no sound

  1. R315r4z0r

    LG TV audio will not play through reciever.

    I've been racking my brain around this for way longer than I care to admit and it's really frustrating me. I am no expert in this field, but I'm also not completely illiterate. First, what I'm using: TV: LG 65UH6030-UH Receiver: Yamaha YHT-5920UBL So, I have a setup with various devices...
  2. LeRoy_W

    Denon AVR-2807 has no sound

    I have did a factory reset and even got new speaker wire to test on 2 speakers. I can't hear anything from the tuner aspect and when I do get it to test tone of speakers, there is the blank sound so they are hooked up, but no audio from tuner. Any ideas?
  3. S

    PS4 digital optical to Pioneer Vsx 52tx has no audio

    I've been trying to connect the PS4 (regular, not slim) to the vsx 52tx receiver but even when the PS4 recognizes the digital optical cable, there's no audio for it, only audio out of the TV. I really only need the audio to go into the home theatre, because the video is outputted through the...
  4. O

    Cambridge Soundworks Mystery

    I am a first time poster, so I want to that you all for joining me in this mystery today. At the beginning of this story I have within my possession a few (2) Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble speakers that for whatever reason produce no sound. So after watching one video of how to take one apart I...
  5. C

    no sound - I'm at a total loss, please help

    Little rundown..... I have a Denon Receiver AVR-1513. I have an LG 55LN5100 TV At one point, I had my TVCable box, PS3, and DVD player all hooked up. When I changed source, the sound would come through the surround sound speakers, and not through the TV, unless I had the stereo off. Which...
  6. C

    Denon Receiver AVR - 883 When in the tuner mode there is no sound when in FM mode.

    I have a Deon AVR - 1803-883 receiver I only have the front speakers hooked up and a CD player when the CD player is on I have sound but when I put in the Tuner FM mode I get no sound when it is in the AM mode all I get is static.
  7. Radioman970

    Onkyo HT-S5800 upgrade to 7.1.2

    The sound stopped working on my unit. PANIC!! But I learned to reset the receiver and it brought it back from the dead! It had been slow to start sound, like after a pause or when a disc menu begins. Up to 10 seconds or so. Hope that fixes it all. This horror got me thinking... Can...
  8. Sooshi

    Rear Surround not working

    Denon AVR-S730H 7.2 is the receiver in question. I set it up a couple of weeks ago, but only had the 2 front channels and the center channel. The two rears were wired into our crawl space and I wanted to prod around and see where everything went before I set up the rears. The front 3 work...
  9. JJMike

    Yamaha RX-V675 - No sound

    Hi all, I'll try to be as concise as possible since I'm a total novice at this. I just moved into a house that's got a speaker system installed in the ceiling. It's connected to a Yamaha RX-V675 receiver, with a TS4DLS zone selector (I assume that's what it's called). I know that this setup...