Tina Wesson (Survivor 2 winner) on HGTV's "Designer's challenge"

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    Did anyone but me watch this show?

    In last nights episode they had selected Tina Wesson as the perosn to get a room make over (each episode, 3 different designers are challenged to come up with a room design for a family). Don't know why she was in it, but I think HGTV are stationed in Knoxville just like Mrs Wesson is, so that's probably why.

    Anyway, she had bought a large house (I think it was 4,500 sqft) for her family with the prize money, but it was rather empty. Of course, by the end of the show they had spent $30K on the remodeling and furniture, so it looked pretty spiffy then.

    Seems like most of her prize money was spent on that house... I'd still like to know what happened to that fund for poor families she was going to set up (which is what gave her some of the votes)... anyone heard anything about it?

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    "Hey Tina, Tom Arnold called, he wants the rest of his 15 minutes of fame back." [​IMG]
    When Tina made the suggestion of the charity, I think she was still "playing the game" to get Elizabeth's vote. Tina was quite a shrewd woman.

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