WOW - THIS IS CINERAMA Trailer at the Dome, in Cinerama!

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    I just came back from seeing XXX at the "new" Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood and, just before the movie, they ran the trailer for THIS IS CINERAMA in the three-projector format!

    Now, I have seen Cinerama before, in Ohio and England, but I had never seen Cinerama as huge as it looked tonight at the Dome.

    It was all to announce the fact that THIS IS CINERAMA will be playing for three days October 4, 5 and 6 right here in Hollywood and for the first time in three-projector Cinerama at this venue.

    Now, they only played a few select scenes from the movie but, from what I saw, I think all the panic talk about the fact that the theater owners wouldn't install a louvered screen and that this was going to ruin the show, was for nothing. The image looked spectacularly bright and sharp, much sharper in fact than the feature (not too difficult a feat, but nevertheless...) and the audience just gasped and applauded during the rollecoaster scene segment.

    So, all of you fans out there, make a note.
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