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Dr. Anthony Rosalia

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 6, 2004
Published Prices Updated Daily Check Back Frequently

When ordering if prices are different than what is on our site, include these prices in the comments section of the order and you will receive the lower price.

Sales for HTF members (Call email or PM me for prices on CALL items)
MAP= Minumum Advertised Price set by manufacturer but not our best price by a long shot!

* We are Authorized Dealers for all our products which makes a world of difference. *


If you have a price in mind contact us with that and we will see if we can meet or beat it. Just remember our prices are authorized prices and not that of the unauthorized stores that get their stuff from illegal means with no warranty. Be careful when buying online.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________

__________________________________________________ _______________________________

Panasonic PTAE700U$2299 (1280x720 LCD 2000:1 1000 lumen)
Panasonic PTL500__$1599 (1280x720 LCD 1300:1 850 lumen)
Infocus sp4805____$1299 (854x480 DLP 2000:1 700 lumen) (Faroudja)
Infocus sp5000____$1999 MAP Call (1280x768 LCD 1200:1 1100 lumen)
JVC H X 2 U_______Call
Mitsubishi HC3 ___$1699 (960x540 LCD 500:1 1300 ansi)
NEC 1100+16:9lens_$3995 MAP Call (1024x768 DLP 3500:1 1100 lumen) Amazing ($1000 price drop!!)
NEC HT410_________$995 MAP Call (854x480 DLP 1200:1 1000 lumen) (** PRICE DROP with $200 Rebate!**)
NEC HT510_________$1999 MAP Call (1024x576 DLP 1200:1 1000 lumen)

Win A Free NEC 61" Plasma Plasma http://www.phatcashgiveaway.com/EndUser2/ No Purchase Necessary

BenQ PE8700_______Call low price (1280x768 DLP 2500:1 1000 ansi) (DVDO Iscan chip)
BenQ PE7800_______Call low price (1024x576 DLP 2000:1 800 lumen)
BenQ PE5120_______Call low price (854x480 DLP 2000:1 1100 lumen) (** PRICE DROP)
Hitachi Home1_____$1499 MAP Call (854x480 DLP 800:1 700 ansi)
Sharp DT-300______$2899 (1024x576 DLP 2200:1 700 ansi)
Sharp XV-Z200U____$2899 (1024x576 DLP 2200:1 700 ansi)
Sharp XV-Z10000U__$5799 (1280x720 DLP 2600:1 800 ansi)
Sharp XV-Z12000 __$7999 (1280x720 DLP 5500:1 900 ansi)
Toshiba TDP-MT500_$2899 no 4:3 (1024x576 DLP 2500:1 700 lumen) (SI504 chip lng throw) (out of stock)
Toshiba TLP-ET1___$1299 no DVI (1280x720 LCD 600:1 600 lumen) (Faroudja)(b/o 12/13/04)
Toshiba TDP-MT8U _$4999 (1280x768 DLP 1400:1 1000 lumen) (Faroudja+Zeiss) (AKA InFocus SP7200)
Toshiba TDP-MT800_$5299 (1280x768 DLP 2200:1 1100 lumen) (Faroudja+Zeiss) (AKA Infocus SP7205)
Matinee 1HD ______$1299 (964x544 LCD 800:1 700 ansi) (AKA Sanyo PLV-Z1) 4 yr warranty
Matinee 30HD _____$2999 MAP Call (1024x576 DLP 2000:1 800 ansi) 4 yr warranty
Matinee 50HD _____$6499 MAP Call (1280x768 DLP 1700:1 1000 ansi) (Faroudja) 4 year warranty
SIM Domino EV160__$5495 MAP Call (1024x576 DLP 2000:1 1000 ansi) (6000 hr lamp, industrial sealed)

Sample of 4:3 with 16:9 Capability Sales for HTF members
JVC S X 2 1 U H___Call (FREE $3500 Camcorder with purchase)
NEC HT1100 _______$4795 MAP Call (1024x768 DLP 3500:1 1100 lumen)
NEC LT240K _______$2095 MAP Call (1024x768 DLP 2000:1 2000 ansi)
NEC LT245 _______$2195 MAP Call (1024x768 DLP 2000:1 2200 ansi)
Mitsubishi XD50U _$3995 MAP Call (1024x768 DLP 1500:1 1500 ansi)
Mitsubishi XD300U_$5395 MAP Call (1024x768 DLP 2000:1 2100 ansi) (Faroudja)
Infocus x2 _______$949 (800x600 DLP 2000:1 1500 lumen) (after $50 mail in rebate)
Optoma H30________$1299 (1024x768 DLP 2000:1 800 lumen)

We have MANY MANY more 4:3 projectors.

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________

Projector Screens
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________

Screen Innovations (formerly Austin Filmscreen) with lifetime replacement policy

Theater Performance Fixed Screen
16:9 2 3/4" black velvet wrapped frame, brushed aluminum accents, Ultra tensioning mechanism, 1.3 matte white screen

77" screen_____$597
92" screen_____$697
100" screen____$797
106" screen____$847
110" screen____$897
119" screen____$997
133" screen____$1097

Theater Motorized Ceiling or Wall Mount Screen
16:9 Easy set vertical stop Motor in roller design ultra quiet, hard wire switch with built in ir receiver and remote included, 24" of black backdrop standard, Anti-rust, acid-resistant and durable extruded aluminum powder coated chassis,“Super Flat” Rigid Screen Tensioning System

65" screen_____$1199
80" screen_____$1399
93" screen_____$1699
103" screen____$2099
120" screen____$2499
133" screen____$2799
160" screen____$3299

Dropdown Screens available upon request

Please contact us for our many different models and sizes

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

PDP-433CMX $4855.00 MAP PRICE CALL Includes Free PDA-5002 card with purchase
PDP-434CMX $4855.00 MAP PRICE CALL Card Upgradeable
PDP-503CMX $6995.00 MAP PRICE CALL Card Upgradeable
PDP-504CMX $6995.00 MAP PRICE CALL Card Upgradeable
PDP-614MX $13999.00 MAP PRICE CALL (One of our best displays)
Aurora TP1000 Card ____$999
Aurora A304-HDCP_card__$599
Pioneer PDA-5002 card__$299
Pioneer PDA-5003_card__$299
Pioneer PDA-5004_card__$299
PDK-TS01 Swivel Base __$299
PDP-S05LR 50" speaker _$550
PDP-S07LR 43" speaker _$550
PWM-503 PIO tilt 50" _$400
ELE-UPFM60 42-60"Unvmt_$199

Studio Experience
PD5000__$5999 ** 50" 1366x768 3000:1 contrast 1000 cd/m2 brightness
Unadvertised HTF Holiday Special includes Dual tuners, Speakers Stand ** Free HDMI DVD player HDMI/DVI cable and Free Harmony 688 Universal remote control

BOX-SEPD5000-980 Wall mount $180
BOX-SEPD5000-9810-15 degree Tilting Wall Mount $200

JVC PD42WV74 _______$3180 (NEW)
JVC GD-V422UA ______$4399 (NEW)
JVC GM-V42UG _______$2650 (NEW)
JVC GD-V502U _______$6599 (NEW)

Sony PFM-42V1/S ___$2799 Silver *EDTV
Sony PFM-42V1/B ___$2799 Black *EDTV
SONY PFM-42V1A/S___$3599 High Altitude Silver *EDTV
SONY PFM-42V1P/B___$3599 Black Portrait EDTV
Sony PFM-42X1/S ___$4175 HDTV Silver 1024x1024
Sony PFM-42X1/B ___$4175 HDTV Black 1024x1024
Sony PFM-50PX1/S __$5995 Silver, Black, or White Pearl 1280x768


Philips 37FD9954 __Call
Philips 42PF9966 __$4499 MAP CALL (speakers inc)
Philips 50PF9966 __$6999 MAP CALL (speakers inc)
Philips 42PF9936 __$2999 MAP CALL *EDTV DVI
Philips 42PF9936D__$2999 MAP CALL *EDTV HDMI
Philips 42PF9956 __$3999 MAP CALL
Philips 50PF9956 __$5999 MAP CALL

Panasonic TH-37PD25U/P CALL EDTV
Panasonic TH-37PX25U/P CALL HDTV
Panasonic TH-42PD25U/P CALL EDTV
Panasonic TH-42PX25U/P CALL HDTV
Panasonic TH-50PX25U/P CALL HDTV

Panasonic TH-37PWD7UY _$1999 4000:1 contrast
Panasonic TH-42PWD7UY _$2349 4000:1 contrast
Panasonic TH-42PHD7UY _$3699 4000:1 contrast
Panasonic TH-50PHD7UY _$4999 4000:1 contrast
Panasonic TH-65PDH7UY _$11999

Hitachi CMP420V1 __MAP CALL $3499 *EDTV
Hitachi CMP420V2 __MAP CALL $3499
Hitachi CMP4211U __MAP CALL $4999
Hitachi CMP4212U __MAP CALL $4999
Hitachi CMP5000WXU_MAP $7999 plus accessory stand/mount
Hitachi CMP55HDM71 MAP $8999 Cost

Samsung PPM42s3Q__$2349
Samsung PPM50H3Q__$5149
Samsung PPM60H3 __$12372

Toshiba 42HP83 ___$3395

NEC PX-42VM5A? ___$2349 Register to win a FREE NEC 61" Plasma http://www.phatcashgiveaway.com/EndUser2/
NEC PX-42VP5A ___$2349
NEC PX-42XM3A ____$4995 MAP CALL
NEC PX-50XM4A ____$7095 MAP CALL
NEC PX-61XM3A____$13,495 MAP CALL
NEC PX-84VP5A ___$12995
NEC PX-84VM5A ___$12995
NEC PX-42XR3A ___$5495 MAP CALL
NEC PX-50XR4A ___$7995 MAP CALL
NEC PX-61XR3A ___$13995 MAP CALL

Maxent MX-50X1___$4799
Maxent MX-42X1___$4075
Maxent MX-42VM10_$2349

Zenith P60W38 __$6999

Champion CVI42__$2250 *EDTV (Panasonic Internals 4000:1 Contrast)

4222-US-001 ____$2349 EDTV
4232-US-001 ____$3349 HDTV
5032-US-001 ____$5999

Sylvania 6842-PE _$2399

Norcent PT-4231 _$2249

Viewsonic VPW425___$3999
Viewsonic VPW4255__$3679
Viewsonic VPW505___$6299
Viewsonic VPW5500__$7999

SVA HD4208UII ______$2249
SVA HD4208TIII-PDP__$2249
SVA HD4208TIII-VR___$2320

BenQ PDP46W1S _____$3549

HP P8719A#ABA _____$2569
HP P8718AA#ABA_____$4025

Universal Wall Bracket for Plasma Displays $189 shipped
Tilting Universal Wall Bracket for Plasma Displays $239 shipped

Contact us about Plasma Enclosures from LM Engineering for travel
Contact us about Plasma Picture Frames to go around your Plasma TV
Contact us about motorized Plasma Picture Frames to cover your plasma with Artwork
Contact us about motorized Plasma retractable ceiling mounts or rising cabinet mounts

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________

Extended Warranties
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________

Extended warranty by Philips one of the best available

3 Year Extended Warranty (on site)
Plasma TV

Doug Pyle

Second Unit
Nov 13, 1998
Middle of the Pacific
Real Name
I didn't know this thread was an advertisement. Not so cool.

EDIT: I think it only fair to acknowledge that the thread title has since been edited to clearly label this thread as a sponsor ad. Clarity much appreciated.

Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
yeah, no offense to what appears to be a htf sponsor, but why do these folks get to post threads and make them stick?

again, no offense....just wondering....


Senior HTF Member
May 7, 1999
I'd guess that it was a deal struck up between the owners of this site and the owner of Plasmadocs, and that's all that matters


Dr. Anthony Rosalia

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 6, 2004
These are specifically only prices for the HTF community. As it was annoying to some patrons to see our deals posted by the management all over the bargains section and elsewhere, we asked if we could keep up a good portion of our inventory with current HTF pricing in only one post. Since our site also does not contain half of the listed inventory, this was the best and easiest place to put these bargains to let the HTF know of their existence. As we are a store dedicated to the patrons of the HTF, we wanted to be able to get this info to you and this was the best as easiest way. We will soon have up a section on the front page listing current deals as well.

Dr. Anthony Rosalia

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 6, 2004

Thanks for the support. We appreciate it. If you are ever in the market for anything give us a pm or use our new onilne chat feature.

Dr. Anthony Rosalia

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 6, 2004
Thanks for your order Aaron. They will be out to you by tomorrow and we should have tracking info to you by tomorrow night, or should I say tonight (12:35am here). :) You won't be disappointed, plus they have a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime tech support. Don't take our word for it, the reviews say it all for this company.


Mar 22, 2005
Doctor, was looking at your list and did not see a Pioneer Plasma PDP-4340HD in the list. You don't carry this model?

If you don't what would you suggest as a comparable display.

I chose the Pioneer based on the editor and user ratings I found on CNET.com

Dr. Anthony Rosalia

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 6, 2004
Hi Joey,

We unfortunately do not sell the all in one unit such as the 4340HD that has the stand and the speakers. Pioneer has very few vendors currently authorized to sell those items online and as a authorized Pioneer dealer we must comply. We sell the "a la carte" versions which are cheaper without the added things many people don't use (internal speakers, stand, dual tuner, etc.) The panel we sell is the Pioneer PDP-434CMX which is essentially the same 3:3 pulldown unit thats has greater flexibility and upgradability over their 4340 siblings. The glass is exactly the same and with a myriad of upgrade cards. You can add the ports you need and leave out what you do not. I just made up system for a gentleman in California with a corporate version of the Panasonic 50" plasma. He saved himself over $2000 than in his local store buying the corporate panel and sound system over the consumer version and he couldn't be happier. These are essentially panels for installation companies that custom design systems and use for custom home and coporate settings. We can give you a full 5.1 sound system (and not cheap speakers and amp mind) all audiophie quality suff for probably the same price you can buy a 4340 locally. If you do not need all the extras that many people don't use, it makes more sence to customise a system for yourself so that you do not have to take what they offer you if you are not going to use it. All pioneer screens are excellent as are all Panasonic units. The corporate panels even have better upconversion cards with better internal scalers as options, all the way up to a dual tuner setup...even with networking built in card form, all plug and play. If a new scaler comes out or new cards, you can just pop them in or switch them out at will.

These are the differences bewteen the consumer and corporate and why many of our customers decide not to go with the consumer versions and save money for the same panel. :)

Let us know if we can be of more assistance.


Mar 22, 2005
Thanks for the info Doc....

I'm actually helping my Sister decide on a plasma display for her new home... We already have the sound system picked out. So essentially all she'll need is the plasma with COMPONENT inputs.

So if I understand you correctly we would just need the upgrade card that gives us that functionality?

I'm new to all of this plasma stuff, and now with what you just threw into the mix.... whew, alot to absorb. Sounds to me that it would be foolish to buy the consumer models

Not sure if you are able to give me a price quote in this forum but if possible I would like to know a ballpark on the cost for the Pioneer PDP-434CMX and the upgrade card.

My Sister should be moving in to her new house in May so we are pretty much ready to make a decision on this one ASAP.

Thanks Again.


Second Unit
Dec 26, 2003
Are you guys still running the special for the rockets in cherry for 129 a pair. How much would it be for two pairs plus a matching center channel?

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