$2400 to spend on 5 speakers (getting sub on other budget)

Doug Otte

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Jun 20, 2003

Oops, sorry, Guy. I hadn't browsed this forum for a while, and just saw your question.

I'm in the Washington, DC area. I bought them at Audio Video Solutions in Laurel, MD. It's not a chain.

I like them because the particular salesperson I've latched onto, Craig, is very patient and informative for idiots like me. He let me have two listening sessions (and I could have had more if I desired) to myself in the room w/ the KEFs and others in their range. He let me control the amp and CD player for 1/2 hour each session. Of course, these were late in the evening on Mondays when the store isn't that busy. However, another store which I value highly didn't treat me w/ as much respect. The salesperson there controlled the music and pumped it at a deafening volume. Not only that, he kept talking while I tried to listen.

After 5 months w/ the KEFs, I'm finding them a bit bright and there's a "hump" in the bass that's annoying on some rock music. I attribute the brightness to the room and the poor amplification (budget Sony). I'm going to upgrade to a Denon 3805 soon, but I know the room will always have limitations. Ray at the Speaker Factory told me many speakers are made intentionally these days w/ the bass "hump" and he can modify them, but that would be lowest on my upgrade schedule for now.


Jon W.

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Jul 31, 2004
I bought my NHT VT-2.4 front mains and 3 VS-2.4 center/surrounds for $1706 shipped. MSRP is $3350. Of course they don't make em' anymore tho.

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