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Vacation! Iron Giant SE! Bottom! More AYBS?! More Eastwood! HERE's WB;s SUMMER SLATE! (1 Viewer)

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
This thread already mentions the August 5th releases of The Haunting/House Of Wax/Of Unknown Origin/Omega Man/Solyent Green/The Thing - 50th Anniversary/Wait Until Dark.

But here is everything you can currently expect from Warner Brothers from July 1 2003 to September 30 2003. Nothing from Warner is listed (at the moment) past September.
  • StreetDate_MSRP_Title
    07/01/2003$89.92 Chaplin Collection (DVD)
    07/01/2003$19.98 Crimson Pirate, The (DVD)
    07/01/2003$24.98 Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters (DVD)
    07/01/2003$24.98 Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks (DVD)
    07/01/2003$29.95 Gold Rush, The (Dbl DVD)
    07/01/2003$29.95 Great Dictator, The (Dbl DVD)
    07/01/2003$19.98 Knights of the Round Table (DVD)
    07/01/2003$29.95 Limelight (Dbl DVD)
    07/01/2003$19.98 Master of Ballantrae, The (DVD)
    07/01/2003$29.95 Modern Times (Dbl DVD)
    07/01/2003$19.98 Scaramouche (1952) (DVD)
    07/01/2003$19.98 Start the Revolution without Me (DVD)
    07/08/2003$19.98 Born to be Wild (DVD)
    07/08/2003$19.98 Boy Who Could Fly, The (DVD)
    07/08/2003$19.98 Curly Sue (DVD)
    07/08/2003$14.98 Father and Scout (DVD)
    07/08/2003$99.98 La Femme Nikita: The Complete First Season (DVD)
    07/08/2003$19.98 Little Giants (DVD)
    07/08/2003$19.98 Spencer's Mountain (DVD)
    07/08/2003$19.98 Story of Seabiscuit, The (DVD)
    07/08/2003$14.98 Theodore Rex (DVD)
    07/15/2003$19.98 Andersonville (DVD)
    07/15/2003$14.98 Best of Friends, The: Season 3 (DVD)
    07/15/2003$44.98 Friends: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)
    07/15/2003$29.98 Prehistoric America (DVD)
    07/22/2003$19.98 Batman Animated Series: Out of the Shadows (DVD)
    07/22/2003$19.98 Challenge of the Superfriends: United They Stand (DVD)
    07/22/2003$39.98 Corner, The (DVD)
    07/22/2003$19.98 Justice League: Paradise Lost (DVD)
    07/29/2003$19.98 Asteroids: Deadly Impact (DVD)
    07/29/2003$19.98 Caillou's Train Trip and Other Adventures (DVD)
    07/29/2003$19.98 Caillou's Treasure Hunt and Other Adventures (DVD)
    07/29/2003$49.98 Restless Earth (DVD)
    07/29/2003$19.98 Sagwa's Friends and Family (DVD)
    07/29/2003$19.98 Sagwa: Great Purr-formances (DVD)
    07/29/2003$19.98 Volcano: Nature's Inferno (DVD)
    07/29/2003$29.98 Weather, The (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Critters (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Critters 2 (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Critters 3 (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Critters 4 (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Haunting, The (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 House of Wax (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Man's Best Friend (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Of Unknown Origin (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Omega Man, The (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Soylent Green (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Thing, The: 50th Anniversary (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 VeggieTales: Ballad of Little Joe (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 VeggieTales: Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen (DVD)
    08/05/2003$19.98 Wait Until Dark (DVD)
    08/12/2003$19.98 Air Force One (DVD)
    08/12/2003$19.98 Inside the FBI (DVD)
    08/12/2003$19.98 Inside the White House (DVD)
    08/12/2003$24.98 Reagan (American Experience) (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Baby Genius: Favorite Nursery Rhymes (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Baby Genius: Four Seasons (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Baby Genius: Underwater Adventures (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Memoirs of an Invisible Man (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Mucha Lucha: Heart of Lucha (DVD) (FS)
    08/19/2003$19.98 National Lampoon's Vacation: 20th Anniversary Edition (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Teletubbies: Busy Day (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Teletubbies: Here Come The Teletubbies (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Teletubbies: Magic Pumpkin (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 Tom and Jerry: Hijinks and Shrieks (DVD)
    08/19/2003$19.98 What's New Scooby-Doo? (DVD)
    08/26/2003$19.98 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (1960) (DVD)
    08/26/2003$24.98 Final Cut, The (DVD)
    08/26/2003$24.98 House of Cards (DVD)
    08/26/2003$59.98 House of Cards Collection (DVD)
    08/26/2003$19.98 Iron Giant, The: Special Edition (DVD)
    08/26/2003$19.98 Kim (1950) (DVD)
    08/26/2003$19.98 Little Women (1949) (DVD)
    08/26/2003$19.98 Prince and the Pauper, The (1937) (DVD)
    08/26/2003$24.98 To Play the King (DVD)
    08/26/2003$59.98 Yes, Prime Minister: The Complete Collection (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 9 Steps to Financial Freedom with Suze Orman, The (DVD)
    09/02/2003$24.98 Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Special (DVD)
    09/02/2003$99.98 Are You Being Served? The Complete Collection (Series 6-10) (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Are You Being Served? Vol. 8 (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Are You Being Served? Vol. 9 (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Are You Being Served? Vol.10 (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Are You Being Served? Vol.11 (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Are You Being Served? Vol.12 (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Are You Being Served? Vol.13 (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 As Time Goes By: You Must Remember This (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Big Bounce (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 City Heat (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Courage to be Rich, The (Suze Orman) (DVD)
    09/02/2003$14.98 French & Saunders: Living in a Material World (DVD)
    09/02/2003$14.98 French & Saunders: The Ingenue Years (DVD)
    09/02/2003$59.98 Full Bottom: Not Another Half-Arsed Release (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Honkytonk Man (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Pink Cadillac (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Road to Wealth, The (Suze Orman) (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Rookie, The (DVD)
    09/02/2003$69.92 Suze Orman (DVD) (4-Pack)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Tightrope (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 Where Eagles Dare (DVD)
    09/02/2003$19.98 White Hunter, Black Heart (DVD)
    09/02/2003$14.98 You're Invited to MK&A's Favorite Parties (DVD)
    09/02/2003$14.98 You're Invited to MK&A's Greatest Parties (DVD)
    09/02/2003$14.98 You're Invited to MK&A's School Dance Parties (DVD)
    09/02/2003$14.98 You're Invited to MK&A's Vacation Parties (DVD)
    09/16/2003$79.98 All Creatures Great and Small: The Complete Series 3 Collection (DVD)
    09/16/2003$24.98 All Creatures Great and Small: The Specials (DVD)
    09/16/2003$19.98 Magic School Bus: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! (DVD)
    09/16/2003$19.98 Magic School Bus: Catches a Wave (DVD)
    09/16/2003$19.98 Magic School Bus: Human Body (DVD)
    09/16/2003$19.98 Magic School Bus: Super Sports Fun (DVD)
    09/16/2003$34.98 Monarch of the Glen: The Complete Series 1 Collection (DVD)
    09/16/2003$24.98 Old Grey Whistle, The (DVD)
    09/16/2003$19.98 Real Wheels: Mega Truck Adventures (DVD)
    09/23/2003$14.98 X-Men: Evolution - UnXpected Changes (DVD)
    09/23/2003$14.98 X-Men: Evolution - X-Marks the Spot (DVD)
    09/23/2003$14.98 X-Men: Evolution - Xplosive Days (DVD)
    09/23/2003$14.98 X-Men: Evolution - Xposing the Truth (DVD)
    09/30/2003$29.98 Horatio's Drive (DVD)
    09/30/2003$19.98 Ken Burns' America: Brooklyn Bridge (DVD)
    09/30/2003$129.98 Ken Burns' The West (DVD)

Wow...look at all these classics! Here at HTF we had begged Warner to dig into the vaults. Looks like they have done so...THANK YOU!

For those of you wondering about items missing from this list, I can guarantee you that it's not finished yet. For instance, the Casablanca - Special Edition isn't on that list, and I know for a fact that this item is coming before the year is over. Maybe it's after September? Well, so could The Hunger, Goodfellas - SE, Adventures of Robin Hood, etc. Or, maybe they're in this timeframe but Warners just hasn't gotten ready to list them yet. :cool:

Robert Crawford

Senior HTF Member
Dec 9, 1998
Real Name
Did you get this release information from a Warners site?

My preorder list includes the following:


Senior HTF Member
Apr 15, 2002
09/02/2003 $19.98 Where Eagles Dare (DVD)

this is even better than I imagined, any ideas if this is a SE



Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2001
North Texas
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A few I want on the list, but when are the Cagney movies coming out? Public Enemy is the obvious one, but I'd like some of the lessers like Each Dawn I Die, The G-Men, Roaring Twenties, etc. I can't expect those, I guess, but Public Enemy? White Heat? Come on!

Also, I really need Asphalt Jungle. Don't know if that's Warners or Fox, though.


Senior HTF Member
Mar 4, 2001
Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and Man's Best Friend?! I've been waiting for these to hit DVD, but I thought they were New Line titles?

Jason Seaver

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1997
Neat. I wonder if The Crimson Pirate or any of the Chaplin ones will have the Alloy Orchestra scores; I'm pretty sure Alloy was involved in the restoration of Pirate, and I know they've scored some Chaplin.

Will K

Feb 6, 2001
Sweet line-up. Nice to see more Eastwood and that Vacation SE. Thanks for the covers, Dave. By the way, could you ask your Warner connection about Caged starring Agnes Moorehead and Eleanor Parker?

But Curly Sue? G*ddamn, that's terrifying.

09/02/2003 $14.98 You're Invited to MK&A's Favorite Parties (DVD)
At first glance, I thought that said MPAA's Favorite Parties. What is that? A party where Jack Valenti and his cohorts get sloshed and hack up the prints of horror fims? ;)

Randy A Salas

Apr 25, 2002
Well, let me be one of the few (only?) people to chime in for Knights of the Round Table, which has a fantastic score by Miklos Rozsa.

Quint van der Vaart

Second Unit
May 25, 2001
The Rookie , Tightrope and Where Eagles Dare are so mine !!

I've been waiting for these for a long time....
Thanks for the info David ;)

Kyle McKnight

Senior HTF Member
Mar 8, 2001
The Boy Who Could Fly!!! I hope it's on OAR. Of course I'll be picking up Friends S4, then more than likely National Lampoons Vacation, Critters 1-4 (wonder if there'll be a box set) and Iron Giant SE.

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