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    CANDY, starring Richard Burton and Marlon Brando, is the perfect movie for DVD. It has many outstanding sequences that are separated by lengthy, risky scenes that sometimes don't work, but the DVD format allows one to skipt to the many good scenes and enjoy the outstanding Dave Gruisin score. This luxury - to skip to the good parts - yields a question.

    I have a five disk changer. When I put CANDY in on its own and play it, I have no problems. When I put the disk in with other disks, and play it after another disk, I encounter difficulties with skipping chapters after the layer change. Sometimes, the screen fragments, freezes, or plays disjointedly - ultimately causing me to stop the disk. Once it is reloaded and played first, the disk plays fine and, usually, with absolutely no disk defects (occassionly, the picture fragments very briefly at a couple chapter starts after the layer change). I don't honestly know if this has always been part of the way this disk has played, since this problem has only cropped up when I just recently played the disk with a couple others in the machine. Is this a defective disk, or just a more sensitve disk?

    I have a PIONEER DV-C503.
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    My Panasonic A310 has had some trouble with this disc as well.

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