black friday

  1. Robert_Zohn

    LG's 2-day Black Friday prices in mid October

    LG's Black Friday prices on select TVs for two days only, Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 14! Here's the list of LG's very two day promotional prices: - *55GX Gallery Series OLED TV $1,997 - *65GX Gallery Series OLED TV $2,597 - 77GX Gallery Series OLED TV $4,297 (great TV @ an...
  2. Dave>h

    Black Friday Blu Ray Deals?!?! Not one at either Best Buy or Wal-mart

    Reviewing my local BB and Wal-mart Black Friday flyer i was shocked to see absolutely no ads for Bluray titles (DVD, UHD etc too), not one. I live in western Canada and I remember even last year there was at least a page of deals but this weeks flyer, NOTHING. Are other areas seeing this as...
  3. Osato

    2019 Black Friday blu ray and UHd Blu ray deals

    I actually don’t have a ton in my list but I will be out looking a bit and online of course.... I found a listing with Target’s titles...
  4. Adam Lenhardt

    OLED Black Friday Deals?

    Anybody hear of any good Black Friday deals on OLED 4K TVs? I'm looking to upgrade my display.
  5. Ronald Epstein

    Black Friday 2018: Sonos Sale

    Sonos One with Alexa (White or Black) $179 <iframe margin marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frame...
  6. Ronald Epstein

    Black Friday 2018: Denon AVRX1400H 7.2 Channel AV Receiver $299

    The price link below will take you directly to the product on Amazon. If you are using an adblocker you will not see link. <iframe margin marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frame...
  7. Ronald Epstein

    Black Friday 2018: Amazon 4k UHD under $20 Blowout!

    $76.96 <iframe margin marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frame...
  8. Ronald Epstein

    Black Friday: Game of Thrones: Complete Series (to Date) $74.49

    The price link below will take you directly to the product on Amazon. If you are using an adblocker you will not see link. <iframe margin marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frame...
  9. P

    Black Friday and Blank Slate

    So I am planning on remodeling a house and it is pretty much a blank slate big open room option for a home theater setup. I am moving on from my old (12ish years) onkyo setup and would like something new and nice. I am not sure if I should go with in the ceiling or wall speakers or some other...
  10. pfar

    Any good Black Friday deals?

    Hey all. I currently have a Pioneer vsx-1023-k that I am looking to replace. Something with more power and Atmos
  11. Malcolm R

    2018 Black Friday Deals

    Haven't seen too many deals yet, but Costco sent out their November/Holiday sales flyer recently that includes their BF sales. Mostly the usual TV's and computers in the electronics area. They will have an LG 4K Blu-Ray Player for $140. I don't have the flyer in front of me at the moment, but I...
  12. Adam Lenhardt

    Black Friday 2017 hauls - what did you get?

    All Prices Pre-Tax; Many deals still available at time of posting. Movies & TV Thanksgiving (Best Buy website): Gifted (Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital HD) List: $39.99; Purchase Price: $5.99 The Big Sick (Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD) List: $19.99; Purchase Price: $8.99 La La Land (Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital HD)...
  13. dpippel

    WBShop 4 for $44 Warner Archive Collection Sale on Black Friday

    2,000 titles to choose from:
  14. KevinCollins

    Black Friday Deals

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  15. Dave Upton

    SVS Black Friday Deal: SB12-NSD & PB12-NSD on Sale Starting 11/20!

    Deal link here: Per SVS' Facebook page: You asked for it, our scorching pre-Black Friday Deal is back with double the sizzle! The acclaimed SVS SB12-NSD subwoofer returns at $399.99, a full $280 off the original $680! And we heard you, so...
  16. Sam Posten

    Xbox Live's Black Friday Digital Sale is live, annnnd terrific

    Only thing missing is Shadow of War. Everything else you really really want is on sale! I see $200...
  17. Adam Gregorich

    Great UHD Deals for Black Friday at Best Buy. Any Others?

    I saw in Best Buys Black Friday ad that they had some pretty good deals on UHD. I am having a heck of a time trying to discern what if any deals Amazon is having, and I didn't see anything in the Walmart or Target ads. Is anyone aware of anything besides Best Buy? Here is what Best Buy has...