1. G

    Need help choosing new replacement projector with 92 inch screen and projector mount 11 feet from screen

    I really need help. Twelve years ago I set up my living room with a 92 inch (diagonal) Stewart motorized drop down screen and a Sony VPL AW 10 projector. The projector and screen were professionally installed and the projector was ceiling mounted about 11 feet from the screen. Today, i...
  2. Dick

    Vital sociological issue: How do you mount your toilet dispense from top or bottom?

    Years ago when my sibs were alive, we decided to plan a family Trivial Pursuit game, the questions for which we all took weeks to prepare. One that was given to me was: Do you remember how Mom used to mount the toilet paper rolls in our house? And this took me no time at all to answer: Yes, she...
  3. P

    70 - 75 inch mount Question

    Hi , new here ,I was searching through the past posts and couldn't find an answer so figured I'd ask. I'm going to purchase a 70 or 75 inch display soon , I'm wondering if the mounting hole measurements on the back are the same for both .thanks in advance
  4. M

    Wall mount that FOLDS vertically?

    Hi! I need a TV wall mount where the arm ”folds” / ”swings” vertically rather than the common horizontally. Imagine a normal wall mount, but it operates as if it was rotated 90 degrees from its intended orientation before you screwed it to the wall. I hope it makes sense. I’ve been searching...
  5. B

    TV Mount: Can I fit a 100mm-hole TV onto 200mm VESA arm?

    I have a pre-installed arm with a non-removable, tilting 200mmx200mm VESA plate (no other holes). I just bought a new 43-inch TV and the new TV has 100mmx100mm holes. I really don't want to take down this firmly installed arm. How can I adapt the 200x200 plate to fit a TV with 100x100 holes?
  6. J

    Max angle to Mount OLED TV (LG C8)

    Good afternoon! We recently purchased a LG OLED C8, just mounted it yesterday, and it's been quite the visual treat. It had replaced an old Vizio 1080p TV which had the VESA mounts in the middle. Since the C8's mount holes are closer to the bottom of the TV, when we had mounted it, it was at a...
  7. J

    Everything to Know About Wall Mount

    Hi I have a simple situation - my old TV in my bathroom died and I am getting a new one. It will be attached to the wall with a mount that is already secured to the wall and the mount previously was connected to the old TV (super heavy old guy, definitely heavier than the new one). This is the...
  8. W

    Full motion corner mount for TV

    Does anyone know of any corner mounts that support at least 55" TVs which offer 90* rotation, tilt and swivel? All the listings I find don't offer the 90* rotation.
  9. M

    TV wall mount

    I'm looking for a mount that can extend the longest distance from the wall. It needs to extend straight out I have little room between my cabinets in the entertainment center. The tv is a 65" Vizio thanks
  10. A

    Wall mount speaker placement - Need some help!

    Hi everyone, So I’m trying to finally install my speakers after 11 years in my place. I can’t handle the floor standing setup so I reworded everything and that has made a heck of a difference in sound quality, but I am torn as to where to mount the speakers on the wall. I am aiming to...
  11. G

    Need help with projector enclosure mount

    Hello Guys! I baught a projector enclosure from Deertv and received it yesterday. Now I want to buy a tripod mount for the enclosure at 150 x 150 VESA. Can you please recommend some types or link from Ebay or Amazon? Your kind advice is very important for me. Thank you. Gary
  12. saudiboy

    TV Mount Hidden Cabinet

    I have a 3 tiered built in; a cabinet on top, the TV cabinet in the middle and drawers below. The built in has mouldings on the side and top. I want to replace the existing tube TV with a mounted flat screen (60 or 65 inches) that will extend to the edge of the mouldings. I want the TV to...
  13. T

    Fixed projector screen on tv mount

    Hey guys, i have a large basement window that is preventing me from mounting a fixed screen. I can get a tv mount that slides up and down, use a sheet of 1/4" plywood behind the projector screen and attach it to this. This way when im going to watch the projector i can simply slide the screen up...
  14. bobinaz

    which way to mount surrounds

    I am replacing some smaller surround speakers - Minimus 7, with some Boston HD8 speakers. The location in the room is the back corners near the ceiling angled downward some. They will be about 6 inches from the back wall pointing over the heads of the sweet spot on the couch on that same wall...
  15. J

    Projector mount - wall

    Hi I have finally decided how to install my projector at home. As I will use Apple TV, I think the best option is to fix a floating shelf to the wall, and screw the projector to the shelf upside down. On the same hand, I will keep the Apple TV on top of the shelf to connect it to the projector...
  16. M

    surround speaker wall mount

    I am trying to install Klipsch 14s wall mount speakers for surround sound but i am trying to fine a speaker mount that has a retractable arm. The speaker is close to a wall cabinet and I want it to be mounted on a retractable arm so I can swing it in and out as needed. I dont want the cabinet to...
  17. J

    Question about ceiling mount

    Hi I have bought a Benq HT2050 and i am struggling to find a place to install it. I have a My Wall H16 -1WL ceiling mount Both the wall and the ceiling seem to be made of plasterboard, as when i knock it it sounds like if it was a hole. The options i have are: 1 - Mount it in the ceiling...
  18. H

    Blackout, electric, remote blinds that mount in WALL

    I have a home theater with strange windows. They have no room to mount 'typical' blinds on the frame or side-jam so I was hoping to find a blind that count mount in the wall itself a bit outside the window trim, on the actual wall and have any track hidden by curtails. I have looked for a...
  19. S

    Has anyone painted a Chief or other projector mount?

    Hello, We're mounting an Epson 5040UB on a cathedral ceiling in a living room which makes the projector super obvious; it's very difficult (or impossible) to find a cathedral ceiling mount + extension pole + mount all in white, so I want to paint the black ones I've received. The components...
  20. J

    Where to mount rear speakers in 5.1

    We're finishing a 32x28 basement area that will have a 40" TV in one corner. I know it's not the ideal AV setup but it will be a huge step up from what we're used to. I'd like to try a minimal 5.1 system. My question is how to place the rear speakers. I can mount them in the floor joist bays...
  21. S

    Mount LED TV on 12'' wood column and allow to swivel/turn to any direction

    I have a new apartment (loft) that has a 12" thick column right in the middle of the room (son's bedroom), and I/he/we want to mount an LED TV to said column and still permit it to swivel or rotate in any direction in the room (wires and cables withstanding). So if I'm sitting in the corner of...