Toshiba (65") or Sharp (61") HDTV??

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  1. Sybil

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    Nov 17, 2001
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    Please help save our sanity!
    My boyfriend and I are in the market for a wide screen, HDTV, rear-projection, blah, blah, blah TV. After seeing several sales folks (who don't even really try to appear objective), we've pretty much got it narrowed down to one of these 2 models.
    The Toshiba was front-runner for a while, but it turns out that we can have the Sharp in and working by Thanksgiving (the implications of this should be clear).
    Does anyone have a strong opinion about the pros/cons of these 2 models? I can also take it if you tell me we should look at a completely different manufacturer.
    Thanks so much in advance for any guidance,
  2. Henry Carmona

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    Henry Carmona
    Hello Sybil,
    Are you referreing to the widescreen models of these TV's?
    Well, i can only tell you that I purchased my Toshiba 50H81 widescreen set due to much reading here and at
    One of the steps one can take to obtain a high quality picture is to get your set calibrated by an ISF techician.
    Many Tech's agree that Toshiba sets are very easy to calibrate. That, plus the fact that there are so many happy Toshiba X81 owners out ther prompted me to my decision.
    Of course if i had more money available i would have purchased a Pioneer Elite model [​IMG]
    Anyway, Try doing a search on the Sharp set here and over at's forum page to see what people have said.
    My 50H81 is incredible and i will get it ISF'd in about a month.
    Let us know what you decide [​IMG]
  3. Rande

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    Oct 24, 2001
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    Went thru similar process three weeks ago......Bought the an owner I'd say it's awesome!

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