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The Features


– Arrival – 2016

– It Came From Outer Space – 1953

– The Edge of Seventeen – 2016

– One Million Years B.C. – 1966

– Edge of Eternity – 1959

– Kiss of Death – 1947

– Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk – 2016

The Prices

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UHD Amazon BestBuy Target
Arrival (Blu-ray 4K) (Paramount) $24.99 $26.99 $24.99
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (Blu-ray 4K) (Sony) $26.99

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Blu-ray Amazon BestBuy Target
23 Paces to Baker Street $19.99
Arrival  (Paramount) $19.99 $19.99 $19.99
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk  (Sony) $19.99 $19.99
Bleed for This  (Universal) $19.96
Chilly Scenes of Winter  (Twilight Time)
Deep Water  (Acorn Media) $25.29
Edge of Eternity  (Twilight Time)
Edge of Seventeen, The  (Universal) $19.96 $19.99
Embrace  (Gravitas) $24.99
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken $9.99
Interiors  (Twilight Time)
It Came from Outer Space  (Universal) $9.29
King Cobra  (Shout! Factory) $22.99
Kiss of Death (1947)  (Twilight Time)
Mercy Street – Season 2  (PBS) $49.99
October Sky $9.29
One Million Years B.C.  (Kino) $19.99
Priceless  (Universal) $17.96
Quarry: The Complete First Season (HBO) $22.99
Stake Land II  (Dark Sky) $20.69
Star Trek: Enterprise – Complete Series $77.99
Suddenly In The Dark  (Mondo Macabro) $17.29
Tree of Wooden Clogs, The  (Criterion) $26.19
Yakuza, The  (Warner Archive) $16.99

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DVD Amazon BestBuy Target
3 Sisters (Summer Hill Films) $9.99
Arrival (Paramount) $14.99 $14.99
Beavis and Butt-head: Complete Collection (Paramount) $24.99
Bible Stories, The: Genesis (Shout! Factory) $14.93
Bible Stories, The: Jeremiah (Shout! Factory) $9.99
Bigfoot: The Movie (Wild Eye) $12.69
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (Sony) $17.99 $17.99
Blaze & the Monster Machines: Race Into Velocityville $8.99 $8.99
Bleed for This (Universal) $17.96
Blood Brothers (Uncork’d Entertainment) $12.99
Bride, The (2016) (Strand) $14.99
Bureau, The (Season Two) (Kino) $18.99
Burningmore Deaths, The (MVD) $9.69
Camille (Warner Archive) $17.99
Catatonia (Wild Eye) $13.99
Christine (2016) (Sony) $15.59
Crash, The (Lions Gate) $12.19
Creature Lake (Wild Eye) $13.99
Crooked Man, The (Lions Gate) $12.89
Death Rot (Wild Eye) $7.99
Edge of Seventeen, The (Universal) $17.99 $17.99
Embrace (Gravitas) $19.99
Five Nights In Maine (Filmrise) $13.99
Gunsmoke: The Long Ride (Kino) $13.99
I Heart U (Bayview Entertainment) $11.99
John Apple Jack (Skycorner Entertainment) $19.98
Kojak – Season 1 (Universal) $21.59
London Town (MPI) $19.99
Long Way From Home (Film Movement) $19.99
Mercy Street – Season 2 (PBS) $39.99
Mike Nichols: American Masters (Filmrise) $13.99
Priceless (Universal) $14.96
Quarry: The Complete First Season (HBO) $16.99
Song of the Thin Man (Warner Archive) $17.99
Stake Land II (Dark Sky) $17.29
The Star (Warner Archive) $17.99
Tharlo (Icarus) $19.99
The Thin Man Goes Home (Warner Archive) $17.99
Tree of Wooden Clogs, The (Criterion) $22.99
Trippin’ (Bayview Entertainment) $11.99
Tumbling Doll Of Flesh (Massacre Video) $19.95
Wacky Races (The Complete Series) (Warner Archive) $23.19
The Westerner: Complete Series (Timeless) (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
Witness, The (Filmrise) $19.95
Zombie eXs (Bayview Entertainment) $11.99


The Disclaimer

Standard disclaimer: All prices are taken from the websites of each chain, or from their printed Sunday advertisements. All prices are subject to change by each chain. Prices and inventory in-store may or may not match the website price.

I, obviously, cannot include EVERY title released in a given week in the RoundUp. The titles included are those that I am interested in…as well as those which I consider will be of interest to a majority of consumers (and sometimes I’ll miss one!). I don’t get paid for this, and I don’t have the time to list every DVD. So, please don’t complain! If there is a title not included in the RoundUp that you want to see, PLEASE just look it up yourself, and be nice enough to post and share the results with everyone!


The Specials

–Another week of Twilight Time releases.  You know the drill.  They can only be pre-ordered HERE and HERE.

–Best Buy, this week, is advertising some UHD titles on sale this week:

$19.99:  Deepwater Horizon, Mechanic: Resurrection and Sausage Party

$24.99:  Inferno, Jason Bourne, The Magnificent Seven

–Best Buy is also advertising some “Fun Family Flicks” Blu-rays for $19.99 apiece:  Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets, Trolls, and Zootopia.

–And, the following “Award-Worthy Films” are on sale this week on Blu at Best Buy:

$6.99:  Good Will Hunting

$7.99:  Wild, Ex Machina

$14.99:  The Martian (EE)

–Best Buy Odds and Ends:  None to report.

–Target has NO specials advertised on catalog titles in this week’s flyer.

–Target Odds and Ends: None to report.


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Mike Frezon



  1. Hellooooooooooooooooooo, RoundUppers!  😀

    Another week with interesting titles and good deals!

    For me, Arrival is on its way to me as a blind buy.  I've heard so many good things about it!

    Safe shopping!  And thanks, in advance, for all the "likes" to the OP.  They are noticed and appreciated.  :rock:

  2. Thanks for your work, Mike.  I don't think you'll regret a blind buy of Arrival — it is absolutely fantastic.  I want it too, but am not sure if I will be able to get it this week or not.  We'll see.

    Nothing else, aside from Arrival, for me this week.

  3. Thanks for the RoundUp, Mike. Some excellent releases this week, and I'll definitely be picking up Arrival soon and Billy Lynn at some point. I'll be reviewing three of the four Twilight Time releases once they are shipped.

    You beat me with the RoundUp by about six hours before I could post my review of this week's Priceless. Here's the link.

  4. David:

    I was in my own Target tonight and saw the same signage!

    Among other things it could be a good deal for people wanting to pick up some UHD titles. $26.99 to $29.99 apiece means you could pick up three 4k titles for $54 to $60.

    I just checked my Sunday flyer from Target. I totally missed the huge announcement of the sale. It was listed on the front page…but not a peep on the movie/book/music page! :angry:

    Sorry that I missed it everyone! :mellow:

  5. DavidJ

    By the way, Target has signage in stores advertising a mix and match buy two, get one free (movies, music, books).

    This works online as well … Target has a limited number of Criterion (KINO & Olive Signature) titles. Prices vary but as an example if you buy 3 Criterion titles (regularly) priced at $26.99 each it works out to 18.00 for each title … It works for pre-orders as well. (Free Shipping over $25.00) IF you don't mind buying in bulk the NET cost per title can be very low. RED card holders get 5% off on top of that …

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