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  1. John*Wells

    Is there a HTF Mobile App?

    If not, is one planned?. It is sometimes hard to type from my Phone through the Safari Browser
  2. T

    Tired of all the app switching

    I have a 2016 OLED65C6P. I am tired of switching between all the all the apps, apple tv, xbox etc searching for a particular movie. Also I can't even use Xfinity Stream app on my tv because it is "too old". Is there a third party dashboard type app/hardware that I can use as my home screen...
  3. Johnny Angell

    Odd Photos App Behavior on iPads?

    I opened Photos on my iPad Pro. I deleted a few photos, then opened messages. I selected Photos in the Messages app and it sees some photos that I don’t see when using Photos directly. I was surprised even before using Messages because I thought I was missing some photos when using Photos...
  4. Cranston37+

    "Lockdown" firewall app for iOS

    A new free app called "Lockdown" that acts as an on-device tracker blocker. I've been thinking about signing up for a paid VPN but this looks interesting (and will include a paid VPN option in the near future. Any opinions from those who know more than I do about such things...
  5. Charles_Y

    LG OLED TV Amazon streaming app malfunctioning - advice needed

    I've had a LG OLED55EPUA TV since last summer that has been pretty good most of the time. However, I've gotten rather interested in streaming content from my Amazon Prime account and the app is proving to be a real problem recently with error messages which don't say anything. The image freezes...