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Apr 7, 2003
RPTVs in general (CRT, DLP, LCoS etc.), Plasma, Projection, Direct View.

A budget is not really a problem, but obviously I'd like as low as possible. But not excessive. Lets say a 6500 dollar cap. But that is flexible... just a reference what I'd like to stay under.

Now, I have taken a real interest to the Samsung 61" RPTV DLP TV. Or a permutation thereof (coming out in may or june?). A link can be found here. It is a nice set from what I can see... opinions?

My general reservations and concerns I have heard about various technologies are;


-"Rainbow Effect"
-Light Blacks


-Contrast and color definition


-outdated tech
-definition and clarity may be inferior

Front Projection

-blub life


-Future upgrades

These are just samplings of some of the thoughts through my mind.

Now the TV I really lust for, is the Toshiba LCoS. This streets for around 6500... although I would like bigger than 57". Does Toshiba plan to introduce a larger version, or any other company with a similar technology?

Either that, or a Mitsu 73" beast, although it is CRT.

Besides the opinions on the specific TVs, I am basically asking for thoughts on all the technolgies and possibly, for my needs (described below), a ranking of all the technologies.

I need something that is halfway practical. I'd like to watch TV on it, high def content mostly. I do watch a substantial amount of the news (DAMN THAT CNN LOGO!!), so I guess burn in is a concern? I also want something with longevity. That's where the FP fails, I have heard the bulbs are gone after a couple of hours and can cost a hundred bucks a replacement. In addition, I want the highest fidelity possible.

Thank you for your help, and I look foward to posting here in the future!


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Nov 1, 2002
For longevity the DLP or LCOS IMO would fit your bill. But if you found the Tosh LCOS for 6500...i want to know where :D! I have seen them at CES and 6500 is a great price. You can not find a 57" plasma with that good of a picture for 6500! If size is what you want then go for the Mits or the Sammy both sets are very nice. I am big on the DLP's :b, but after looking at the tosh at CES for a third time the picture is the best I have seen yet IMHO. Its just the 4 screws at each corner of the screen that bugs me but 1080p is nothing to sneeze at in the world of longevity or picture quality. Just my 2 cents for what its worth.


Mar 19, 2003
I am on my third week with the NEC HT1000 front projector. Its DLP, I paid $4200 for it. I see no rainbows and I intend to extend bulb life by not using it as my main tv. As soon as I ordered it, I upgraded to a high def cable box and bought my first dvd player (I'm just not big on read only media). Just to learn the device, I am using it more than intended right now, but it is so nice to have the best picture I could possibly imagine projecting on a mere white wall in my living room above the fireplace and seeing movies or high def tv in a 85 inch diagonal. I'm sold on my dlp front projector!!! If I ever break down and buy or make a screen, I'll have a 90 inch diagonal.I am not yet convinced that I'll ever buy a screen!

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