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Aug 27, 2002
I want an upconverting DVD player that does DVD-A and SACD (multichannel) and have a few ways of fulfilling my want, however, there are a few things to mention before listing my actual options:
  • I am on a pretty limited budget...the most expensive of my choices would definitely take a couple of months to save for and I am by no means wealthy...
  • I am only now starting to dabble in Hi-Res audio so I'm wondering if I'm jumping on a sinking ship by doing so...In your opinion, will support continue to grow a year or two from now or will it always be sort of a niche market (or worse, will it die a premature death)?
  • Blu-Ray could be on the horizon pretty soon, but will probably be pretty cost prohibitive at launch...shoud I just skip the upconverting DVD player step altogether and just wait for Blu-Ray (a true HD and not upconverted format)?

That being said, here are the choices I'm faced with (links are for information only...I'd be buying these from local dealers):
  • Option 1: Denon DVD-2910...at $650, it's kind steep for me at this point (especially with Christmas coming and all) so it'd be a New Year purchase most likely, but it pretty much does everything I'm wanting all in one neat little package.
  • Option 2: Denon DVD-1910 for upcoonverted video and Pioneer DV-578A for multichannel audio...for a total of $380 (less locally) I'd get the upconverting video (same chipset as the Denon DVD-2910 if I'm correct) and a nice little "budget" DVD-A/SACD player...by no means high-end, but my speaker system couldn't be considered high-end anyway (not until I upgrade anyway)...
  • Option 3:Wait for either the Samsung DVD-HD941 or the Panasonic DVD-S97 which both have price points around $300-$350 or so...however, by waiting for these, I pass up the chance to pick up the Pioneer DVD-A/SACD player for a great price...and there's no guarantee that either of these players won't have some of the issues plaguing the current crop of "budget" upconverting universal players (like black-crush, Hi-Res audio dropouts, various mechanical issues like sticky disc trays).

So PLEASE help me make up my mind...oh by the way...I've got about $150 in Best Buy rewards and the Pioneer is $100 at Best Buy, however, the same $150 could be used towards any of the above choices since my local Best Buy has a Magnolia Home Theater section that stocks the Denon players and will honor the rewards certificates (they will also likely stock the Samsung and Panasonic)...see why my decision is kinda tough?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Jigesh Patel

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Jun 16, 2003
New year is not far. Go with Option I (Denon DVD-2910). Your BestBuy will apply your $150 rewards and for the remaining $500, DVD-2910 is a no-brainer.


Jun 4, 2004
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I wouldn't buy any Samsung DVD player regardless of circumstances. Some rumors have the 941 as discontinued outright. Samsung just doesn't seem to know how to make a solid and reliabe DVD player without a host of glitches.

The 2910 is the best on this list. The 2900, even without HDMI and DVI, is a better unit overall than even the 2910. Consider it.

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