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  1. FordPeckinpahLeone

    I’m a new member

    Hi everyone. I’m AV, a new member and a fan of home theater related video stuff as a film buff and a law student currently. Thanks for having me here. Some of my favorite films are The Searchers, The Wild Bunch, Once Upon a Time in the West, My Darling Clementine - a lot of westerns. I also...
  2. T

    New guy question on multi sub wiring

    Hello all. Thanks for letting me come play. So I'm going to be wiring a 7.2.4 system. My question is about the subs. I want to in-wall pre-wire 2 separate sub locations for each of my 2 sub feeds off my receiver. I want to do this for placement options. For example I want to wire sub 1 for say...
  3. SixCraxyPants

    New Guy...

    Hey everyone. I'm a US Army/Air Force Ret combat vet, landscape photographer, and DogFather. I have an incredible wife, two kids that are trying out the adult world, and three epic dogs. My wife and I are finally making plans to build a house, and we've made a deal that I get the basement...
  4. G

    new guy in town

    howdy. i just registered today. ive been into audio for years. im in the process of gathering knowledge and equipment to create a home theater. im 59. i live in maryland. im a fan of b&w, ati, marantz....and redheads.
  5. N

    New Guy reporting in...

    Greetings Home Theater Forum members! I've found you as a result of a burning desire to build my own HTPC. While I've been around PC's since the mid-1980's (first was a Compaq 8088) and have been a system administrator at one time in my life, I've never done an HTPC. I'm here because some of...
  6. N

    New guy need help with preamp selection for 5.1

    Hey guys I'm kind of new to home theater audio. I currently have a paradigm set of speakers Monitor7 v2 front floor speakers Adp170 rears And a ps1000 v3 sub that I need to reform the surround. I currently have an onkyo receiver that is on its way out (loses audio periodically) seems to...
  7. parkerjames

    New guy question RE: HT/Music

    Thank you in advance, folks. I know very little about this stuff. :-) The wife and I love watching movies and own a bunch of them via Blueray, DVD's and Apple TV iTunes purchases. Tons of music housed in the iMac We have an iMac, iPad Pro and iPhones. Apple TV (3rd I think) We will be getting...
  8. SoGaRaider

    New guy

    Hello. Trying to set up my system and my pioneer elite sc-91 won't play my sub. It was playing fine until I ran the mcaac setup now nothing. Any advice?
  9. N

    New guy here pls help. 7.1 pre-wired theatre

    So, I know nothing. I am getting 7.1 pre-wired in my home being built and I would like expert advice as to where to locate the ports for each speaker and what speakers, sub, amp to buy. my max for budget is 2000-2500. id prefer wall/ceiling mounted but it really doesn't matter. tv is going on...