WWE Content on Xbox Live Marketplace (Poll / Questionaire)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Mike~Sileck, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Hey guys whats going on. As part of my summer internship with the WWE I'm putting together a proposal for including our content on Xbox Live Marketplace. However, my own personal opinions about how our content should be offered can only go so far. That's where you guys can help out.

    What I'm asking is pretty basic. For all of WWE's library footage, including classic matches, current PPV's, and current compilation DVD's (Such as "The Ladder Match" and "The New and Improved DX"), how would you like this material to be presented on Xbox Live Marketplace?

    In addition, how would you like to pay for this material? There are three basic models, Video-On-Demand (Basically a 24 hour rental) for a fee, EST (download to own, watch as often as you like) for a fee, and VOD for free, ad-supported (i.e., the content is free, but in the middle of the content there will be advertisements that you cannot skip, similar to watching television that isn't HBO, etc.).

    So there you have it. You guys can truly help shape how we present our content online. So any thought, opinions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Please only reply if you have a serious opinion to offer.

    Thanks again!

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    I don't have x-box live, but I certainly would get it if the WWE would put on matches that we can't see anywhere else on it. Like all the NWA footage where they always said "Oh no! We're out of time! See you next week!" right during an exciting part of a match! You know the cameras were still running after they ran out of time. Stuff we haven't seen before like the Flair/Morton cage match that's on the Four Horsemen DVD would also be cool.

    It certainly would have to be to "own" it, not this 24 hour rental deal.

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