Pretty neat April schedule on FOX MOVIE CHANNEL...

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Dick, Apr 4, 2003.

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    The highlight for me, as I've been campaigning for a widescreen video release of this for years, is the LBX showing of A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA. Directed in 1965 by Alexander Mackendrick (SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, several classic Ealing comedies) it is a multi-layered pirate adventure starring Anthony Quinn and James Coburn. Works as a family movie, and also as a very adult film about loyalty and innocent betrayal. Also on this month's docket are SILVER STREAK (LBX), CONRACK (LBX, with Jon Voight as a white man hired as a schoolteacher on a remote island in the deep south); UNFAITHFULLY YOURS (one of Preston Sturges' finest (and last) comedies, badly remade with Dudley Moore; a couple of classic HOUR OF THE STARS episodes.... if you don't already have cable/Fox Channel, this would be a good month to start (and, no, I don't work for the company...I'm just a typically huge HTF movie fan).
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    I was excited when I saw they will be showing Peter Bogdanovich's musical AT LONG LAST LOVE on Monday night (4/7).

    This movie has never been released on video in any form and hasn't been shown on television in several years.

    It was a huge box office disaster, but developed somewhat of a cult following.

    I had read the movie was an inspiration for Woody Allen's "Everyone Says I Love You."

    I'm looking forward to seeing it as I have read so many things about it. Supposedly all the musical numbers were performed live in the movie (instead of pre-taped and lip-synched) and the art direction employs extensve use of black & white in order to give the movie a "black & white in color" feel.

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