ac power lines and great s-video breakout ADAPTER PLUG!!

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Kenneth-S, Sep 23, 2003.

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    For my 45 foot cable runs, for which I am using Belden 1694a and canare rcap c53, I absolutely MUST cross at least one 220 volt line, as my cables need to run through my utility room under my HT. They will cross at a right angle, and will be about 10 inches or so away from the cables.

    Should I shield that section with extra shield or with solid metal tubing, and if so what type (i.e. copper, re. steel etc...)? Also, I will need to run the cables in some places parallel to and NEAR regular 110 lines - how far away do I need to be to not worry about it? There are no other options as all available cavities have at least some ac in them.

    Also, as an aside, I am running 2 1694a for my s-video, and found an excellent adapter plug by techni-contact ( It is their AMX brand, which is sold in many video and cable stores, although not yet in their catalog, it is available for your store to order. It is a single molded adapter with s-video on the male side, and 2 female rca outlets for the y and c. Although they are very inexpensive ($6 CANADIAN each), they are gold plated and I would expect that even with not so great internals, as it is only an inch long, it should be at least as good as the commercial breakout adapters sold.

    Finally, thanks to all for the tips on cable-making. I should end up with 6 runs of 45ft. of high end cable for less than $150 all-in. (that'll help offset the countless hours of horrible cable fishing through existing walls - vapour barriers, double joists, joist cavities that don't line up due to renovation and all!). Managed to find a place that will rent me the Canare tools with the stripper and the right dies for a really good price - I know it will make the task much easier.

    One last question - does the Canare TS 100 (the variable one) have a preset for Belden 1694a and if not, what should I set the blade heights for?

    Thanks again all, and hope I help out a bit by sharing what I consider to be a great find in the inexpensive S-video breakout adapter plug.
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