1080p With Onkyo TX-SR876

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by djcip, Dec 13, 2009.

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    Forum, [SIZE= 12pt]I have a Panasonic TC-54G10 Plasma full 1080P. However, when I try to upconvert to 1080P via the resolution settings I get a screen of static. The same condition will sometimes occur when using my Panasonic Blue Ray and setting to "Through" or 1080P. On rare occasions, I have been able to get a picture using the 1080P setting, but will usually lose it if I switch between inputs. This was the feature that drew me to the Onkyo, and I’m really disappointed in this happening. I’m using all HDMI cables, from the Verizon HD set top box to the 876, from the Blue Ray to the 876, and from the 876 to the G10. I’ve tried going straight from the Blue Ray to TV, without any problems.[/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt]Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated![/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt]Thank you,[/SIZE][SIZE= 12pt]Dan Cipriani[/SIZE]
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    I have the 805. It, and the 875 use the same manual. Your 876 is probably the same, or very similar. On the pages for HDMI Monitor Setup, there's a place where you choose the resolution. It says that 1080p is not available when the HDMI Monitor setting is set to "NO". So, double check that the Monitor setting is set to "YES".
    It also says that in the 875, the "Through" setting is the same as the "NO" setting. So, when set to "Through", 1080p isn't possible. Probably the same thing with the 876.

    If this doesn't help, I suggest you read the manual again, very slowly, and double check settings, when you get to the areas that you're having the problems.
    Good luck!

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