Air Supply: The Definitive Collection (SACD Stereo Hybrid)

Discussion in 'Music' started by Brian-W, Jun 21, 2003.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "20-bit digital mastering from the original master tapes: 1999"

    Upon seeing this, I assumed this was a PCM-DSD recording based on the 1999 date. But all the copyright dates are listed, 1999 is the youngest date listed. Was this SACD released in 1999?

    Anyway, features the following
    1. Lost in Love
    2. All out of Love
    3. Chances
    4. Every Woman in the World
    5. The one that you love
    6. Here I am (Just when you thought I was over you)
    7. Sweet Dreams
    8. I want to give it all
    9. Even the nights are better
    10. Now and Forever
    11. Young Love
    12. Two less lonely people in the world
    13. Taking the Chance
    14. Come what may
    15. Making Love out of nothing at all
    16. I can wait forever
    17. Just as I am
    18. Lost in Love (Original Australian Version)[/list=1]

      This is one loaded SACD/CD! I definitely got my moneys worth ($34 on eBay).

      I'm no reviewer, but all I'll say is this SACD sounds wonderful. Everything from the instruments to the voices are crystal clear. The previous CD release of their music (not the definitive collection) sounded muffled. But listening to this remaster, I feel like I'm sitting in the recording studio with Air Supply.

      The guitar strings in "All out of Love" are crystal clear, and don't sound digital or harsh in anyway, but smooth and clean. The piano on "The One that You love" gives the sensation of a private session with Air Supply. Their voices sound as fresh as ever, and even the Australian cut of "Lost in Love" sounds fantastic.

      I think I found a new favorite as well as demo material. I'm sure this isn't "cool" because it's so AM radio, but it is a release I'm glad was issued.

      I listened on two different systems (just to check). My theater with Atlantic Technology System 450 speakers, Pioneer DV47, Lexicon MC-12 balanced, direct analog pass through; and on Sony DVP-NS500V (no bass management), Sony ES receiver with multi-channel pass through; Blueroom Minipod speakers.
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    Glad you like it. I like them too :b but I have my limits - the old 9-song Greatest Hits compilation is good enough for me. Enjoy! [​IMG]
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    The only group I know of that has "love" in almost all of their hit songs.
  4. Danny Tse

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    The redbook CD version of this title was released several years ago. In fact, within the last 2 weeks or so, there has been at least 2 other new Air Supply "Best of" released on CD.

    The SACD was released by Arista Hong Kong, and on the Hong Kong A/V website, the people who've purchased the SACD generally share your opinion.

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