Where should I look for affordable speakers?

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  1. Gerald G

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    Feb 3, 2002
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    i have sony crt projector with a skyworth dvd player. ive been using the same pioneer pro-logic stereo for sound for 7 years now and its time to upgrade to dolby digital.

    is there a system speakers/amp/sub that will fill a good sized room with sound? i like the way klipsch speakers sound, but they are all quite expensive. i am hoping to find a surround sound system for $2000 or less. is that possible?
  2. Steven Hallett

    Jan 17, 2002
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    gerold MY EYES lower your font size ,take a look at the new lsi polks i have all polks and for the price you cant go wrong music is good and dvd 7.1 rocks the house
  3. Mark Gurney

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    Feb 27, 2001
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    This is definetely possible. As a personal example, during the last six months, I have bought the following to compose my home theater:

    Receiver: Denon AVR-1602 -- $300

    Mains: Infinity Interlude IL30 -- $450

    Center: Infinity Interlude IL25c -- $300

    Rear: Infinity Interlude IL10 -- $300

    TOTAL: $1350 (plus cabling)

    I do not currently have a sub, as I live in an apartment and the sound is currently very satisfying. Anyway, my point is that finding speakers and a receiver in your price range is more than possible. In my opinion, you should be looking for a receiver in the $400-500 range. Leave $1400-1500 in the budget for speakers and then $100 for tax and cabling (depending on how much cable you are going to need).

    Now go to a local home theater store and start testing speakers out. Listen to what you like, keeping in mind your speaker budget. I purchase all my equipment from a place called SoundTrack (Ultimate Electronics). Everyone there is very helpful, knowledgeable and honest. I can basically walk in, tell them my budget and then will audition everything they have within my budget. As for receivers, from my auditioning, I've been partial to Denon's, but listen to many. You can also look through the forums here for receiver and speaker recommendations.

    Anyway, hope I have provided a little help, happy shopping!


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