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Things I din't get to tell Warner during the last chat... (1 Viewer)


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Jul 19, 2002
i did get to post a question, but i was rushed and just got to squeak out a list of titles.
i really would have liked to preface the question with a short comment expressing my appreciation for the quality job they have done in the past year with some of my favorite catalog titles.
i very much appreciate the high standard they have in regards to a/v quality and trying to secure good prints for mastering.
also the range of titles.
not much more contemporary things i'm really looking for ( with the possible exception of Prisoner Of Second Avenue- which i forgot to ask about) but i'm very glad to hear all the focus on the classics.
can't wait to see them.

also, i just want you to know how much i appreciate your frequent use of the original theatrical art.
it seems like every other company is filling the shelves with
'big head' photoshop covers that display a distinct lack of creativity, imagination, and class.
to see you guys use the original 'Seruat-esque' art for A little Romance, when any other company would have just slapped a big head shot of Diane Lane over the title shows me someone over there actually views the entire product as art.
very cool.

like everybody else, i think the snappers are a pain (especially when scrapping off the security stickers which are lately scrapping off some of the printing of the cover too :frowning: )
but thats only a minor quibble at this point.
by far, my concern is for a good presentation of favorite films at a good price, and in that area you folks are tops.

thanks again

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