1. JohnRice

    A Playback System for HD Audio (and Maybe A/V in General

    iPadOS 14 seems to have bricked the Oppo app. I don't know if it's going to be fixed. I've been wanting a new way to play back HD audio anyway. I've been using an Oppo BDP-103 with music on an SSD, controlled with the iPad app and sent to an external DAC. So, I'm looking for a new playback...
  2. C

    Atmos soundbar vs. home theater in a box

    I’m about to provision my first home theater. It will be a living room in a one-bed apt, so nothing too fancy, and no wall or ceiling mounting. I’m looking to spend at or below $1000 for audio. Debating between a Atmos capable soundbar with sub and satellites and a 7.1 or 5.1 “home theater in a...
  3. E

    Sound system setup

    I have the following set up: Bell fibe receiver and Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray player connected to Yamaha RX-V577 AVR which is connected to Samsung UN65F8000AFXZC smart TV all via HDMI cables. I have a 5 speaker set up with no subwoofer. I installed Prime Video app on TV but when I watch that app...
  4. A

    watching DTS-MA 5.1 on 5.1.2 system

    Was browsing internet sites looking for opinions on the following questions. New to the home theater game. Have an Atmos Receiver 5.1.2 audio system (center, front left, front right, back left, back right, height right, height left) with 4K HDR10 video (4K blu ray player, Receiver and TV). Was...
  5. R

    Garage system

    Ok I have a question, Should I buy a smart DVD player for my garage? or a roku type device, I do have WiFi currently.
  6. S

    Moved into new home. Building home theater. Bought TV. Need Sound System. Definitive Technology?

    Hey guys, New to the forum. Would love some advice on this. Best Buy Magnolia home theater crew said two 10" standing speakers fron DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY, as well as the front speaker, and two bookcase speakers behind me in corners. Powered by a Denon 9.2 ch receiver. I have attached a...
  7. BobR

    Lens system question

    I have had 3 projectors, 2 Sanyo and 1 Optima. With the 2 Sanyos, once I had it focused I could adjust the zoom and it would stay in focus. On the Optima, if I adjust the zoom I have to re-focus. I assume this is a difference in the lens system but I can't find any info on it. If I get another...
  8. J

    Need help building Karaoke System

    I am looking into putting together a Karaoke System for my wife for Xmas. I got a Hisense 65" H9F, SVS speakers and sub and a very old Denon AVR-2803 receiver. I read it is not a good idea to connect karaoke to a good AVR/speaker system, as the speakers could be damaged. But this is for my...
  9. C

    Bose System 38 failure

    My subwoofer has died and I am wondering if the remaining equipment is worth keeping. Can the speakers be used for anything else. Bose says no, but I have read the comments from other forum members and agree that Bose is great for marketing. Product reliability is a whole another story.
  10. Greg Lovern

    20 Year Old 5.1 Surround Sound System

    I have a ~20 year old 5.1 surround sound system buried in the back of a storage room. It predates HDMI; the receiver's best audio connection is optical. My television set has an optical output (Sanyo FW65R70F). Before I become a human backhoe and go dig it out, any thoughts on whether it would...
  11. Kirilli

    need info for new polk audio system

    Hi there. I currently have a Pol Audio home theater (this one to be precise, and i just saw that there is a bigger polk audio system...
  12. Jim*Tod

    Question about 4K compatibility with existing sound system

    This is very preliminary thinking. I am considering an OLED 4K purchase maybe in another year. Currently I have a Panasonic 50" Plasma which still looks great. My sound system uses a Yamaha HTR-3066 amplifier which is five or six years old. At the time it said it would pass an HDMI signal...
  13. R

    Using PA System Speakers for Home Theatre

    Hi! I have a Yamaha Stagepas 400i PA system with its own mixer-cum-amp. I was wondering if I could also use these two speakers as front speakers as a second Home Theatre (with two sets of input cables coming to the speaker jacks - one from the mixer-cum-amp for PA use and another from the AV...
  14. JohnRice

    Sprucing Up the Second System

    Like a lot of people, I have a main HT in a dedicated room, but also have a second system that gets more regular use, in a more central part of the house. In the past, this system was kind of a hand-me-down one, sort of cobbled together with stuff that was replaced in the main system, or was...
  15. H

    Setting up first Home Theater system with older Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver

    Hi all. I'm a newbie here, trying to set up a Home Theater system with an older Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver I've had sitting around for years. I've had it playing through a pair of Bose 901 speakers recently, and they sound great. But recently got some Klipsch R14M speaker to attach to the other...
  16. nohackmove

    Hello to everybody

    Hi All, I am a rookie person for Home Audio - Video Systems. I have purchased a Marantz NR1607 two year ago, and purt together with Canton Movie 85 CX 5.1 Speakers for my home theater system build. I was looking for a community to get in touch with other interested people with AVR systems for...