd player?

    It's an old Kenwood VR-407 and Toshiba 1200. I have a Marantz 4200 that does the same thing.

    Do newer receivers / or dvd players exibit this behavior?

    I'm looking to upgrade to a Kenwood 6070 and a Panasonic RP56.

    Thank you.

    (BTW I don't get any dropout during a movie or listening to a cd)
  2. Steve Schaffer

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    Apr 15, 1999
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    This is most probably the receiver turning various circuits on/off in response to autodetection. It's doing it with relays inside the receiver.

    Most newer receivers don't make this clicking sound--Sonys and Yamahas don't, but a few will still do it when switching from plain stereo to a surround mode. My brand-new Pioneer VSX45TX does not click when switching among it's various surround modes, but when I manually select plain stereo with the remote, it does click.

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