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    Dirty Dancing first hit the home video market in 1903 on a set of wax cylinders. That was followed up by the official Vestron releases on VHS, Beta, CED, Laserdisc, over a dozen DVD incarnations, a handful of Blu-rays, starting out looking a bit ragged, and getting progressively better...

    but for some strange reason not on HD disc.

    In Celebration of 25 Years, Lionsgate is once again re-issuing Dirty Dancing, again.

    And for the first time in the Colonies, (I've been holding room for this disc with a spacer), Dirty Dancing Havana Nights. As far as I can tell, this has only been released in Germany on Blu-ray, as Dirty Dancing 2.

    Dirty Dancing is a sweet little film, low budget, released in 1987. It jump started some careers, and put Vestron on the map, as it currently shows a world-wide gross of over $200 million dollars on a 6 million dollar budget.

    That's really nice, but it doesn't make it a great film.

    After a quarter of a century, it's still sweet. We know exactly where it's going, what the characters motives are, etc.

    Havana Nights, which comes absolutely free with this set -- or possibly the other way around -- is the same film.

    Just with different actors, and in Cuba before the revolution.

    Instead of the Catskills.

    Dirty Dancing seems to look good for the first time on Blu-ray, but I didn't see the last one, which was apparently better than the first, and may have been this one. Which would mean that Dirty Dancing looks good for the second time on Blu-ray.

    I noticed for the first time, although it may have also appeared on an earlier incarnation, an In Memoriam tribute to all those who in the cast and crew who are no longer with us. A nice touch, which probably would only work for more recent films.

    Dirty Dancing has an interesting place in film history. It's a good little film, that's fun to watch if you've not seen it in awhile.

    And if you don't have the single disc Blu-ray, the 2-disc 2007 20th Anniversary Edition, or the 2010 2-disc Limited Keepsake Edition (I like that title), then the 25th Anniversary Collection may be just for you.

    It's a good looking Blu-ray.

    Image - 4

    Audio - 5

    Audio is now, although it may have earlier been, 7.1 DTS-HD MA, as well as (for those who can't stand the excitement of re-mixed 7.1, 5.1 Dolby EX.

    Recommended. It's a sweet, little film, but not a celebration of the filmmaking art.

    You can also watch Havana Nights.

    What's "baby" in Spanish?

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    Looking forward to watching this on Blu-ray for the second time which is really the first time since I returned the single disk version unopened after reading some scathing reviews about how a subsequent release really should have been the first release, had it been done properly.
  3. Guest

    I have the keepsake edition and it is really nice.
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    Dirty Dancing was set in the Catskills, but filmed at a small resort called Mountain Lake just outside of Blacksburg, Virginia. Never stayed there, but I did have brunch there once. A few pictures documenting the filming hang in the lobby.
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    Tony D.
    One version, not sure which, I saw today in a bin for $7.99 at Best Buy.
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    It was probably the first film. The Collection offers the Blu-ray premiere of Havana Nights.
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    Carl Fink
    Yeah, but which version? There have been at least three Blu-ray releases of it.

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