Who calls the shots on DVD releases?

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    This is a question that has had me puzzled. When a DVD movie is released, who has the final say of when it's released and with what particular cut of the film?
    For example, Lucas, I know, makes all the decisions of how and when a Star Wars film is released (such as TPM). I know it was up to Donner as far as when and how Superman was done on DVD.
    However, it *seems* other movies have little input by directors or whoever else and the studios do what they want.
    So, who makes the decision? Does it depend on who owns the film? Can the studio, in some cases, put out any kind of DVD releases they see fit?
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    This depends on a lot of factors, not the least of which is whether the studio still has a working relationship with the talent. More established directors will have more clout and are more likely to be consulted before work on a project begins. It will also depend on who holds what rights. I would think that the majority of past releases were without the knowledge of the creators, but I think that is changing as DVD becomes more mainstream, and directors are realising the influence and importance they can be in getting their films presented properly - though this seems to result in getting it right the second time around too often.
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