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    John Frankenheimer's French Connection II (1975) has been released concurrent with FC I, and as opposed to the changes in imagery for the original, FCII has been brought to Blu-ray as it looked originally.

    One of the most major changes, along with that of director from Friedkin to Frankenheimer, is that of cinematographer, moving from the brilliant, gritty look given to NYC by Mr. Roizman, the European locations are handed over to Claude Renoir, camera operator on his uncle Jean's Grand Illusion, as well as other productions such as Barbarella and The Spy Who Loved Me. Totally different, and allow me to do on the record as saying that I cannot imagine anyone else having photographed the first.

    The image on the Blu-ray is lovely, film-like and a terrific representation of the film.

    In my opinion the film does not share the greatness of the original, but is a nice film nonetheless.


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    Too bad they still can't find the deleted footage that Frankenheimer talks about on the commentary.

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