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Nov 17, 2012
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jason bourne
HI, these are my plans for a home theater room just needing your guys opinions. First I'll be using a plasma and a projector ,ill mostly be using the plasma but when the big game is on ill be using the projector.(the plasma will be behind the projector screen ). I plan on having a central location for the A/V equipment in a closet. So really my question is whats the cleanest way to control all this equipment from a single remote. I was looking at a universal remotes and also the URC remote which i heard is the best universal remote. And with all this i want to use a HDMI matrix switch probably a 4x4 or 8x8 switch. With all this equipment in the closet i will also have a cheaper remote for the bedrooms and living rooms to control the matrix switch, ill be using ir extenders to reach the closet. Im in the stage of wiring and dont want to miss anything and make sure i buy the right equipment. I just want to make sure the Remotes i buy will work with the matrix switches and are the matrix swt easy to switch the the universals. Thanks for reading i would appreciate the help:)


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Jul 4, 2012
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You mean "wiring the house" as the house isn't done... Or this is a retrofit? If retrofit this will just be tough to do. The easiest to work with(and to change up later when you buy new TV/AVR) is Xantech. You'll run coax(RG59 or RG6) with your HDMI. Xantech has controllers for pretty much every HDMI matrix you care to find. Xantech is used, pretty much exclusively, in places like US Congress, Staples Center(LA), Metlife Stadium, Lucas Oil Stadium...you get the idea. As far as Harmony vs URC(and all the other you care to find) is concerned. Once you hit the $100 mark they all work. It comes down to which layout/interface do you like better...over the rest.

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