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Michael Pakula

Second Unit
Jun 20, 1999
It started with dvds and now just today when I bought my copy of ESPN NHL 2K5 I looked at the back when I got home and it had Bilingual packaging. I hope this won't become a standard thing now too with video games. I will keep my canadian version for now but I really hate how everything is crammed with english and french on the back. So I guess I could always import one later and sell my canadian copy. It just radiculas that we have these bilignual covers when the majority of canada is english. Why can't they just release two versions or a french slip sheet like EA does with their games. It's kind of strange too that ESPN NHL 2K5 has a bilingual cover but ESPN NFL 2K5 doesn't. What are your thoughts on bilingual packaging?.


Chris Bardon

Senior HTF Member
Jul 4, 2000
I don't really care about the bilingual packaging as long as they don't mess with the games themselves. What I do have a problem with:

-Future shop used to (and still might) put a separate B&W french sheet on the back of the games. This wouldn't be a problem except that it was in the plastic shell covering the english text! I'd like to be able to read what's on the back of the box thank you...

-Most games come with french manuals as well, which isn't a problem, but I've always found this really funny for games that are clearly english. Final Fantasy X comes to mind-are you really going to be able to play this game if you can't read/understand english?

But, them's Canadian language laws. If you don't like em, you can always import...

Jay Mitchosky

Senior HTF Member
Sep 6, 1998
I don't know how stringent these laws are. Look at DVDs. DreamWorks, Paramount, New Line, and Universal (off the top of my head) use the shitty bilingual packaging, even on the spine. Whereas Fox, Warner, and Columbia do not. And even Paramount and New Line abandon the bilingual on fancy box sets (ex. Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings Director's Cuts) and instead have a removable paper insert. This is a topic that has been discussed ad nauseum over the years and it's generally agreed that double sided case inserts (one english, one french) would be a nice alternative. For games it hasn't been an issue for me, but I've taken the import route on all Paramount, DreamWorks, New Line, and Universal titles because of this.

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