Any coupons in the 2-disc version of TTT?

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by Brett G, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Brett G

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    Just wondering if there will be a coupon towards the purchase of the 4-disc set like there was in FOTR? Or a ticket for ROTK (although that will probably be in the 4-disc set)?

  2. TonyD

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    Tony D.
    not likely. from an article at video business....

    may have to register for free to read

    AUG. 13 | New Line Home Entertainment is giving The Lord of the Rings fans a new reason to buy the DVD/VHS. Each video of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers will include an Adventure Card with a unique PIN on the card that will allow users to log on to for new content and special discounts from promotional partners.

    The site will be updated monthly with new offers, savings, rebates and exclusive Lord of the Rings content aimed at luring consumers to the web site throughout the six-month promotion. Consumers will receive monthly opt-in emails alerting them to new material available on the site.

    "Unlike traditional printed coupon books or other "static" promotions used in the past, The Lord of the Rings Adventure Card's fluidity allows New Line Home Entertainment, its partners, and key retailers to engage the Lord of the Rings audience on an ongoing basis – providing new promotional offers and experiences through January 2004," said Lance Still, NLHE executive director of promotions.

    New Line created customizable Adventure Cards for Best Buy, Target and Circuit City which will direct customers to retailer-specific web sites that include special offers from that retailer.

    The adventure card and site were created by EastWest Creative promotion agency.

    LOTR promotional partners include Duracell, Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Inc., Chrysler (which will give adventure card holders a $500 cash allowance for a Chrysler Town & Country minivan), Air New Zealand and Verizon Wireless.

    so to get all the different coupons or promos you have to buy a copy from every retailer i guess.
  3. John Berggren

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    Jun 17, 1999
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    The New Line specific promotions should be available at any retailer. There is nothing to suggest there won't be a coupon for the 4 disc version when you log into your "adventure card" site.
  4. Phil Tomaskovic

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    May 8, 1999
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    Yes, but if the Best Buy version of the card gives you a coupon to get the 4 disc set at Best Buy, I might not see it if I got the 2 disc at Blockbuster (rental card promotion).

    I think they realized that they won't have to give free movie passes to get people to buy it.

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