Are these speakers OK? and which receiver?

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    I am looking for advice and information. First, here is some background info: Our present stereo speakers are from the 1980s (2 JBL LX-55 spkrs). We just purchased a "HD Upgradable TV" (Panasonic CT-36HX41) and would like to update our receiver/speaker system too. We have a wood entertainment center with spaces for the TV and A/V components. It has a shelf 3 1/2in. above the top of the TV. Since our space for displaying photos is at a premium we would like to use the shelf for photos instead of a center channel speaker. Thus, we would prefer a center channel speaker that would fit into the 3 1/2 space over the TV, even though that would perhaps cause a sacrifice of some audio quality. Our seating area (couch and recliner)is against the far wall and is 12 ft. from TV screen. In rank order we spend our time in front of TV as follows: (1)watching TV, (2) listening to CD's or TV music channel, & (3) watching DVD or VCR movie. Due to having worked for years around jet engines I have lost much of my high frequency hearing. I wear hearing aids and their freq. range only goes up to around 3,000 Hz. My wife can hear OK, but she isn't a critical listener. So, I don't feel there is much point in our spending a lot of money on upgraded sound system. Here's my current thoughts:

    Speaker situation:

    1. I probably would have purchased JBL Northridge Series (NSP-1) speaker system plus a sub-woofer. Now thinking of JBL SCS150SI system since center speaker will fit in space over TV. But, how much in sound quality would I lose?

    2. Bose VCS-30 Series II ( VCS-10 center channel that would fit in space and 2 VCS-30 speakers for rear). Visually, the VCS-10 center speaker looks very nice. Don't know how it sounds. Use my two existing JBL LX-55 speakers for L-front and R-front. With this setup would I also need a sub-woofer?

    3. The Bose VCS-10 center channel speaker (from #2 above), not use our existing JBL LX-55's, but instead use four small speakers (Brand?/Model?)for surround sound plus a sub-woofer.

    What do you think?

    Receiver situation:

    I will be connecting to: TV, Cox digital cable TV box, DVD (progressive scan)player, VCR, cassette tape deck(s) (however, I haven't used them in years), plus I'd like spare inputs/outputs for who knows what.

    Have been thinking of getting an Onkyo TX-DS696, but perhaps that would be overkill for my needs. Maybe the less expensive Onkyo TX-DS595 would fill my needs and be a little more cost effective.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for any information and suggestions.

    Glenn Braden
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    Your ideas for a receiver sound good. Either Onkyo is a winner and you'd be pleased with either.

    The speaker situation is tricky. If you really aren't a critical listener at all, then I guess any of your suggestions would work ok, but most likely, once you enter the realm of HT, you'll get sucked in and want things to sound as good as possible.

    I owned that thin Bose center speaker for about a week....long enough for me to decide that it wasn't an upgrade from my yard sale special Sony center. That was $200 well saved!

    I'd advise you to check out as many full speaker systems (5 speakers anyway) in hopes of finding one with a center channel that will meet your size needs.

    I really doubt that you'll be able to find one that small though.....even the Bose is probably more than 3 1/2 inches.
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    My favorite small speaker package is the Klipsch Quintet. Also, you can get great deals on them right now.

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