All That on DVD? Nickelodeon is thinking about it

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Steve_Z, Jun 15, 2006.

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    I posted in another thread. I feel it deserves its own thread since it will not be part of the Rewind Collection if what I heard is true.

    Nickelodeon is thinking about releasing the show All That on DVD in a new DVD series called "Unwind All THAT", or something like that. Anyway All That old or new would not be part of the Nickelodeon Rewind Collection series.

    This is what I heard. If they decide to release All That on DVD, Nickelodeon is going to treat season 1-6 and season 7-10 as seperate shows, and will have releases from each era simoteniously with the thought that they are geared towards different audiences, which is true.

    The plan as of now is for season sets of season 7-10, and Best Of's for season 1-6.

    Apprently Nickelodoen isn't sure if the old All That would sell. And they don't want to commit to season sets, and do all the extra work, not to mention clear the music rights for something they think might not sell. I have a message of them, it well. Watch the Best Of's the old All That, trounce season sets of the new All That in sales.

    The person I heard this from, is an Nickelodeon insider, he is the one that broke the news of the All That 10th Anniversery Reunion special and the cancelation of All That.

    This is in the thought process, so it is not far enough along that it should be a TVSHOWSONDVD news item.
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    Hey Steve I hope your right about this, because I always loved All That and I hope it comes to DVD one day

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