100 hour burn in

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    What should I expect to see after my RPTV has greater than 100 hours of run time on it? Better color, sharper picture, clearer? What have you seen? Thanks.
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    Uhhhhh... a TV burn-in is not like a speaker burn-in.

    A speaker WILL change it's sound in the early hours as the stiff spider in the drivers loosen up.

    But you want to wait 100 hours before paying a calibrationist to come in and adjust the new TV.

    The optics are affected by the heating/cooling cycles making small changes to things expanding with the heat. The high-power electronics are also temperature sensitive and do 'settle in' in the first hours of use.

    So I doubt you will notice the small changes taking place by simply watching the unit. But if you used some of the video test-patterns on the Avia disk and a Colormeter and took measurements, you MIGHT notice the changes at the end of the first 100 hours.

    The other reason to wait: failures. If there is something going to break in a new TV, it will likely happen in the first 50-100 hours of use. If you paid someone $400 to calibrate the unit on the first day, then had to return it, the store will NOT refund your calibration fee.

    A friend of mine went through 3 HDTV's in 2 weeks before he found one that stayed alive.

    Hope this helps.

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