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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Robert Harris
There have been remakes of films since the time of the Bible.

Most of them, less interesting, and certainly less inventive than the originals which they hope to supplant or update.

When Philip Kaufman, one of my personal favorite filmmakers in the known universe, decided to take on an uber-classic horror film, Don Siegel's 1956 low-budget Invasion of the Body Snatchers, it must have been acknowledged that it was a go all-out or don't bother moment.

And Mr. Kaufman went all-out.

And created a film every bit as good as the original, and with the help of DP Michael Chapman, better in many regards.

See Janet Maslin's comments to that regard here:

Kino's new 4k UHD release is gorgeous in every respect. And while it brings up yet another topic discussed since those biblical times - whether normal 35mm films, using only part of the frame for projection - especially more than a dozen years old - are worth bringing to 4k - the differences here are easily noted in many shots.

Thank Mr. Chapman.

Color, densities, grain structure, black levels are meticulously rendered.

As to bringing other 35mm films to I'll make mention of one that could use the upgrade - Mr. Kaufman's brilliant 1983 The Right Stuff, which I had the pleasure of screening in 70mm at the Plitt early in 1984. Brilliant imagery, incomparable sound. But that would be WB.

For those with the time to appreciate extras, Kino's disc is overflowing.

The film is also overflowing with wondeful bits.

Look for Don Siegel, Kevin McCarthy, Tom Luddy, Michael Chapman, Robert Duvall and Philip Kaufman.

Image – 5 (Dolby Vision)

Audio – 5 (stereo)

Pass / Fail – Pass

Plays nicely with projectors - Yes

Makes use of and works well in 4k - 4

Highly Recommended



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Sep 8, 2009
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Just two months after seeing my first really scary movie right after my 14th birthday, 1978's Halloween on Halloween night of that year, I saw my second really scary movie in December of 1978 when I experienced this version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers at the huge Edwards Newport cinema in Newport Beach. And then just a few months later I saw Alien in the same theater. Three horror classics in just six months! I assumed after that run that horror classics were coming out all the time, which turned out to be not quite true from my pov.

Anyway, watching 1978's Invasion of the Body Snatchers from the new 4k uhd blu-ray, I have to say that it looks, as best as I can recall, just as good as opening night back then—and maybe a little better. Just as in my original viewing film grain is present, esp. in the night scenes. There was a lot of film grain back then, and so it wasn't remarkable. Film grain was heavier in the night scenes in Spielberg's CE3K from a year before. I still think this is one of Donald Sutherland's greatest roles, and perhaps even his greatest. Good chemistry with Brooke Adams. Veronica Cartwright and Jeff Goldblum also give some of their best performances. I'd already been a Star Trek fan for a few years when this came out, and so having Leonard Nimoy in a key role was a treat—although that was one of many things that tricked me into a false sense of security. This movie keeps pulling the rug out from under you. It's clearly a lower-budget film, but very well made, with some good practical effects, as well as some good film noir-like cinematography by Michael Chapman.

My daughter liked it fairly well, although it didn't hold her attention quite the way that Shutter Island did. I showed her the original about eight years ago. My experience as a kid was the reverse—I saw the 78 version first, and then a few months later saw the original on tv, and was shocked at how good that one was.

"The seed is planted. Terror grows."

I still remember that tagline from before I saw the movie, which was one of the best imho, along with "In space no one can hear you scream."

Original trailer....

dog man invasion.jpeg
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Nelson Au

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Mar 16, 1999
I have this disc on order and it should arrive soon. I just watched the fancy Olive release of the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers a few weeks ago. I always liked the original and I had seen it before I saw the 1978 version. I agree the remake is good on its own terms. I look forward to seeing the new 4K disc.

Of the two versions, I still like the original more. But the 1978 version is a product of its time as is the original. So they both have their flavoring to suit the tastes of the times. So that’s a good thing.

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