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Why ebay a bad idea to purchase from? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 27, 2002
I was just wondering why so many people think it is a bad Idea to purchase a projector off of Ebay, If it says its New In Box and the price is right and the seller has alot of good feedback then why not. anyone have any input for me. Thanks

Jim Mcc

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Feb 11, 2004
Oconomowoc, WI.
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Travis, they could say whatever they want. You don't know what the feedback was from, this might be the first projector he's selling. I've read too many posts on HT forums of people getting screwed on projectors from Ebay.

Jerome Grate

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May 23, 1999
I never bought anything from Ebay, and at one point I was going to get a receiver from there, but for me it was too much of a risk. You'll probably get plenty of posts indicating members got their best deals from ebay, and something for less than 50.00, I would even consider puchasing something. But for what you are looking for, I wouldn't venture into it. My wife is looking for scrubs for work, and they range from 10.00 to 50.00 for more than one set.

Tim Jin

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Jan 12, 2003
Plus, a lot of the time, you pay as much or more for shipping.

Don't buy a projector on EBay. Wait for after Christmas Sales and Super Bowl blowouts.

You are just asking for trouble.

Joe Hays

May 25, 2002
eBay could be a great place to buy a projector, or it could be an horrible place. Like everything else, it depends on who you are dealing with. Do your research, get in contact with the seller and get your questions answered up front. If you have any hesitation, walk away.

For big ticket items like a projector, I try to buy it from someone locally over eBay. That way I can meet the seller in person and ask any questions. I have never had problems when doing this, and the seller is usually relieved that he isn't getting ripped off either.


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Jul 24, 2002
The prices on ebay aren't really better than the good online etailers. If they are a lot better they are frequently scammers. Plus sometimes it puts you in a tricky situation for warranties - sometimes manuf. only warranties products bought from authorized retailers/etailers (you should check on this before buying).

You should try the stickied projector holiday deals post from plasmadocs. Also check out www.visualapex.com and www.projectorconcepts.com

Ryan Wishton

May 17, 2003
I would buy from EBay since and if:

1. Authorized retailer where the warranty is enforced. They do exist on Ebay as well.

2. Cheaper but for the same item. I like online because you save a good chunk on tax and the item.

3. My credit union/credit card protects me against fraud, breakage, etc. How I love protection.

I would not buy such an item from an individual seller (not that all are bad, I just wouldnt want to take the chance for a high ticket item) or some scam joint that frequents on there with phony info, etc. Also, dont buy from someone who refuses credit card and asks you to wire money. Scam.

allan espinoza

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Jul 1, 2002
if a seller claims that their product is brand new and in great working conditon, but when you receive the product its not, could you report the seller as false advertisement or something on ebay and somehow receive your money back with ebays help?


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Oct 20, 1999
If the seller has good feedback and deals in expensive electronic items like projectors you should be ok. I've bought a number of fairly expensive guitars and guitar amps off ebay and haven't had any problem.

It's really difficult to pack electronic equipment and I don't buy expensive gear from anyone that hasn't sold and shipped a lot of the stuff since most people simply will not take the time to pack something well. If you're looking at something that is new-in-box, then it should ship in the manufacturer's shipping carton and you'll probably be ok.


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Nov 28, 2003
I agree with Craig and Ryan.

I've bought tons of stuff on EBAY, but only 1 expensive electronics item. It was from a seller I could pick it up from, so it was OK.

Otherwise, I'd only buy from someone TONS of feedback and it must be over 99% positive (anything below that isn't really good). I'd also email prior buyers to check it out. I'd make sure the seller has sold this stuff before. Was he selling baseball cards and now all of a sudden has plasma TVs? A seller from a brick and mortar store helps also (lots of those around, getting rid of trade-in/demo items). I only pay with PAYPAL, so I have some recourse, and it's free for buyers.

There are plenty of legitimate sellers on EBAY, just do your homework. If it's not a significant savings, I wouldn't bother.


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Jan 7, 2003

First thing to point out, it Ebay won't help you at all. In fact, do a search on Ebay's phone number, let me know if you ever find one. They are only concerned for themselves. I had someone trying to scam me on a big purchase from a hijacked account and Ebay wouldn't do anything to close the account. I figured out a way to find the email address of the true holder and had her contact ebay and eventually regain the account. Ebay did nothing to investigate the case

About New in Box advertisements. Honestly, this is a "my word versus his word". If its advertised as new in box, and the picture looks like it is new in box, and you get it home and notice it is not new in box, and email the seller, I guarantee you he will say, oh, but YOU opened the box and now you want to return it. They can argue they sent it new in box, and that you opened it, used it, and now have buyers remorse and don't want it any longer.

I buy my 2 year olds clothes off ebay, replacement water filters for my fridge, rechargeable batteries, but I'd stay away from a "touchy" purchase like a projector.

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