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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by KyleT, Mar 22, 2006.

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    It seems like these smaller direct to consumer shops tend to have the best customer service, and Outlaw Audio (they make amps and such) is no exception.

    I bought a simple, cheap, Outlaw 2200 amplifier. Just a $325 mono amp to power 4 jamo speakers in my new restaurant. Didn't need anything stereo since due to speaker placement and the large variety of customer seating areas, stereo would be a waste.

    Anyhow... a week before opening of this restaurant we're playing some music on the amp - nothing too loud, but not exactly quiet either. The speakers aren't distorting in the least and the amp is warm but not hot. Next thing I know the music cuts. Blown fuse. Go to radio shack and buy a new fuse. The second I put it in and turn the amp on with no input or output connected, it blows again.

    I call them up and within one press of a button am speaking to a knowledgable, personable (ENGLISH speaking, lol) support guy named Steve. Within 60 seconds of the conversation starting he's taking down my info to immediately priority ship out a replacement amp with a return shipping label enclosed as to allow me to ship the old amp back free of charge.

    While I'm not happy that this amp died, I'm very impressed with the 'human factor' of Outlaw Audio. They understood that this was for a restaurant set to be open in a week, and even though I was a low-dollar customer, they took care of me like I was their biggest client.

    In the end, when I go to setup my new home theater at my house, as well as if this restaurant succeeds and we open up additional locations, you can bet Outlaw will be getting my business.

    I just wanted to give Outlaw a thumbs up for you guys who may be unfamiliar with them (This is my first purchase from them, though I've heard good things in the past); and also go to say this shows that taking care of even your smallest customers can mean much more to your future sales and reputation than you may realize.
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    Whether you've spent $300 or $3000 with them, Outlaw has consistently had the finest customer service in the business. IMO they set the gold standard for treating their customers right.

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