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Directors Villains Nomination Thread (1 Viewer)

Ric Bagoly

Senior HTF Member
Aug 1, 2002
Welcome to the Nomination Thread of THE ULTIMATE VILLAINS TOURNAMENT. Listed below are over 1000 of the most memorable Movie Villains of all time. Let me start with a few notes about this list…

-All of the Villains listed below are hereby considered Nominated. In order to qualify for a competitive spot in the Tournament, they must be Seconded and Thirded.

-In assembling this list, one thing I’ve tried to stay away from is so-called “derivative” Villains, particularly of the low budget ilk. In other words, Norman Bates is a no-brainer for instance, but all the low-budget horror films featuring a mother-fixated psycho killer have pretty much been ignored, UNLESS the Villain is played by a notable actor trying something “different” or the film itself is particularly good.

-I’ve also tried to shy away from so-called “mystery” Villains, otherwise characters who don’t reveal their true nature until the last 20 minutes of the film (whodunits, etc.). There are notable exceptions, like “Ghostface” from Scream (though none of the actors involved have had their characters named), or other Villains whose every motive throughout the film becomes clear when his true identity is revealed (Unbreakable, for instance).

-There has been no attempt made to include “hordes” of Villains (Martians! Zombies! Germans!) UNLESS there is a notable lead Villain character.

-This is a character, NOT performance-based Tournament. In listing the performer’s names, if the Villain has been played by more than one actor or actress, I usually try to list the “Definitive” portrayal of the Villain as the nom, but in Seconding or Thirding, just consider the version of the Villain whom you prefer. Example: Max Cady is and will only be listed once, and votes should be given on the basis of YOUR favorite portrayal of the Villain (Mitchum or DeNiro).

-Lastly, some choices will, alas, be considered controversial by the voting body, as a character will be listed you may not consider a Villain. Let me just say that I don’t agree with all the names listed, such as Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, but since I know there are others who may consider them a Villain, they have been included.

-Serial Villains have NOT been considered. Feature movies only.
And now, the ground rules for Qualification:

1. Everyone has UNLIMITED Seconds and Thirds, but there IS a time limit to how many you can use. Everyone is allowed five (5) Seconds and five (5) Thirds every four (4) hours. Times will be closely checked, and any additional Seconds and Thirds during that time will be disallowed. These are NOT cumulative. Example: If you list 5 Seconds and 3 Thirds at say, 6:00, you DO have until 10:00 to use the other 2 Thirds, otherwise you receive a fresh batch of 5.

2. Everyone gets one (1) Automatic from the list below ONLY. This is NOT unlimited. You use it, and then it’s gone.

3. Did I miss any of your favorites?? Doubtful, but nonetheless everyone receives five (5) Nominations only. Additional ones will be given on an individual basis, if necessary. When nominating, please include the Full Name (if possible) of the Villain, the Movie (or Franchise) he appeared in, and the Performer’s Name (or Various if more than one). Only the Full Name is required for Seconds and Thirds.

4. This Tournament is open to Villains from any and all Genres from any type of Film, except Serials. Feel free to come up with “unusual” choices.

5. There will be 256 competitive Tournament spots. No more, no less.

6. If you Nominate a Villain, you CANNOT Second or Third him or her. If you Second a Villain, you CANNOT Third him or her.

7. Finally as Tourney Master, I will now make my Automatic pick, otherwise known as the Number 1 Seed. I know I’ll get some brickbats for this, but my Automatic pick will be:

Hans Gruber-Die Hard (Alan Rickman)

And now, let’s meet his possible competition.


Aaron Stampler-Primal Fear (Edward Norton)
Ace Merrill-Stand By Me (Kiefer Sutherland)
Acid Queen-Tommy (Tina Turner)
Adam Cramer-The Intruder (William Shatner)
Addley-Mother’s Day (Billy Ray McQuade)
Adenoid Hynkel-The Great Dictator (Charles Chaplin)
Agent Smith-The Matrix Franchise (Hugo Weaving)
Aileen Wuornos-Monster (Charlize Theron)
Akira Tanaka-Armed Response (Mako)
Al Capone-The Untouchables (Robert DeNiro)
Alain Charnier-The French Connection (Fernando Rey)
Albert DeSalvo-The Boston Strangler (Tony Curtis)
Albert Ganz-48 Hrs (James Remar)
Albert Spica-The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, And Her Lover (Michael Gambon)
Alec Trevelyan-Goldeneye (Sean Bean)
Alexander-Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man (Daniel Baldwin)
Alex DeLarge-A Clockwork Orange (Malcolm McDowell)
Alex Forrest-Fatal Attraction (Glenn Close)
Alice Pressman-Anguish (Zelda Rubinstein)
Alien-Alien Franchise (Various)
Al Martin-Willard (Ernest Borgnine)
Alonzo Harris-Training Day (Denzel Washington)
Altair-The Hidden (Various)
Amber Von Tussle-Hairspray (Colleen Fitzpatrick)
Amber Waves-Boogie Nights (Julianne Moore)
Amon Goeth-Schindler’s List (Ralph Fiennes)
Anchor-Satan’s Sadists (Russ Tamblyn)
Andre Toulon-Puppetmaster Franchise (William Hickey / Steve Welles)
Andrew Wyke-Sleuth (Laurence Olivier)
Angela-Night Of The Demons (Amelia Kinkade)
Angela Baker-Sleepaway Camp Franchise (Felissa Rose / Pamela Springsteen)
Angel Martin-Shock Em Dead (Stephen Quadros)
Angel Eyes Sentenza-The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Lee Van Cleef)
Annie Wilkes-Misery (Kathy Bates)
Antonio Salieri-Amadeus (F. Murray Abraham)
Apollo Creed-Rocky 1 and 2 (Carl Weathers)
Archer J. Maggott-The Dirty Dozen (Telly Savalas)
Archibald Cunningham-Rob Roy (Tim Roth)
Arjen Rudd-Lethal Weapon 2 (Joss Ackland)
Arnold Friend-Smooth Talk (Treat Williams)
Arthur Coddish-Crimewave (Brion James)
Arthur Jensen-Network (Ned Beatty)
Arthur J. Foyt-The Cannonball Run (George Furth)
Arthur Von Furst-The Lost Squadron (Erich Von Stroheim)
Artie Straus-Compulsion (Bradford Dillman)
Artie Taggart-A Stranger Is Watching (Rip Torn)
Artie West-The Blackboard Jungle (Vic Morrow)
Asa Watts-The Cowboys (Bruce Dern)
Ash-Alien (Ian Holm)
Audrey II-Little Shop Of Horrors (Levi Stubbs)
Aunt Felice-The Kiss (Joanna Pacula)
Aunty Entity-Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Tina Turner)
Auric Goldfinger-Goldfinger (Gert Frobe)
Aylmer-Brain Damage (John Zacherle)
Baby Jane Hudson-Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (Bette Davis)
Bad Lieutenant-Bad Lieutenant (Harvey Keitel)
Ballin Mundson-Gilda (George Macready)
Barnabas Collins-House Of Dark Shadows (Jonathan Frid)
Barney Cousins-The Vanishing (Jeff Bridges)
Baron De Varville-Camille (Henry Daniell)
Baron Samedi-Live And Let Die (Geoffrey Holder)
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen-Dune (Kenneth McMillan)
Barry Convex-Videodrome (Les Carlson)
Bat Haines-The Terror Of Tiny Town (Little Billy)
Baxter Cain-BASEketball (Robert Vaughn)
Belial Bradley-Basket Case Franchise (Various)
Ben-Blue Velvet (Dean Stockwell)
Ben Childress-The Fury (John Cassavetes)
Ben Eberhardt-Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Harvey Keitel)
Benedict-Last Action Hero (Charles Dance)
Benjamin Kane-Wayne’s World (Rob Lowe)
Ben Kingsley-The Toolbox Murders (Cameron Mitchell)
Bennett-Commando (Vernon Welles)
Benson-Saturn 3 (Harvey Keitel)
Ben Willis-I Know What You Did Franchise (Muse Watson)
Bernard Phillips-God Told Me To (Richard Lynch)
Bert Gordon-The Hustler (George C. Scott)
Bert Johnson-Midnight (Lawrence Tierney)
Betelgeuse-Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton)
Beverly Sutphin-Serial Mom (Kathleen Turner)
Bianca Javin a.k.a. The Dragon Lady-Cleopatra Jones 2 (Stella Stevens)
Biff Tannen-Back To The Future Franchise (Thomas F. Wilson)
Big Boy Caprice-Dick Tracy (Al Pacino)
Big Lebowski-The Big Lebowski (David Huddleston)
Bill-Kill Bill Franchise (David Carradine)
Bill Sikes-Oliver! (Oliver Reed)
Billy Flynn-Chicago (Richard Gere)
Billy Nolan-Carrie (John Travolta)
Billy Score-Sharky’s Machine (Henry Silva)
Billy Spear-The Shooting (Jack Nicholson)
Black Knight-Monty Python And The Holy Grail (John Cleese)
Blacula a.k.a. Mamuwalde-Blacula Franchise (William Marshall)
Blair Witch-The Blair Witch Project (???)
Blaster-Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Paul Larsson)
Blob-The Blob (The Blob)
Bluto-Popeye (Paul L. Smith)
Boba Fett-Star Wars Franchise (Various)
Bobby Peru-Wild At Heart (Willem Dafoe)
Bobby Ray-Jackson County Jail (Robert Carradine)
Bobby Thompson-Targets (Tim O’Kelly)
Bob Falfa-American Graffiti (Harrison Ford)
Bob Ford-Jesse James Franchise (John Carradine)
Bobo The Killer Clown-Out Of The Dark (Cameron Dye)
Bob Rusk-Frenzy (Barry Foster)
Bob Wolvington-Freeway (Kiefer Sutherland)
Bohdi-Point Break (Patrick Swayze)
Bombaata-Conan The Destroyer (Wilt Chamberlain)
Bonnie Parker-Bonnie And Clyde (Faye Dunaway)
Borg Queen-Star Trek: First Contact (Alice Krige)
Boris Lee-Complex World (Captain Lou Albano)
Boris Lermontov-The Red Shoes (Anton Walbrook)
Bozo-The Toxic Avenger (Gary Schneider)
Brad Wesley-Roadhouse (Ben Gazzara)
Brad Whitewood Sr.-At Close Range (Christopher Walken)
Breather-Student Bodies (Richard Brando)
Brewmeister Smith-Strange Brew (Max Von Sydow)
Brick Top Polford-Snatch (Alan Ford)
Bridget Gregory a.k.a. Wendy Kroy-The Last Seduction (Linda Fiorentino)
Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper-Dr. Strangelove Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (Sterling Hayden)
Bronk Stinson-Ernest Goes To Camp (Lyle Alzado)
Bruno Anthony-Strangers On A Train (Robert Walker)
Buck Taylor a.k.a. The Sunset Killer-Relentless (Judd Nelson)
Bud Corliss-A Kiss Before Dying (Robert Wagner)
Budd a.k.a. Sidewinder-Kill Bill Franchise (Michael Madsen)
Buddy Rivell-Three O’Clock High (Richard Tyson)
Buford Pope-Nadine (Rip Torn)
Bugsy Calhoune-Harlem Nights (Michael Lerner)
Bugsy Siegal-Bugsy (Warren Beatty)
Bull Meechum-The Great Santini (Robert Duvall)
Bullseye-Daredevil (Colin Farrell)
Burke-Blow-Out (John Lithgow)
Burns-Surviving The Game (Rutger Hauer)
Burt Johnson-Arthur Franchise (Stephen Elliot)
Butch Haynes-A Perfect World (Kevin Costner)
Byron De La Beckwith-Ghosts Of Mississippi (James Woods)
Cable Guy-The Cable Guy (Jim Carrey)
Cain-Robocop 2 (Tom Noonan)
Cal Hockley-Titanic (Billy Zane)
Caller-Phone Booth (Kiefer Sutherland)
Calvera-The Magnificent Seven (Eli Wallach)
Cameron Alexander-American History X (Stacy Keach)
Camilla-The Guardian (Jenny Seagrove)
Candyman-Candyman Franchise (Tony Todd)
Captain Barboza-Pirates Of The Caribbean (Geoffery Rush)
Captain C.G. Culpeper-It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (Spencer Tracy)
Captain Dudley Smith-L.A. Confidential (James Cromwell)
Captain Hank Quinlan-Touch Of Evil (Orson Welles)
Captain James Hook-Hook (Dustin Hoffman)
Captain Knauer-The Longest Yard (Ed Lauter)
Captain Michael J. Lander-Black Sunday (Bruce Dern)
Captain Rhodes-Day Of The Dead (Joseph Pilato)
Captain William Bligh-Mutiny On The Bounty (Charles Laughton)
Captain Wolfgang Von Kleinschmidt-1941 (Christopher Lee)
Captain Wolf Larsen-The Sea Wolf (Edward G. Robinson)
Cardinal Richelieu-The Three Musketeers (Charlton Heston / Tim Curry)
Carl Bruner-Ghost (Tony Goldwyn)
Carl Grissom-Batman (Jack Palance)
Carl Rudolph Stargher-The Cell (Vincent D’Onofrio)
Carl Showalter-Fargo (Steve Buscemi)
Carmilla-The Vampire Lovers (Ingrid Pitt)
Carole Ledoux-Repulsion (Catherine Deneuve)
C.A. Rotwang-Metropolis (Rudolf Klein-Rogge)
Carrie White-Carrie (Sissy Spacek)
Carter Burke-Aliens (Paul Reiser)
Carter Hayes-Pacific Heights (Michael Keaton)
Casanova Frankenstein-Mystery Men (Geoffery Rush)
Castor Troy-Face/Off (Nicholas Cage / John Travolta)
Catherine Petersen-Black Widow (Theresa Russell)
Catherine Tramell-Basic Instinct (Sharon Stone)
Catwoman a.k.a. Selina Kyle-Batman Returns (Michelle Pffeifer)
Cesare-The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (Conrad Veidt)
Cesare Enrico “Rico” Bandello-Little Caesar (Edward G. Robinson)
Cesar Soubeyran-Jean De Florette / Manon Of The Spring (Yves Montand)
Chad-In The Company Of Men (Aaron Eckhart)
Chains Cooper-Stone Cold (Lance Henriksen)
Chance Wilder-Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man (Tom Sizemore)
Charles Brady-Sleepwalkers (Brian Krause)
Charles Foster Kane-Citizen Kane (Orson Welles)
Charles Manson-Helter Skelter (Steve Railsback)
Charles Van Doren-Quiz Show (Ralph Fiennes)
Charlie Tibbs-The Sadist (Arch Hall Jr.)
Charlton Heston-Bowling For Columbine (Charlton Heston)
Chet Donnelly-Weird Science (Bill Paxton)
Chez Pussy-From Dusk Till Dawn (Cheech Marin)
Chief Blue Meanie-Yellow Submarine (Paul Angelis)
Chief Inspector Dreyfus-Pink Panther Franchise (Herbert Lom)
Chino-The Wild One (Lee Marvin)
Chong Li-Bloodsport (Bolo Yeung)
Chop-Top-Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Bill Moseley)
Chris Hargensen-Carrie (Nancy Allen)
Christina Pagliacci-Any Given Sunday (Cameron Diaz)
Christine-Christine (The Car)
Christine Halsslag-The Fourth Man (Renee Soutendijk)
Christof-The Truman Show (Ed Harris)
Chucky a.k.a. Charles Lee Ray-Child’s Play Franchise (Brad Dourif)
Cigarette Smoking Man-X-Files: Fight The Future (William B. Davis)
Cigar Face-The Toxic Avenger (Dan Snow)
Claire Quilty-Lolita (Peter Sellers)
Clarence Boddicker-Robocop (Kurtwood Smith)
Claus Von Bulow-Reversal Of Fortune (Jeremy Irons)
Clay Shaw-JFK (Tommy Lee Jones)
Cleopatra-Freaks (Olga Baclanova)
Clown-Spawn (John Leguizamo)
Clubber Lang-Rocky 3 (Mr. T)
Clyde Barrow-Bonnie And Clyde (Warren Beatty)
Cmdr. Akiro Mitamura-1941 (Toshiro Mifune)
Coach Roy Turner-The Bad News Bears (Vic Morrow)
Coaley-Man Of The West (Jack Lord)
Cody Jarrett-White Heat (James Cagney)
Col. Buzz Fitts, U.S.M.C.-American Beauty (Chris Cooper)
Cole Whittier-Bachelor Party (Robert Prescott)
Coley Trimble-Bad Day At Black Rock (Ernest Borgnine)
Col. F.E. Cochrane-Blue Thunder (Malcolm McDowell)
Colin Morris-Into The Night (David Bowie)
Col. James-Boogie Nights (Robert Ridgely)
Collector-Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight (Billy Zane)
Col. Nathan Jessup-A Few Good Men (Jack Nicholson)
Col. Stuart-Die Hard 2 (William Sadler)
Colt-Return Of The Dragon (Chuck Norris)
Col. Vincent Kane-The Ninth Configuration (Stacy Keach)
Col. Walter E. Kurtz-Apocalypse Now (Marlon Brando)
Conal Cochran-Halloween 3 (Dan O’Herlithy)
Connie Marble-Pink Flamingos (Mink Stole)
Cora Smith-The Postman Always Rings Twice (Lana Turner)
Cory Thorton-Armed Response (Ross Hagen)
Count Cumberland-Mark Of The Devil (Herbert Lom)
Count De Rochefort-The Three Musketeers (Chrtistopher Lee / Michael Wincott)
Count Dooku-Attack Of The Clones (Christopher Lee)
Count Dracula-Dracula Franchise (Bela Lugosi / Various)
Countess Elisabeth Nodosheen-Countess Dracula (Ingrid Pitt)
Count Rugan-The Princess Bride (Christopher Guest)
Count Yorga-Count Yorga Franchise (Robert Quarry)
Count Zaroff-The Most Dangerous Game (Leslie Banks)
Courtney Alice Shayne-Jawbreaker (Rose McGowen)
Cowboy-Mulholland Drive (Monty Montgomery)
Craig Swartz-Being John Malkovich (John Cusack)
Creeper-Creeper Franchise (Rondo Hatton)
Cruella De Ville-101 Dalmations (Glenn Close / Betty Lou Gerson)
Cuervo Jones-Escape From LA (Georges Corraface)
Cujo-Cujo (Cujo)
Curley-Of Mice And Men (Bob Steele / Casey Siemaszko)
Curly Bill Brocius-Tombstone (Powers Boothe)
Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom-Con Air (John Malkovich)
Dale Massie-Cold Creek Manor (Stephen Dorff)
Damian Thorn-Omen Franchise (Various)
Damon Killian-The Running Man (Richard Dawson)
Danielle Breton a.k.a. Dominque-Sisters (Margot Kidder)
Danny Ocean-Ocean’s Eleven (Frank Sinatra / George Clooney)
Danny Vermin-Johnny Dangerously (Joe Piscopo)
Dargent Peytraud-The Serpent And The Rainbow (Zakes Mokae)
Darian Forrester-The Crush (Alicia Silverstone)
Dark Helmet-Spaceballs (Rick Moranis)
Darkness-Legend (Tim Curry)
Darryl Jenks-Coming To America (Eriq Lasalle)
Darryll Lee Cullum-Copycat (Harry Connick Jr.)
Darryl Revok-Scanners (Michael Ironside)
Darth Maul-The Phantom Menace (Ray Park)
Darth Vader-Star Wars Franchise (David Prowse / James Earl Jones)
Daryl Van Horn-The Witches Of Eastwick (Jack Nicholson)
Dave Walker-Attack Of The Giant Leeches (Bruno VeSota)
David-The Lost Boys (Kiefer Sutherland)
David Greenhill a.k.a. Edgar-Guilty As Sin (Don Johnson)
David Kleinfeld-Carlito’s Way (Sean Penn)
David Lo Pan-Big Trouble In Little China (James Hong)
David McCall-Fear (Mark Wahlberg)
David Shawn-Taps (Tom Cruise)
David Stephens-Shallow Grave (Christopher Eccleston)
Dawn Davenport-Female Trouble (Divine)
Deacon Frost-Blade (Stephen Dorff)
Dean Vernon Wormer-Animal House (John Vernon)
Death-The Seventh Seal (Bengt Ekerot)
Dennis Peck-Internal Affairs (Richard Gere)
Deputy Mike-Billy Jack (Kenneth Tobey)
Deputy Reed Morgan-Macon County Line (Max Baer Jr.)
Derek Abernathy-World Gone Wild (Adam Ant)
Det. Jimmy Shaker-Ransom (Gary Sinise)
Det. Phil Cantone-Harlem Nights (Danny Aiello)
Devlin-Ghost Town (Jimmie F. Skaggs)
D-FENS a.k.a. William Foster-Falling Down (Michael Douglas)
Diana Christensen-Network (Faye Dunaway)
Dick Hickock-In Cold Blood (Scott Wilson)
Dick Jones-Robocop (Ronny Cox)
Dick Lecter-Pootie Tang (Robert Vaughn)
Dixon Steele-In A Lonely Place (Humphrey Bogart)
Doc Hawkins-Surviving The Game (Gary Busey)
Doc Ock a.k.a. Dr. Otto Octavius-Spiderman 2 (Alfred Molina)
Donald “Red” Grant-From Russia With Love (Robert Shaw)
Don Corrado Prizzi-Prizzi’s Honor (William Hickey)
Don Don-Cannonball Run 2 (Charles Nelson Reilly)
Don King-Tyson / Only In America (Paul Winfield / Ving Rhames)
Don Logan-Sexy Beast (Ben Kingsley)
Don Lope De Aguirre-Aguirre, The Wrath Of God (Klaus Kinski)
Don Nicholas Medina-The Pit And The Pendulum (Vincent Price)
Don Rafael Montero-The Mask Of Zorro (Stuart Wilson)
Don Vito Corleone-Godfather Franchise (Marlon Brando / Robert DeNiro)
Dorian Gray-The Picture Of Dorian Gray (Hurd Hatfield)
Douglas Breen-The Fan (Michael Biehn)
Douglas Niedermayer-Animal House (Mark Metcalf)
Doyle Hargraves-Sling Blade (Dwight Yoakam)
Doyle Lonnegan-The Sting (Robert Shaw)
Dragon-Dragonslayer (The Dragon)
Dr. Alexander Thorkel-Dr. Cyclops (Albert Dekker)
Dr. Anton Phibes-Dr. Phibes Franchise (Vincent Price)
Drayton Sawyer a.k.a The Cook-Texas Chainsaw Franchise (Jim Siedow)
Dr. Baron Victor Frankenstein-Hammer Frankenstein Franchise (Peter Cushing)
Dr. Caligari-The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (Werner Krauss)
Dr. Carl Hill-Re-Animator Franchise (David Gale)
Dr. Christian Szell-Marathon Man (Laurence Olivier)
Dr. Frank N. Furter-The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Tim Curry)
Dr. Edward Morbius-Forbidden Planet (Walter Pidgeon)
Dr. Einstein-Arsenic And Old Lace (Peter Lorre)
Dr. Elson Po-The Vineyard (James Hong)
Dr. Emilio Lizardo a.k.a. Lord John Whorfin-Buckaroo Banzai (John Lithgow)
Dr. Ernst Janning-Judgment At Nuremberg (Burt Lancaster)
Dr. Erwin Riedenschneider-The Asphalt Jungle (Sam Jaffe)
Dr. Evil-Austin Powers Franchise (Mike Myers)
Drexl Spivey-True Romance (Gary Oldman)
Dr. Fu Manchu-Fu Manchu Franchise (Boris Karloff / Various)
Dr. Gogol-Mad Love (Peter Lorre)
Dr. Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lector-Hannibal Franchise (Anthony Hopkins)
Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen-Dr. Crippen (Donald Pleasence)
Dr. Henry Frankenstein-Frankenstein Franchise (Colin Clive)
Dr. Henry Jekyll a.k.a. Edward Hyde-Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Frederic March)
Drifter-They Live (George “Buck” Flower)
Driller-Killer a.k.a Russ Thorn-Slumber Party Massacre 2 (Atanas Illitch)
Dr. James Moriarty-Sherlock Holmes Franchise (Lionel Atwill / Various)
Dr. John Leslie Stevenson a.k.a. Jack The Ripper-Time After Time (David Warner)
Dr. Jonas-Conspiracy Theory (Patrick Stewart)
Dr. Josef Mengele-The Boys From Brazil (Gregory Peck)
Dr. Julius No-Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman)
Dr. L. Ron Bumquist-Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Michael Jeter)
Dr. Mabuse-Dr. Mabuse Franchise (Rudolph Klein-Rogge)
Dr. Maxwell Edison-Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Steve Martin)
Dr. Moreau-Island Of Lost Souls (Charles Laughton)
Dr. Noah a.k.a. Jimmy Bond-Casino Royale (Woody Allen)
Dr. Norman Spencer-What Lies Beneath (Harrison Ford)
Dr. Phillip Barbay-Back To School (Paxton Whitehead)
Dr. Phillip Channard-Hellraiser 2 (Kenneth Cranham)
Dr. Phillip Decker-Nightbreed (David Cronenberg)
Dr. Rene Belloq-Raiders Of The Lost Ark (Paul Freeman)
Dr. Robert Elliot a.k.a. Bobbi-Dressed To Kill (Michael Caine)
Dr. Septimus Pretorius-Bride Of Frankenstein (Ernest Thesiger)
Dr. Sheila Myra-Teenage Zombies (Katherine Victor)
Dr. Strangelove-Dr. Strangelove Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (Peter Sellers)
Dr. Tolian Soran-Star Trek: Generations (Malcolm McDowell)
Dr. Victor Radikoff-Vampire At Midnight (Gustav Vintas)
Dr. William Weir-Event Horizon (Sam Neill)
Dr. Wolfe McFarland-The Body Snatcher (Henry Daniell)
Dr. Zachary Smith-Lost In Space (Gary Oldman)
Duh Duh Duh Man-New Jack City (Bill Nunn)
Duke-Moulin Rouge (Richard Roxburgh)
Duke Of New York-Escape From New York (Isaac Hayes)
Duke Of Norfolk-Elizabeth (Christopher Eccleston)
Duncan-Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off (Ed McMahon)
Dutch Schultz-Hoodlum / Various (Tim Roth / Various)
Dwight-This Boy’s Life (Robert DeNiro)
Earl Talbott Blake-Ricochet (John Lithgow)
Eddie Mars-The Big Sleep (John Ridgely / Oliver Reed)
Eddie Miller-The Sniper (Arthur Franz)
Eddie Quist-The Howling (Robert Picardo)
Edgar-Men In Black (Vincent D’Onfrio)
Edward Lionheart-Theatre Of Blood (Vincent Price)
Ed Wilson (Mallory’s Father)-Natural Born Killers (Rodney Dangerfield)
El Bucho-Desperado (Joaquim De Almeida)
Eli Cross-The Stunt Man (Peter O’Toole)
Elijah Price a.k.a. Mr. Glass-Unbreakable (Samuel L. Jackson)
Elizabeth Stocton-Witchcraft Franchise (Mary Shelley)
Ella-Monkey Shines (Ella)
Elliot Carver-Tomorrow Never Dies (Jonathan Pryce)
Elliott Marsden-Quigley Down Under (Alan Rickman)
Emil Fouchon-Hard Target (Lance Henriksen)
Emilio Largo-Thunderball (Adolfo Celi)
Emma Small-Johnny Guitar (Mercedes McCambridge)
Emmett Clemens-Hannie Caulder (Ernest Borgnine)
Emperor Caligula-Caligula (Malcolm McDowell)
Emperor Commodus-Gladiator (Joaquin Phoenix)
Emperor Ming The Merciless-Flash Gordon (Max Von Sydow)
Emperor Palpatine-Star Wars Franchise (Ian McDiarmid)
Eric Gordon-Billy Madison (Bradley Whitford)
Eric Qualen-Cliffhanger (John Lithgow)
Eric “Rick” Masters-To Live And Die In LA (Willem Dafoe)
Eric Von Zipper-Beach Party Franchise (Harvey Lembeck)
Ernie “Big Ern” McCracken-Kingpin (Bill Murray)
Ernst Stavro Blofeld-James Bond Franchise (Various)
Eros-Plan 9 From Outer Space (Dudley Manlove)
Eugene Hunt-Blue Steel (Ron Silver)
Evan Llewellyn Evans-The Hucksters (Sydney Greenstreet)
Eve Harrington-All About Eve (Anne Baxter)
Evelyn Draper-Play Misty For Me (Jessica Walter)
Evil-Time Bandits (David Warner)
Evil Ash-Evil Dead 2 / Army Of Darkness (Bruce Campbell)
Evil Ed Thompson-Fright Night (Stephen Geofferys)
Evil Maria-Metropolis (Brigitte Helm)
Evil Pink Floyd (Brittanica)-Pink Floyd: The Wall (Bob Geldof)
Ezra Cobb-Deranged (Roberts Blossom)
Faith Paleologus-Anthony Adverse (Gale Sondergaard)
Fallon-Judgement Night (Denis Leary)
Farmer Vincent Smith-Motel Hell (Rory Calhoun)
Faron Crush-Crimewave (Paul L. Smith)
Fast Black-Street Smart (Morgan Freeman)
Fat Bastard-Austin Powers Franchise (Mike Myers)
Fat Ethel Janowski-Criminally Insane Franchise (Priscilla Alden)
Father Sun a.k.a. Marvin Sunk-Sgt. Pepper’s Hearts Club Band (Alice Cooper)
Fatima Blush-Never Say Never Again (Barbara Carrera)
Fernand Mondego-The Count Of Monte Cristo (Guy Pierce)
Feyd-Rautha-Dune (Sting)
Francis Fratelli-The Goonies (Joe Pantoliano)
Francisco Scaramanga-The Man With The Golden Gun (Christopher Lee)
Francis Dollarhyde a.k.a. The Tooth Fairy-Red Dragon (Ralph Fiennes)
Frank-Once Upon A Time In The West (Henry Fonda)
Frank Bailey-Mississippi Burning (Michael Rooker)
Frank Booth-Blue Velvet (Dennis Hopper)
Frank Clemens-Hannie Caulder (Jack Elam)
Frank Cotton-Hellraiser Franchise (Sean Chapman / Andrew Robinson)
Frankenstein Monster-Frankenstein Franchise (Boris Karloff / Various)
Frank Hallet-The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (Martin Sheen)
Frank Hawkes-Alone In The Dark (Jack Palance)
Frank Henderson-Shoot The Moon (Peter Weller)
Frank Hobbs-Tommy (Oliver Reed)
Frankie The Thumper-Paradise Alley (Terry Funk)
Franklin Harris-Bad Dreams (Richard Lynch)
Franklin M. Hart Jr.-9 To 5 (Dabney Coleman)
Franklin Von Tussle-Hairspray (Sonny Bono)
Frank Nitti-The Untouchables (Billy Drago)
Frank “The Fixer” Acavano-Wise Guys (Captain Lou Albano)
Frank Zito-Maniac (Joe Spinell)
Franz Beckert-M (Peter Lorre)
Franz Sanchez-Licence To Kill (Robert Davi)
Frau Blucher-Young Frankenstein (Cloris Leachman)
Fred C. Dobbs-The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre (Humphrey Bogart)
Freddie Clegg-The Collector (Terence Stamp)
Freddie Lee Cobb-A Time To Kill (Kiefer Sutherland)
Freddy Krueger-Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise (Robert Englund)
Frederick A. Polawatski a.k.a. Ogre-Revenge Of The Nerds (Donald Gibb)
Fred O’Bannion-Dazed And Confused (Ben Affleck)
Frog-Colors (Trinidad Silva)
Fuad Ramses-Blood Feast (Mal Arnold)
Future Villain Band-Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Aerosmith)
Gabriel-Prophecy Franchise (Christopher Walken)
Gabriel Yulaw-The One (Jet Li)
Gaear Grimsrud-Fargo (Peter Stormare)
Gage Creed-Pet Sematary (Miko Hughes)
Gaines-Rush (Gregg Allman)
Gaston Morrell-Bluebeard (John Carradine)
Gavin Banek-Changing Lanes (Ben Affleck)
Gemini Killer a.k.a. James Vinneman-Exorcist 3 (Brad Dourif)
Gen. Bethelhem-The Postman (Will Patton)
Gen. Curtis Mortars-Loaded Weapon I (William Shatner)
General Peter McAllister-Lethal Weapon (Mitchell Ryan)
General Sarris-Galaxy Quest (Robin Sachs)
General Tanz-The Night Of The Generals (Peter O’Toole)
General Thade-Planet Of The Apes (Tim Roth)
General Zod-Superman Franchise (Terence Stamp)
Gen. Francis Xavier Hummel-The Rock (Ed Harris)
Gen. Lawrence Dell-Twilight’s Last Gleaming (Burt Lancaster)
Gen. Paul Mireau-Paths Of Glory (George Macready)
George Harvey Bone-Hangover Square (Laird Cregar)
George Stark-The Dark Half (Timothy Hutton)
Gerald “G-Money” Welles-New Jack City (Allen Payne)
Ghostface-Scream Franchise (Various)
Gill-Man-Creature Franchise (Ricou Browning / Tom Hennesy)
Gil Renard-The Fan (Robert DeNiro)
Gil Westrum-Ride The High Country (Randolph Scott)
Glenn Griffin-The Desperate Hours (Humphrey Bogart)
Godzilla-Godzilla Franchise (Godzilla)
George Washington Duke-Rocky 5 (Richard Gant)
Gold Hat-The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre (Alfonso Bedoya)
Goldmember-Austin Powers Franchise (Mike Myers)
Gollum-Lord Of The Rings Franchise (Andy Serkis)
Gordon Gekko-Wall Street (Michael Douglas)
Governor Jack Stanton-Primary Colors (John Travolta)
Graf Orlock-Nosferatu (Max Shreck)
Grand Moff Tarkin-Star Wars (Peter Cushing)
Green Goblin a.k.a. Norman Osbourne-Spiderman (Willem Dafoe)
Gregory Arkadin-Mr. Arkadin (Orson Welles)
Gregory Powell-The Onion Field (James Woods)
Greg Stillson-The Dead Zone (Martin Sheen)
Grinch-How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey)
Guido-Risky Business (Joe Pantoliano)
Gunnery Sgt. Hartman-Full Metal Jacket (R. Lee Ermey)
Gus-The Ref (Denis Leary)
G. William Dobbs-Dead And Buried (Jack Albertson)
Hades-Hercules (James Woods)
HAL-9000-2001: A Space Odyssey (Douglas Rain)
Hamidou-Midnight Express (Paul L. Smith)
Han-Enter The Dragon (Kien Shih)
Harold-Midnight Madness (Stephen Furst)
Harold Lauder-The Stand (Corin Nemec)
Harold Shand-The Long Good Friday (Bob Hoskins)
Harry Lime-Home Alone Franchise (Joe Pesci)
Harry Lime-The Third Man (Orson Welles)
Hatcher-The Rundown (Christopher Walken)
Hazel Aiken-Andy Warhol’s Bad (Carroll Baker)
Headless Horseman-Sleepy Hollow (Christopher Walken)
Head Nazi-The Blues Brothers (Henry Gibson)
Hedley Lamarr-Blazing Saddles (Harvey Korman)
Hedra Carlson-Single White Female (Jennifer Jason Leigh)
Helga Svelgen-2 Days In The Valley (Charlize Theron)
Henry-Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (Michael Rooker)
Henry Evans-The Good Son (Macaulay Culkin)
Henry Hammond-Ride The High Country (Warren Oates)
Herbert West-Re-Animator Franchise (Jeffery Combs)
Herman Barker-Bloody Mama (Don Stroud)
Hitchhiker-Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Edwin Neal)
Hjalmar Poelzig-The Black Cat (Boris Karloff)
Hoax-976-EVIL (Stephen Geofferys)
Hoffo-Slaughter (Rip Torn)
Honey Parker-Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman (Yvette Vickers)
Horace Pinker-Shocker (Mitch Pileggi)
Howard Payne-Speed (Dennis Hopper)
Howard Saint-The Punisher (John Travolta)
Hughie Warriner-Dead Calm (Billy Zane)
Hugo Drax-Moonraker (Michael Lonsdale)
Hu Li-Rush Hour 2 (Ziyi Zhang)
Humungus-The Road Warrior (Kjell Nilsson)
Hyman Roth-Godfather 2 (Lee Strasberg)
Hymie Kaplan-Cannonball Run 2 (Telly Savalas)
Ice-Stone Cold (William Forsythe)
Iceman Chambers-Undisputed (Ving Rhames)
Ike-Mother’s Day (Holden McGuire)
Ike Clanton-Tombstone (Stephen Lang)
Ilsa-Ilsa Franchise (Dyanne Thorne)
Imhotep-The Mummy (Boris Karloff / Arnold Vosloo)
Imp-Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (Michael Sonye)
Ingrid-Ticket To Heaven (Meg Foster)
Inspector Richard-Kiss Of The Dragon (Tcheky Karyo)
Irena Dubrovna-Cat People (Simone Simon)
Isaac Chroner-Children Of The Corn Franchise (John Franklin)
Ivan-tom thumb (Terry-Thomas)
Ivan Drago-Rocky 4 (Dolph Lundgren)
Ivan Korshunov-Air Force One (Gary Oldman)
Ivan Moser-Destroyer (Lyle Alzado)
Jabba The Hutt-Star Wars Franchise (Jabba The Hutt)
Jackal-The Jackal (Edward Fox / Bruce Willis)
Jack Browning-The Killers (Ronald Reagan)
Jack Griffin-The Invisible Man (Claude Rains)
Jack Hyde-Edge Of Sanity (Anthony Perkins)
Jack Scagnetti-Natural Born Killers (Tom Sizemore)
Jack Torrance-The Shining (Jack Nicholson)
Jack Travis-Lethal Weapon 3 (Stuart Wilson)
Jack Wilson-Shane (Jack Palance)
Jacobim Mugatu-Zoolander (Will Ferrell)
Jaffar Of Bagdad-The Thief Of Bagdad (Conrad Veidt)
Jake Fratelli-The Goonies (Robert Davi)
Jake LaMotta-Raging Bull (Robert DeNiro)
Jake McKenna-U-Turn (Nick Nolte)
Jake Wise-Against All Odds (James Woods)
Jame Gumb a.k.a. Buffalo Bill-Silence Of The Lambs (Ted Levine)
James Urbanski-Mortal Thoughts (Bruce Willis)
Jamie Blake-The Cannonball Run (Dean Martin)
Jango Fett-Attack Of The Clones (Temuera Morrison)
Janice Starlin-The Wasp Woman (Susan Cabot)
Jan Valek-Vampires (Thomas Ian Griffith)
Jareth, The Goblin King-Labyrinth (David Bowie)
Jason Dean-Heathers (Christian Slater)
Jason Voorhees-Friday The 13th Franchise (Various)
Jaws-James Bond Franchise (Richard Kiel)
Jaws-Jaws Franchise (The Shark)
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg-The Fifth Element (Gary Oldman)
Jeanine Pettibone-This Is Spinal Tap (June Chadwick)
J. Edgar Hoover-Chaplin (Kevin Dunn)
Jeff D. Sheldrake-The Apartment (Fred MacMurray)
Jenny Fields-The World According To Garp (Glenn Close)
Jerry Dandridge-Fright Night (Chris Sarandon)
Jerry Langford-The King Of Comedy (Jerry Lewis)
Jerry Lundegaard-Fargo (William H. Macy)
Jesse-Near Dark (Lance Henriksen)
Jesse Lee Cain-Fight For Your Life (William Sanderson)
Jesus Quintana-The Big Lebowski (John Turturro)
Jim-Edward Scissorhands (Anthony Michael Hall)
Jim McAllister-Election (Matthew Broderick)
Jimmy Bones-Bones (Snoop Dogg)
Jimmy Horn-Gladiator (Brian Dennehy)
J.J. Hunsecker-Sweet Smell Of Success (Burt Lancaster)
Joan Crawford-Mommie Dearest (Faye Dunaway)
Joan Freeman-Murphy’s Law (Carrie Snodgress)
Jobe Smith-Lawnmower Man Franchise (Jeff Fahey / Matt Frewer)
Joe-Extremities (James Russo)
Joe Curran-Joe (Peter Boyle)
Joel Cairo-The Maltese Falcon (Peter Lorre)
Joe “Mental” Mentalino-Dumb And Dumber (Mike Starr)
John Baron-Suddenly (Frank Sinatra)
John Bridger-The Italian Job (Noel Coward / Donald Sutherland)
John Cerruti-Winter Kills (Anthony Perkins)
John Dillinger-Dillinger (Lawrence Tierney / Various)
John Doe-Se7en (Kevin Spacey)
John Geiger-Speed 2 (Willem Dafoe)
John Gray-The Body Snatcher (Boris Karloff)
John Kirby-Silent Rage (Brian Libby)
John Kreese-Karate Kid Franchise (Martin Kove)
John Milton-The Devil’s Advocate (Al Pacino)
Johnny Boy Civello-Mean Streets (Robert DeNiro)
Johnny Friendly-On The Waterfront (Lee J. Cobb)
Johnny Ringo-Tombstone (Michael Biehn)
John Poe-Young Guns 2 (Viggo Mortensen)
John Pressman-Anguish (Michael Lerner)
John Rainbird-Firestarter (George C. Scott)
John Reginald Christie-10 Rillington Place (Richard Attenborough)
John Ryder-The Hitcher (Rutger Hauer)
John Stark-The Cowboy Way (Dylan McDermott)
Joker a.k.a. Jack Napier-Batman (Jack Nicholson)
Jonathan Brewster-Arsenic And Old Lace (Raymond Massey)
Jonathan Reiss-Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life (Ciaran Hinds)
Joshua Foss-Sudden Death (Powers Boothe)
Judd Steiner-Compulsion (Dean Stockwell)
Judge Claude Frollo-The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Tony Jay)
Judge Doom-Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Christopher Lloyd)
Judge Smails-Caddyshack (Ted Knight)
Jules Winnfield-Pulp Fiction (Samuel L. Jackson)
Julia Cotton-Hellraiser Franchise (Clare Higgins)
Julian Grendel-Adventures Of Ford Fairlane (Wayne Newton)
Juliete Hardy-And God Created Woman (Brigitte Bardot)
Julius O’Hara-Beat The Devil (Peter Lorre)
Kaiser Soze-The Usual Suspects (???)
Kananga a.k.a. Mr. Big-Live And Let Die (Yaphet Kotto)
Kano-Mortal Kombat (Trevor Goddard)
Karl-Die Hard (Alexander Godunov)
Karla Fry-Beverly Hills Cop 2 (Brigitte Nielsen)
Kasper Gutman-The Maltese Falcon (Sydney Greenstreet)
Katherine Parker-Working Girl (Sigourney Weaver)
Kathryn Merteuil-Cruel Intentions (Sarah Michelle Geller)
Katia Vajda-Black Sunday (Barbara Steele)
Khan Noonian Singh-Star Trek 2 (Ricardo Montalban)
Killer-Black Christmas (???)
Killer Bob-Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Frank Silva)
Killer Rabbit-Monty Python And The Holy Grail (Killer Rabbit)
King-Radio Flyer (Adam Baldwin)
King Edward I a.k.a. Longshanks-Braveheart (Patrick McGoohan)
King Fausto Of The Sixth Dimension-Forbidden Zone (Herve Villechaize)
King Henry VIII-The Private Life Of Henry VIII (Charles Laughton)
Kingpin a.k.a. Wilson Fisk-Daredevil (Michael Clarke Duncan)
King Richard III-Richard III (Laurence Olivier / Ian McKellen)
Kirk Smith-Don’t Answer The Phone (Nicholas Worth)
Kit-Badlands (Martin Sheen)
Klingon Commander Kruge-Star Trek 3 (Christopher Lloyd)
Kong-King Kong (Kong)
Krug-Last House On The Left (David Hess)
Kurrgan-Highlander (Clancy Brown)
Kurt Dussander-Apt Pupil (Ian McKellen)
Lady Tremaine-Cinderella (Eleanor Audley)
Lars Thorwald-Rear Window (Raymond Burr)
Layne-River’s Edge (Crispin Glover)
Leatherface-Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise (Gunnar Hansen / Various)
Le Chiffre-Casino Royale (Orson Welles)
Lee Woods-2 Days In The Valley (James Spader)
Leland Gaunt-Needful Things (Max Von Sydow)
Lem Johnson-Watchers (Michael Ironside)
Leonard Smalls-Raising Arizona (Randall “Tex” Cobb)
Leprechaun-Leprechaun Franchise (Warwick Davis)
Lestat De Lioncourt-Interview With The Vampire (Tom Cruise)
Lester Blaine-Sudden Fear (Jack Palance)
Lex Luthor-Superman Franchise (Gene Hackman)
L.G. Murphy-Young Guns (Jack Palance)
Liberty Valance-The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin)
Lilith-Night Angel (Isa Anderson)
Lily Lamele-Parents (Mary Beth Hurt)
Lina Lamont-Singin’ In The Rain (Jean Hagen)
Little Bill Daggett-Unforgiven (Gene Hackman)
Lloyd Henreid-The Stand (Miguel Ferrer)
Lonesome Rhodes-A Face In The Crowd (Andy Griffith)
Long John Silver-Treasure Island (Robert Newton)
Lord Horatio Kitchener-Breaker Morant (Alan Cassell)
Lord Summerisle-The Wicker Man (Christopher Lee)
Loren Gersh-TAG: The Assassination Game (Bruce Abbott)
Loren Visser-Blood Simple (M. Emmet Walsh)
Lori Quaid-Total Recall (Sharon Stone)
Lou Ford-The Killer Inside Me (Stacy Keach)
Louis Cyphre-Angel Heart (Robert DeNiro)
Lt. Comdr Phillip Francis Queeg-The Caine Mutiny (Humphrey Bogart)
Lt. Hiram Coffey-The Abyss (Michael Biehn)
Lt. Lois Einhorn a.k.a. Ray Finkle-Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Sean Young)
Lt. Neil Briggs-Magnum Force (Hal Holbrook)
Lt. Proctor-Police Academy Franchise (Lance Kinsey)
Lt. Thaddeus Harris-Police Academy Franchise (G.W. Bailey)
Luis Comacho-Code Of Silence (Henry Silva)
Lumley-Streets (Eb Lottimer)
Ma-American Gothic (Yvonne DeCarlo)
Maax-The Beastmaster (Rip Torn)
Machine Gun Joe Viterbo-Death Race 2000 (Sylvester Stallone)
Madison Lee-Charlie’s Angels 2 (Demi Moore)
Mad Morgan-The Old Dark House (Boris Karloff)
Maestro Svengali-Svengali (John Barrymore)
Magenta-The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Patricia Quinn)
Magneto a.k.a. Erik Lehnsherr-X-Men (Ian McKellen)
Magua-Last Of The Mohicans (Wes Studi)
Major Frank Burns-MASH (Robert Duvall)
Major Heinrich Strasser-Casablanca (Conrad Veidt)
Major Vic Deakins-Broken Arrow (John Travolta)
Malcolm Brand-I, Madman (Randall William Cook)
Malcolm The Terrorist-Complex World (Daniel Von Bargen)
Maleficent-Sleeping Beauty (Eleanor Audley)
Mallory Knox-Natural Born Killers (Juliette Lewis)
Mal Reese-Point Blank (John Vernon)
Mama Fratelli-The Goonies (Anne Ramsey)
Man-Bambi (???)
Man (Daddy)-The People Under The Stairs (Everett McGill)
Man With The Plan-Things In Denver When Your Dead (Christopher Walken)
Marcellus Wallace-Pulp Fiction (Ving Rhames)
Marcus Licinius Crassus-Spartacus (Laurence Olivier)
Marek-No Escape (Stuart Wilson)
Margaret White-Carrie (Piper Laurie)
Marietta Fortune-Wild At Heart (Diane Ladd)
Mark Lewis-Peeping Tom (Karl Boehn)
Marjoe Gortner-Marjoe (Marjoe Gortner)
Marquis De Sade-Waxwork / Various (J. Kenneth Campbell / Various)
Marquise De Merteuil-Dangerous Liaisons (Glenn Close)
Martha Beck-The Honeymoon Killers (Shirley Stoler)
Martin Burney-Sleeping With The Enemy (Patrick Bergin)
Martin Madahas-Martin (John Amplas)
Martin Taylor-Brimstone And Treacle (Sting)
Martin Thiel-Criminal Law (Kevin Bacon)
Marv Merchants-Home Alone Franchise (Daniel Stern)
Mary Ann-Prime Cut (Gene Hackman)
Mary Brady-Sleepwalkers (Alice Krige)
Mary Lou Maloney-Prom Night Franchise (Lisa Schrage / Courtney Taylor)
Master-Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Angelo Rossitto)
Master George Sims-Bedlam (Boris Karloff)
Master Pain a.k.a. Betty-Kung Pow: Enter The Fist (Fei Lung)
Matt Cordell-Maniac Cop Franchise (Robert Z’Dar)
Matthew Hopkins-Matthew Hopkins: Witchfinder General (Vincent Price)
Max Bercovicz-Once Upon A Time In America (James Woods)
Max Bialystock-The Producers (Zero Mostel)
Max Cady-Cape Fear (Robert Mitchum / Robert DeNiro)
Max Fischer-Rushmore (Jason Swartzman)
Max Jenke-The Horror Show (Brion James)
Max Schreck-Shadow Of The Vampire (Willem Dafoe)
Max Shreck-Batman Returns (Christopher Walken)
Maxxx Orbison-Orgazmo (Michael Dean Jacobs)
Max Zorin-A View To A Kill (Christopher Walken)
May Day-A View To A Kill (Grace Jones)
Mayor Belgoody-The Toxic Avenger (Pat Ryan)
Memnon-The Scorpion King (Steven Brand)
Meredith Johnson-Disclosure (Demi Moore)
Meryl-The Truman Show (Laura Linney)
Messala-Ben-Hur (Stephen Boyd)
Michael Corleone-Godfather Franchise (Al Pacino)
Michael Myers-Halloween Franchise (Various)
Michel Poiccard a.k.a. Laszlo Kovacs-Breathless (Jean-Paul Belmondo)
Mickey Knox-Natural Born Killers (Woody Harrelson)
Mike Sullivan-Road To Perdition (Tom Hanks)
Mikhail Rostov-Invasion U.S.A. (Richard Lynch)
Milady De Winter-The Three Musketeers (Lana Turner / Various)
Milo-Last Boy Scout (Taylor Negron)
Milton Glenn-Murder In The First (Gary Oldman)
Mini-Me-Austin Powers Franchise (Verne Troyer)
Minnesota Fats-The Hustler (Jackie Gleason)
Minnie Castevet-Rosemary’s Baby (Ruth Gordon)
Miriam Blaylock-The Hunger (Catherine Deneuve)
Miriam Deering-Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte (Olivia de Havilland)
Miss Togar-Rock N Roll High School (Mary Woronov)
Mitch Leary-In The Line Of Fire (John Malkovich)
Mok-Rock & Rule (Lou Reed / Don Francks)
Mola Ram-Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (Amrish Puri)
Mommy-Cleopatra Jones (Shelley Winters)
Mona Demarkov-Romeo Is Bleeding (Lena Olin)
Montag The Magnificent-The Wizard Of Gore (Ray Sager)
Montgomery-Island Of Dr. Moreau (Val Kilmer)
Moody-My Bodyguard (Matt Dillon)
Morgana-Excalibur (Helen Mirren)
Morris-Purple Rain (Morris Day)
Morris Fenderbaum-The Cannonball Run (Sammy Davis Jr.)
Mortimer Duke-Trading Places (Don Ameche)
Mortwell-Mona Lisa (Michael Caine)
Mother Superior-Silent Night Deadly Night (Lilyan Chauvin)
Mountain Man-Deliverance (Bill McKinney)
Mr. Bartok-The Fly 2 (Lee Richardson)
Mr. Big-I’m Gonna Git You Sucka (John Vernon)
Mr. Blonde a.k.a. Vic Vega-Reservoir Dogs (Michael Madsen)
Mr. Colby-Johnny Firecloud (Ralph Meeker)
Mr. Dark-Something Wicked This Way Comes (Jonathan Pryce)
Mr. Feather-Undercover Brother (Chris Kattan)
Mr. Freeze a.k.a. Dr. Victor Fries-Batman And Robin (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Mr. Hand-Dark City (Richard O’Brien)
Mr. Hand-Fast Times At Ridgemont High (Ray Walston)
Mr. Henry Chang-Shanghai Express (Warner Oland)
Mr. Jigsaw-Loaded Weapon I (Tim Curry)
Mr. Joshua-Lethal Weapon (Gary Busey)
Mr. Lincoln-Waxwork (David Warner)
Mr. Potter-It’s A Wonderful Life (Lionel Barrymore)
Mrs. Danvers-Rebecca (Judith Anderson)
Mrs. Hammond-The Letter (Gale Sondergaard)
Mr. Shhh-Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead (Steve Buscemi)
Mrs. John Iselin-The Manchurian Candidate (Angela Lansbury)
Mrs. Lift-Throw Momma From The Train (Anne Ramsey)
Mrs. Robinson-The Graduate (Anne Bancroft)
Murder Legendre-White Zombie (Bela Lugosi)
Mystery Lady-The Blues Brothers (Carrie Fisher)
Mystery Man-Lost Highway (Robert Blake)
Mystique a.k.a. Raven Darkholme-X-Men Franchise (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)
Navajas-Desperado (Danny Trejo)
Neal Mottram-Craze (Jack Palance)
Ned Trent-The Specialist (James Woods)
Neil Macaulay-Heat (Robert DeNiro)
Nekron-Fire And Ice (Sean Hannon)
Nick Ferraro-His Kind Of Woman (Raymond Burr)
Nick Lamele-Parents (Randy Quaid)
Nick Nack-The Man With The Golden Gun (Herve Villechaize)
Nicky Santoro-Casino (Joe Pesci)
Nikki Arcane-The Killing (Timothy Carey)
Nino Brown-New Jack City (Wesley Snipes)
Nix-Lord Of Illusions (Daniel Von Bargen)
Noah Cross-Chinatown (John Huston)
Nola Corvath-The Brood (Samantha Eggar)
Non-Superman Franchise (Jack O’Halloran)
Norma Desmond-Sunset Boulevard (Gloria Swanson)
Norman Bates-Psycho Franchise (Anthony Perkins)
Norman Stansfield-Leon: The Professional (Gary Oldman)
Nostadamus-Nostradamus Franchise (German Robles)
Nuclear Man-Superman 4 (Mark Pillow)
Number Two-Austin Powers Franchise (Robert Wagner / Rob Lowe)
Nurse Mildred Ratched-One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Louise Fletcher)
Nurse Nathalie-Faceless (Brigitte Lahaie)
Oddjob-Goldfinger (Harold Sakata)
Officer Burton Steckler-Strange Days (Vincent Donofrio)
Officer Joe Vickers-Psycho Cop Franchise (Bobby Ray Shafer)
Officer John Davis-Magnum Force (David Soul)
Officer Pete Davis-Unlawful Entry (Ray Liotta)
Orb (Lock-Nar)-Heavy Metal (The Orb)
Ordell Robbie-Jackie Brown (Samuel L. Jackson)
O-Ren Ishii-Kill Bill Franchise (Lucy Liu)
Orin Scrivello, D.D.S.-Little Shop Of Horrors (Steve Martin)
Otis-Superman Franchise (Ned Beatty)
Otto Meyer-It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (Phil Silvers)
Otto West-A Fish Called Wanda (Kevin Kline)
Pa-American Gothic (Rod Steiger)
Paco Moreno-Bad Boys (Esai Morales)
Pamela Voorhees-Friday The 13th (Betsy Palmer)
Papa Jupiter-The Hills Have Eyes (James Whitworth)
Party Crasher-The Hard Way (Stephen Lang)
Pat Garrett-Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid (James Coburn)
Pat Healy-There’s Something About Mary (Matt Dillon)
Patrick-Patrick (Robert Thompson)
Patrick Bateman-American Psycho (Christian Bale)
Patrick Channing-The First Power (Jeff Kober)
Paul Johnson-Not Of This Earth (Paul Birch / Michael York)
Paul Snider-Star 80 (Eric Roberts)
Pazuzu-The Exorcist (Mercedes McCambridge)
Penguin-Batman Returns (Danny DeVito)
Pennywise The Dancing Clown-It (Tim Curry)
Perry Smith-In Cold Blood (Robert Blake)
Peter Dellaplane-Action Jackson (Craig T. Nelson)
Peter McCabe-Desperate Measures (Michael Keaton)
Peter Stegman-Class Of 1984 (Timothy Van Patten)
Peyton Flanders Mott-The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (Rebecca DeMornay)
Phantom a.k.a. Erik Destler-Phantom Of The Opera (Lon Chaney / Various)
Pharoah Rameses-10 Commandants / Prince Of Egypt (Yul Brynner / Ralph Fiennes)
Phillip Vandamm-North By Northwest (James Mason)
Phyllis Dietrichson-Double Indemmity (Barbara Stanwyck)
Pieter Vorstedt-Lethal Weapon 2 (Derrick O’Connor)
Pig Vomit a.k.a. Kenny Rushton-Private Parts (Paul Giamatti)
Pinball Wizard-Tommy (Elton John)
Pinhead a.k.a. Captain Elliot Spencer-Hellraiser Franchise (Doug Bradley)
Pluto-The Hills Have Eyes (Michael Berryman)
Poison Ivy a.k.a. Dr. Pamela Isley-Batman And Robin (Uma Thurman)
Pontius Pilate-The Last Temptation Of Christ (David Bowie)
Porky Wallace-Porky’s Franchise (Chuck Mitchell)
Praetor Shinzon-Star Trek: Nemesis (Tom Hardy)
Preacher Sutcliff-Alone in The Dark (Martin Landau)
Predator-Predator Franchise (Kevin Peter Hall)
Pres. George W. Bush-Fahrenheit 9/11 (Pres. George W. Bush)
Prince Humperdinck-The Princess Bride (Chris Sarandon)
Principal Edward Rooney-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Jeffery Jones)
Principal Richard Vernon-The Breakfast Club (Paul Gleason)
Pris-Blade Runner (Daryl Hannah)
Prison Camp Captain-Cool Hand Luke (Strother Martin)
Professor Fate-The Great Race (Jack Lemmon)
Professor Gangreen-Killer Tomatoes Franchise (John Astin)
Professor Henry Jarrod-House Of Wax (Vincent Price)
Professor Jerry Hathaway-Real Genius (William Atherton)
Professor Nolter-The Mutations (Donald Pleasence)
Pumpkinhead-Pumpkinhead Franchise (Various)
Pvt. Gomer Pyle a.k.a. Leonard Lawrence-Full Metal Jacket (Vincent D’Onfrio)
Queen-Snow White And The Seven Dwarves (Lucille LaVerne)
Queen Akasha-Queen Of The Dammed (Aaliyah)
Queen Carlotta-Desperate Living (Edith Massey)
Queen Doris Of The Sixth Dimension-Forbidden Zone (Susan Tyrrell)
Queen Of Evil-Seizure (Martine Beswick)
Ra-Stargate (Jaye Davidson)
Rachel Phelps-Major League Franchise (Margaret Whitton)
Ralphus-Bloodsucking Freaks (Luis DeJesus)
Ralph Wiley-Reefer Madness (Dave O’Brien)
Ramrod-Vice Squad (Wings Hauser)
Randall Flagg-The Stand (Jamey Sheridan)
Randolph Duke-Trading Places (Ralph Bellamy)
Rawley Wilkes-Lone Wolf McQuade (David Carradine)
Ray “Bones” Barboni-Get Shorty (Dennis Farina)
Raymond Lemorne-The Vanishing (Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu)
Raymond Marble-Pink Flamingos (David Lochary)
Raymond Ulysses Brice a.k.a. Oz-No Contest (Andrew Dice Clay)
Ray Sinclair-Something Wild (Ray Liotta)
Razor Charlie-From Dusk Till Dawn (Danny Trejo)
Regina Giddens-The Little Foxes (Bette Davis)
Reinhardt “Eric” Wulfgar-Nighthawks (Rutger Hauer)
Reinhardt Heydrich-Hitler’s Madman (John Carradine)
Renard-The World Is Not Enough (Robert Carlyle)
Rev. Harry Powell-The Night Of The Hunter (Robert Mitchum)
Rev. Jerry Falwell-The People Vs. Larry Flynt (Richard Paul)
Rev. Jim Jones-Guyana Tragedy: The Story Of Jim Jones (Powers Boothe)
Rev. Jonathan Worley-Dragnet (Christopher Plummer)
Rev. Kane-Poitergeist Franchise (Julian Beck / Nathan Davis)
Rev. Lowe-Silver Bullet (Everett McGill)
Rev. Peter Shayne-Crimes Of Passion (Anthony Perkins)
Rev. Ray Porter-Pass The Ammo (Tim Curry)
Rhoda Penmark-The Bad Seed (Patty McCormick)
Richard Bagg-Van Wilder (Daniel Cosgrove)
Richard Jennings-Flesh Franchise (Michael Findlay)
Richter-Total Recall (Michael Ironside)
Rick Barnes-Domestic Disturbance (Vince Vaughn)
Ricky Caldwell-Silent Night Deadly Night 2 and 3 (Eric Freeman / Bill Moseley)
Rico-Judge Dredd (Armand Assante)
Riddler a.k.a. Edward Nygma-Batman Forever (Jim Carrey)
Riff-Raff-Rocky Horror Picture Show (Richard O’Brien)
Rip-Less Than Zero (James Spader)
R.J. Fletcher-UHF (Kevin McCarthy)
Roat-Wait Until Dark (Alan Arkin)
Robert Boyd-Very Bad Things (Christian Slater)
Robert G. Durant-Darkman Franchise (Larry Drake)
Robert Schmadtke-Nekromantik (Daktari Lorenz)
Robot Gunslinger-Westworld (Yul Brynner)
Roderick Usher-The House Of Usher (Vincent Price / Oliver Reed)
Roger Smith-Roger And Me (Roger Smith)
Roman Castevet-Rosemary’s Baby (Sidney Blackmer)
Roman Moroni-Johnny Dangerously (Richard Dimitri)
Ronald Bartel-Backdraft (Donald Sutherland)
Ronnie “Z-Man” Barzell a.k.a. Superwoman-Beyond Valley Of Dolls (John Lazar)
Rosa Klebb-From Russia With Love (Lotte Lenya)
Roxie Hart-Chicago (Renee Zellweger)
Roy Batty-Blade Runner (Rutger Hauer)
Roy L. Fuchs-Used Cars (Jack Warden)
Rufus Clemens-Hannie Caulder (Strother Martin)
Rupert Pupkin-The King Of Comedy (Robert DeNiro)
Russ Wheeler-Days Of Thunder (Cary Elwes)
Ryan Garrity-Blown Away (Tommy Lee Jones)
Rynn-The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (Jodie Foster)
Saddam Hussein-South Park: Bigger, Longer, And Uncut (Himself)
Samara Morgan-The Ring (Daveigh Chase)
Sammi Curr-Trick Or Treat (Tony Fields)
Sam Stone-Ruthless People (Danny DeVito)
Sam Wilde-Born To Kill (Lawrence Tierney)
Sardo Numspa-The Golden Child (Charles Dance)
Saruman-Lord Of The Rings Franchise (Christopher Lee)
Satanico Pandemonium-From Dusk Till Dawn (Salma Hayek)
Satan The Dark Prince-South Park: Bigger, Longer, And Uncut (Satan)
Sauron-Lord Of The Rings Franchise (Sala Baker)
Scar-The Lion King (Jeremy Irons)
Scorpio Killer-Dirty Harry (Andy Robinson)
Sean Ambrose-Mission Impossible 2 (Dougray Scott)
Sean Miller-Patriot Games (Sean Bean)
Sebastian Caine-Hollow Man (Kevin Bacon)
Senator McComb-Timecop (Ron Silver)
Senator Vernon Trent-Hard To Kill (William Sadler)
Serleena-Men In Black 2 (Lara Flynn Boyle)
Severan-Near Dark (Bill Paxton)
Severine-La Bete Humaine (Simone Simon)
Seymour “Sy” Parrish-One Hour Photo (Robin Williams)
Sgt. Andrew Scott-Universal Soldier (Dolph Lundgren)
Sgt. Bob Barnes-Platoon (Tom Berenger)
Sgt. James “Fatso” Judson-From Here To Eternity (Ernest Borgnine)
Sgt. Stedanko-Up In Smoke / Nice Dreams (Stacy Keach)
Sgt. Tony Meserve-Casualties Of War (Sean Penn)
Sgt. Toomey-Biloxi Blues (Christopher Walken)
Shack-Emperor Of The North (Ernest Borgnine)
Shang Tsung-Mortal Kombat (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa)
Shan-Yu-Mulan (Miguel Ferrer)
Shawn Nokes-Sleepers (Kevin Bacon)
Sheriff Buford T. Justice-Smokey And The Bandit Franchise (Jackie Gleason)
Sheriff Of Nottingham-Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (Alan Rickman)
Sheriff Titus Semple-Flamingo Road (Sydney Greenstreet)
Sheriff Will Teasle-First Blood (Brian Dennehy)
Sherman Krader-Ernest Goes To Camp (John Vernon)
Sherry Peatty-The Killing (Marie Windsor)
Shogun Of Harlem a.k.a. Sho’Nuff-The Last Dragon (Julius J. Carry III)
Shooter McGavin-Happy Gilmore (Christopher McDonald)
Shredder a.k.a. Oroko Saki-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchise (Various)
Sil-Species Franchise (Natasha Henstridge)
Simon Ashby-Paranoiac (Oliver Reed)
Simon Gruber-Die Hard 3 (Jeremy Irons)
Simon Moon a.k.a. The Terror-Hero And The Terror (Jack O’Halloran)
Simon Phoenix-Demolition Man (Wesley Snipes)
Sir Guy Of Gisbourne-The Adventures Of Robin Hood (Basil Rathbone)
Sirius Black-Harry Potter Franchise (Gary Oldman)
Sir Percy Ware-Armitage-Magnificent Men In Flying Machines (Terry-Thomas)
Sir William Walker-Burn! (Marlon Brando)
Skelator-Masters Of The Universe (Frank Langella)
Slimer-Ghostbusters Franchise (Slimer)
Smiley-The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane (Robert Englund)
Sonny Wortzik-Dog Day Afternoon (Al Pacino)
Spats Colombo-Some Like It Hot (George Raft)
Sport-Taxi Driver (Harvey Keitel)
Squire Will Danaher-The Quiet Man (Victor McLaglen)
Stan Gable-Revenge Of The Nerds (Ted McGinley)
Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man-Ghostbusters (Stay-Puft)
Stepfather-Stepfather Franchise (Terry O’Quinn)
Steve March a.k.a. Gor-The Brain From Planet Arous (John Agar)
Stewart Swinton-Wolf (James Spader)
Stone Alexander-Omega Code Franchise (Michael York)
Street Preacher-Johnny Mnemonic (Dolph Lundgren)
Stripe-Gremlins (Stripe)
Stromboli-Pinocchio (Charles Judels)
Sue Ann Stepanek-Pretty Poison (Tuesday Weld)
Supt. McQueen-Caged Heat (Barbara Steele)
Surgeon General Of Beverly Hills-Escape From LA (Bruce Campbell)
Sutter Kane-In The Mouth Of Madness (Jurgen Prochnow)
Suzanne Stone Maretto-To Die For (Nicole Kidman)
Swan-Phantom Of The Paradise (Paul Williams)
Sweeney Todd-Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (Todd Slaughter)
Sybok-Star Trek 5 (Laurence Luckinbill)
Sydney Stanton-When Worlds Collide (John Hoyt)
Sylvus Hammond-Ride The High Country (L.Q. Jones)
T-1000-Terminator 2 (Robert Patrick)
Taggart-Blazing Saddles (Slim Pickens)
Tall Man-Phantasm Franchise (Angus Scrimm)
Tank-Bullet (Tupac Shakur)
T-Bird-The Crow (David Patrick Kelly)
Tee Hee-Live And Let Die (Julius Harris)
Terl-Battlefield Earth (John Travolta)
Terminator-The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Terry Hawkins-Last House On Dead End Street (Roger Watkins)
Thana-Ms. 45 (Zoe Tamerlis)
Thing-The Thing (Various)
Thin Man-Charlie’s Angels Franchise (Crispin Glover)
Thomas Boyette-The Package (Tommy Lee Jones)
Thulsa Doom-Conan The Barbarian (James Earl Jones)
Titus Cromwell-The Sword And The Sorcerer (Richard Lynch)
Toecutter-Mad Max (Hugh Keays-Byrne)
Toht-Raiders Of The Lost Ark (Ronald Lacey)
Tom Buchanan-The Great Gatsby (Bruce Dern)
Tommy DeVito-Goodfellas (Joe Pesci)
Tommy Gibbs-Black Caesar Franchise (Fred Williamson)
Tommy “Machine” Gunn-Rocky 5 (Tommy Morrison)
Tommy Miller-Butterfly Effect (William Scott / Jesse James / Cameron Bright)
Tommy Ray Glatman-Dreamscape (David Patrick Kelly)
Tommy Udo-Kiss Of Death (Richard Widmark)
Tom Powers-The Public Enemy (James Cagney)
Tom Ripley-Ripley Franchise (Various)
Tony-tom thumb (Peter Sellers)
Tony Baroni-Night Patrol (Andrew Dice Clay)
Tony Camonte-Scarface (’32) (Paul Muni)
Tony Montana-Scarface (’83) (Al Pacino)
Tony “The Tiger” Russo-Married To The Mob (Dean Stockwell)
Top Dollar-The Crow (Michael Wincott)
Torquemada-The Pit And The Pendulum (Lance Henriksen)
Torsten Barring-A Woman’s Face (Conrad Veidt)
Tracy Kennsinger-Malice (Nicole Kidman)
Trashcan Man-The Stand (Matt Frewer)
Travis Bickle-Taxi Driver (Robert DeNiro)
Trickster-Brainscan (T. Ryder Smith)
T-Rex-Jurassic Park (T-Rex)
Truck-Duel (The Truck)
Tucker McElroy-The Blues Brothers (Charles Napier)
Tuco-The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Eli Wallach)
Two-Face a.k.a. Harvey Dent-Batman Forever (Tommy Lee Jones)
T-X-Terminator 3 (Kristanna Loken)
Tyler Durden-Fight Club (Brad Pitt)
Uber-Morlock-The Time Machine (Jeremy Irons)
Uli Gunkel (Nilhilist)-The Big Lebowski (Peter Stormare)
Uncle Alexander Yorke-Satan’s Slave (Michael Gough)
Uncle Bud-After Dark, My Sweet (Bruce Dern)
Uncle Charlie Oakley-Shadow Of A Doubt (Joseph Cotton)
Unicron-Transformers: The Movie (Orson Welles)
Ursa-Superman Franchise (Sarah Douglas)
Varla-Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (Tura Satana)
Velma Von Tussle-Hairspray (Deborah Harry)
Victor Maitland-Beverly Hills Cop (Steven Berkoff)
Vigo The Carpathian-Ghostbusters 2 (Wilhelm Von Holmberg)
Viktor Rosta-Red Heat (Ed O’Ross)
Vilmer-Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 (Matthew McConaughey)
Vilos Cohaagen-Total Recall (Ronny Cox)
Vince McMahon-Wrestling With Shadows / Beyond The Mat (Vince McMahon)
Vincent-Collateral (Tom Cruise)
Vincent Ludwig-The Naked Gun (Ricardo Montalban)
Vincent Vega-Pulp Fiction (John Travolta)
Vincenzo Cocchotti-True Romance (Christopher Walken)
Vince Stone-The Big Heat (Lee Marvin)
Vinnie Durant-The Last Horror Film (Joe Spinell)
Virgil-True Romance (James Gandolfini)
Vizzini-The Princess Bride (Wallace Shawn)
Waco Johnnie Dean-Winchester ’73 (Dan Duryea)
Wah Sing Ku-Lethal Weapon 4 (Jet Li)
Waingro-Heat (Kevin Gage)
Waldemar Daninsky-Waldemar Franchise (Paul Naschy)
Walter Donovan-Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (Julian Glover)
Walter Finch-Insomnia (Robin Williams)
Walter Paisley-A Bucket Of Blood (Dick Miller)
Walter Peck-Ghostbusters (William Atherton)
Warden Bacman-Chained Heat (John Vernon)
Warden Dwight McCluskey-Natural Born Killers (Tommy Lee Jones)
Warden Hazen-The Longest Yard (Eddie Albert)
Warden Samuel Norton-The Shawshank Redempton (Bob Gunton)
Warlock-Warlock Franchise (Julian Sands)
Warren / Emily-Homicidal (Jean Arless)
Wes Hightower-Urban Cowboy (Scott Glenn)
Wez-The Road Warrior (Vernon Welles)
Wicked Witch Of The West-The Wizard Of Oz (Margaret Hamilton)
William “Bill The Butcher” Cutting-Gangs Of New York (Daniel Day-Lewis)
William Devasher-The Firm (Wilford Brimley)
William Harcourt-Alien Nation (Terence Stamp)
William Strannix-Under Siege (Tommy Lee Jones)
Wilma McClatchie-Big Bad Mama Franchise (Angie Dickinson)
Wolf Man a.k.a. Larry Talbot-Wolf Man Franchise (Lon Chaney Jr.)
Woman (Mommy)-The People Under The Stairs (Wendy Robie)
Xander Drax-The Phantom (Treat Williams)
Xenia Onatopp-Goldeneye (Famke Janssen)
Youngblood Priest-Superfly (Ron O’Neal)
Yves Perret-Tango & Cash (Jack Palance)
Zagon-Above The Law (Henry Silva)
Zed-Police Academy 2 (Bobcat Goldtwait)
Zed-Pulp Fiction (Peter Greene)
Zeus-No Holds Barred (Tom “Tiny” Lister Jr.)

And now...

Let The Cutdowns Begin!!!!


Senior HTF Member
Dec 11, 2000
Real Name
Steve Gonzales

Harry Lime
Don Lope de Aguirre
Frank Booth
Mola Ram
Dr. Mabuse


Senior HTF Member
Jul 27, 2001
Clarence Boddicker-Robocop (Kurtwood Smith)
Emperor Ming The Merciless-Flash Gordon (Max Von Sydow)
Mr. Hand-Fast Times At Ridgemont High (Ray Walston)
Terminator-The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Johnny Ringo-Tombstone (Michael Biehn)


Supporting Actor
Jun 16, 2001
Real Name

Emperor Palpatine-Star Wars Franchise (Ian McDiarmid)


Charlton Heston-Bowling For Columbine (Charlton Heston)
Count Dooku-Attack Of The Clones (Christopher Lee)
Judge Claude Frollo-The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Tony Jay)
Pres. George W. Bush-Fahrenheit 9/11 (Pres. George W. Bush)
William “Bill The Butcher” Cutting-Gangs Of New York (Daniel Day-Lewis)


Go Go Yubari - Kill Bill Vol.1 (Chiaki Kuriyama)
Kitano - Battle Royale (Beat Takeshi)

Brook K

Senior HTF Member
Feb 22, 2000
Don Lope De Aguirre
Frank Booth
Dr. Mabuse

Wicked Witch Of The West-The Wizard Of Oz (Margaret Hamilton)
Gen. Paul Mireau-Paths Of Glory (George Macready)
Rev. Harry Powell-The Night Of The Hunter (Robert Mitchum)
Mr. Potter-It’s A Wonderful Life (Lionel Barrymore)
Jame Gumb a.k.a. Buffalo Bill-Silence Of The Lambs (Ted Levine)

Boris Lermontov-The Red Shoes (Anton Walbrook)

Frank Miller-High Noon

Ric Bagoly

Senior HTF Member
Aug 1, 2002

Go Go Yubari-Kill Bill 1 (Chaiaki Kuriyama)

Kitano-Battle Royale (Beat Takeshi)

Frank Miller-High Noon (Ian McDonald)

are now ALL available for Automatics...:)


Senior HTF Member
Aug 15, 2002
automatic: roy batty

2nd: kaiser soze
ernst stavro blofeld
little bill daggett
mr. glass
reinhardt wulfgar (yes!)

nom: jade fox (cheng pei pei, crouching tiger, hidden dragon)
ceasar (joe pantoliano, bound)
mr. blue (robert shaw, the talking of pelham 1 2 3)
yubaba (spirited away)
general tien (lieh lo, 36th chamber of shaolin)


Senior HTF Member
Dec 11, 2000
Real Name
Steve Gonzales

Yep. (There's a Harry Lime in Home Alone? The sacrilege!)

I'll use my auto for Magneto.


Harry Powell
Kaiser Soze
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Clarence Boddicker
Pres. G.W. Bush (heh, heh)


Senior HTF Member
Jul 27, 2001
Wez-The Road Warrior (Vernon Welles)
Thing-The Thing (Various)
Principal Edward Rooney-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Jeffery Jones)
Principal Richard Vernon-The Breakfast Club (Paul Gleason)
General Zod-Superman Franchise (Terence Stamp)

Lew Crippen

Senior HTF Member
May 19, 2002

Roger Smith-Roger And Me (Roger Smith)


Capt. Morton--Mister Roberts (James Cagney)


Sgt. James “Fatso” Judson-From Here To Eternity (Ernest Borgnine)
Liberty Valance-The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin)
J.J. Hunsecker-Sweet Smell Of Success (Burt Lancaster)
Captain William Bligh-Mutiny On The Bounty (Charles Laughton)
Lt. Comdr Phillip Francis Queeg-The Caine Mutiny (Humphrey Bogart)


Wicked Witch Of The West-The Wizard Of Oz (Margaret Hamilton)
Mr. Potter-It’s A Wonderful Life (Lionel Barrymore)
little bill daggett
Harry Lime (The Third Man)

Brook K

Senior HTF Member
Feb 22, 2000
Captain William Bligh-Mutiny On The Bounty (Charles Laughton)
Principal Edward Rooney-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Jeffery Jones)

Capt. Morton--Mister Roberts (James Cagney)
John Kreese-Karate Kid Franchise (Martin Kove)
Hedley Lamarr-Blazing Saddles (Harvey Korman)
Chad-In The Company Of Men (Aaron Eckhart)

Do my eyes deceive me or is
Mr. Scratch - The Devil and Daniel Webster (Walter Huston)
not on the list?


Senior HTF Member
Jul 27, 2001

John Kreese-Karate Kid Franchise (Martin Kove)


Toecutter-Mad Max (Hugh Keays-Byrne)
Moody-My Bodyguard (Matt Dillon)
Toht-Raiders Of The Lost Ark (Ronald Lacey)
Oddjob-Goldfinger (Harold Sakata)
Khan Noonian Singh-Star Trek 2 (Ricardo Montalban)

Lew Crippen

Senior HTF Member
May 19, 2002

Mr. Scratch - The Devil and Daniel Webster (Walter Huston)
Alex DeLarge-A Clockwork Orange (Malcolm McDowell)
Amon Goeth-Schindler’s List (Ralph Fiennes)
Baby Jane Hudson-Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (Bette Davis)
Captain Wolf Larsen-The Sea Wolf (Edward G. Robinson)

Ric Bagoly

Senior HTF Member
Aug 1, 2002
Jade Fox-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Cheng Pei Pei)
Ceasar-Bound (Joe Pantoliano)
Mr. Blue-Taking Of Pelham 1, 2, 3 (Robert Shaw)
Yubaba-Spirited Away (Suzanne Pleshette)
General Tien-36th Chamber Of Shaolin (Lieh Lo)

are now available for Automatics.

Capt. Morton-Mister Roberts (James Cagney)
Mr. Scratch-The Devil And Daniel Webster (Walter Huston)

are now available for Thirds. :)


Senior HTF Member
Jul 27, 2001

Jack Torrance-The Shining (Jack Nicholson)
Jaws-Jaws Franchise (The Shark)
Darth Vader-Star Wars Franchise (David Prowse / James Earl Jones)
John Doe-Se7en (Kevin Spacey)
John Ryder-The Hitcher (Rutger Hauer)


Supporting Actor
Jun 16, 2001
Real Name

Amon Goeth-Schindler’s List (Ralph Fiennes)
Jaws-Jaws Franchise (The Shark)
Darth Vader-Star Wars Franchise (David Prowse / James Earl Jones)
Khan Noonian Singh-Star Trek 2 (Ricardo Montalban)
Oddjob-Goldfinger (Harold Sakata)


Senior HTF Member
Jul 27, 2001

Richter-Total Recall (Michael Ironside)
Neil Macaulay-Heat (Robert DeNiro)
Tall Man-Phantasm Franchise (Angus Scrimm)
T-1000-Terminator 2 (Robert Patrick)
Lex Luthor-Superman Franchise (Gene Hackman)

Ray H

Senior HTF Member
Jun 13, 2002
Real Name
Ordell Robbie-Jackie Brown (Samuel L. Jackson)

Angel Eyes Sentenza-The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Lee Van Cleef)
Darth Maul-The Phantom Menace (Ray Park)
Dr. Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lector-Hannibal Franchise (Anthony Hopkins)
HAL-9000-2001: A Space Odyssey (Douglas Rain)
Norman Bates-Psycho Franchise (Anthony Perkins)

General Zod-Superman Franchise (Terence Stamp)
Mola Ram-Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (Amrish Puri)
T-1000-Terminator 2 (Robert Patrick)
Terminator-The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
William “Bill The Butcher” Cutting-Gangs Of New York (Daniel Day-Lewis)

Ric Bagoly

Senior HTF Member
Aug 1, 2002

THE QUALIFYING PROCESS IS NOW CLOSED. I want to thank everyone who took part in this, and can assure you all that all entries that were AT LEAST Seconded WILL compete in the tourney, but in the interest of time I utilized the help of an "outside committee" to complete the process. The Master List of qualifying Villains can be seen over in the main thread, and I'm sure VERY FEW will be disappointed with the results. Most likely the tourney will kick off tomorrow night, so hope to see all of you there! :emoji_thumbsup:

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