Watch A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA on AMC Saturday at 3:45 EST, then post your opinions...

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    If any Fox execs are reading this, please take note: "A High Wind In Jamaica" is a practically lost film, even though it stars ANTHONY QUINN and JAMES COBURN, and was directed by ALEXANDER MACKENDRICK (of "Sweet Smell of Success" and Ealing comedy fame). 20th Century Fox released it in 1965 in CinemaScope. It's a truly wonderful adventure about a group of children who find themselves aboard a ship helmed by pirates (Quinn and Coburn). That's the level on which it will appeal to families. For adults, there's a deeper level having to do with loyalty and how children perceive the world (which leads to tragedy). I urge you to see/tape this special movie when it airs and leave your opinions in this post. Then perhaps we can start a post in the studio feedback section, asking Fox to consider releasing it - THIS MOVIE HAS NEVER BEEN RELEASED ON VIDEO IN ANY FORM!! It is fairly rare even for t.v. broadcast and, of course, it will be pan and scan (though you can get a glimpse of what you'll be missing during the leterboxed title sequence). Let's uncover this delightful, under-seen film! (If this post is not in an appropriate forum, I'd appreciate it being moved rather than closed. Thanks!)
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    I taped mine off of FXM (methinks) and was VERY disappointed to find it MARred [​IMG]. I'll watch anything with James Coburn in it (and buy it on DVD as well). [​IMG]
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