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    I realise that the THX optimiser may be a newer version of the Optimode system....allowing you to optimize the performance of your home theater system for individual DVD titles. They don't specify calibration levels. Others have reported problems.They have recently stated that the Optimode calibration noise should not be used to assess the output levels of a system, although this advice does contradict the original Optimode press release which reads: “THX Optimode provides tests for speaker level, speaker phase and Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel crossover.”
    The reason for THX's change of heart is clear from the results of my own investigations. The THX Optimode calibration noise is inaccurate, in some cases by as much as 10dB. The link I will give you below takes you to a site that further explains that the "optimizer" should not be confused with the "optimode" setup. When you click on setup specifics for the takes you to Optimode....ANY IDEAS?
    THX Optimizer
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    Hey Mike
    Yes this is a mess!
    The Optimode is incorrect as you stated and over at SMR they go into this and explain... But as you pointed out the NEW Optimizer seen on more recent released discs is a mess too.
    If you read the THX-Optimizer page and follow it's links at the bottom (don't click on the Optimode in the first paragragh) on how to use it, it contradicts itself, and as you pointed out gives NO level to set your channels at!
    They tell you on the second audio page (I belive thats the page) you should go to your Receiver and use their tones. This after telling you that the whole damn idea of (THX-Optimizer) is to get what the director wanted and recorded Audio Video wise on this *Specific DVD Disc*....
    As far as the Audio part of the THX-Optimizer, it makes no sense as they don't give you a db level to work with. So what you supposed to do guess, assume 75-db, and then they go on to tell you to use the receivers test tones. [​IMG][​IMG]
    What a big THX mixxxxxed up message...

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