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Ryan Cruz

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 2, 2002
Do some people have a problem with their brightness settings? I only have a regular Sony CRT TV, and I've found that with the correct brightness setting with AVIA, it seems a bit took dark for my taste. Should I trust this and less myself adjust or adjust the brightness level a few clicks to my taste?

Allan Jayne

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 1998
There is nothing wrong with adjusting the controls to your taste after you have found the supposedly correct settings. But in the case of brightness, after making that change, recheck the contrast (picture, white level) to be sure it does not exceed the recommended setting (line bending, white square expanding slightly or blooming).
Most likely there is a good chance that bright highlight detail might be washed out or dark shadow detail may be buried, but then you might not notice.
The contrast setting you arrive at using AVIA is supposed to be the maximum allowable* but not necessarily the recommended. After finding it you really should reduce the contrast substantially to prolong the life of the TV set. Then recheck brightness (black level) and finish the other adjustments. This will cause the picture to be somewhat darker than you expect. Again you can adjust the controls to your taste but be aware of added wear and tear on the CRT phosphors and also on the power supply circuits.
Even in the early days of TV it was suggested that room light be subdued when viewing. Brightness and contrast settings using AVIA will be different depending on room lighting.
Video hints:
*(copied from another thread) If your car engine has a "red line" of 3000 RPM as shown on the tachometer you wouldn't run it at 2990 RPM much of the time, would you?

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