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65" Samsung Display Woes - Seeking Input

Discussion in 'Displays' started by TheGlenOliver, May 19, 2016.

  1. TheGlenOliver

    TheGlenOliver Auditioning

    May 19, 2016
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    Glen Oliver
    Good Day!

    This is my first post here, so apologies in advance for any inadvertant breach of etiquette or protocol.

    I'm in the process of upgrading to 4K, which is proving to be the sloppiest and most confounding upgrade I've ever undertaken. There seem to be a great meany conflicting opinions and reviews regarding which brands and models are best, and which should be avoided, whether to go with LED or OLED, etc. and it's...quite frankly...becoming a singularly unfun, stressful migration.

    After months of poking around, I finally settled on a 65" Samsung UN65KS8500 (2016), based to a high degree on a particualrly agreeable in-store sales price, and brand loyalty. I'm upgrading a Samsung unit I've had for years - one which I've been rather happy with on the whole - so why not star there? Or maybe not?

    I am completely fine with many elements of the unit on the whole, and a few qualities I like quite a bit. But I'm struggling with some lighting issues. I don't know if these issues are a natural product of the edge lighting technology (this is my first), or if the unit itself is not performing as well as it should. Being new to edge-lit sets, so I don't know what anomolies would fall within the baseline/norm.

    I've attached a few images of what I believe is spill light falling onto the top edge of the screen. The rest of the image feels relatively consistent (my cruddy pics suggest a far muddier/cloudier image than is actually on-screen - it looks pretty nice in real life). I'm only seeing this effect as a band along the top edge, and on nearly any color palette which is anything other than bright (wood hues, night time, moody rooms, etc. show this spill effect to varying degrees). Is this a normal byproduct of edge lighting? Should I consider a replacement? Are there flatscreen/edge-lit TVs which are less susceptible to such glitches?

    The TV is only a few days old, so there's still plenty of time to make adjustments/swaps if necessary.

    Any insight would be profoundly appreciated. Thanks so much for reading...

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  2. schan1269

    schan1269 HTF Expert
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    Jul 4, 2012
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    Chicago-ish/NW Indiana
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    You don't buy edge lit sets for picture quality.

    LED is still LCD, even with Samsung SUHD spin.

    OLED works like plasma of yore, and we all hope it kicks LCD to the curb.

    (full disclosure...

    I hate LCD, including LCD projector. I will never own this tech, outside of cell phones/computers.

    Samsung...I have a washer/dryer that I can't wait for it to be out of warranty...so I can pay out of my own pocket to fix the problems it has. If I "fix the problems myself" out of pocket...I void the warranty)

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