Anyone added veneer panels to Paradigm Studio 40's

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    Mar 10, 2002
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    Hello everyone.

    Please don,t laugh just yet.

    After several months of looking at speakers,and all the positive reviews here about Paradigm,

    I decided to go with the Paradigm Studio series,with 2 Studio 100's/ ADP's'/ CC/and Servo 15.(It took all my savings and then some).The 100,s and Sub are Rosewood veneer.My HT is in a large basement room,and hope I will like the 100's. Two channel sound without the sub is still important to me.

    To sweeten the deal the retailer offered me 2 new Studio 40,s in black laminate that had the (Magneshield) drivers taken out and replaced with regular drivers that are one month old.(A policy adjustment for another customer,because he needed sheilded drivers; I think?).

    The price for the 40's was $510 pr. and since I had planned to buy back speakers later,I thought even thought they don,t match my front speakers cosmeticaly, for the price I could not resist.

    My question is:

    Has anyone tried too add the veneer panels on the laminate line of speaker? Now your laughing;right?

    I do "some " woodworking" and it looks like the speaker boxes are the same? And I think the veneer is oak.

    I realize it would involve taking all the drivers out while doing this and probably sanding the laminate sides to accept the veneer panels. I am not worried about warranty.

    Probably a lot of work but not much expense.

    What do you think?

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    May 22, 2001
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    I got 1 up on ya, I love towers, but at the time I bought B&W 602's instead of the 603's because they sounded better (passive sub, made things muddy), so I built boxes to put the 602s in, It cost me a little over a $100, but it worked, but it was a lot of work. You can buy laminate at most hardware stores, sand it, stain it, etc....just take your time, put the piece on a little bit to big and router it after it is on, it will turn out very clean.

    Good luck. BTW, go the "tweakers" section of this site, some of those guys do amazing work.

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