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The problem with "Terror Train" (SPOILERS) (1 Viewer)

Gabe D

Senior HTF Member
May 16, 2001
I'm going to assume this is a spoiler. I haven't actually finished the movie yet, so I can't say absolutely 100% for sure. (I just watched the first hour during my lunch break today.)

The movie starts with some college kids playing a really rotten, traumatizing prank on a nerd. Having seen a horror movie before, I'm guessing that either this kid will kill everybody involved, or somebody else will get his revenge for him.

Cut to three years later, the same kids are now graduating from college. They have one last big party on a train and, surprise!, they are getting killed one by one. David Copperfield plays a magician who does his act on the train. The magician has a lady assistant. The thing I noticed, and this is where my problem is: that assistant sure does look a lot like the nerdy guy from the beginning of the movie. Like, exactly like him. Kind of like they just put the guy in a dress...

I can suspend my disbelief and think that nobody on the train recognizes him. However, I can't forget that I do. What I don't get is why they keep showing him, face and all.

My question for people who have seen this movie is: Didn't you all notice the guy in drag right away? Or did you just think David Copperfield had the ugliest magician's assistant in the whole world? Doesn't it kind of ruin the movie?

Other than that I've enjoyed the movie so far. :)

Ryan Wishton

May 17, 2003
I noticed the drag queen immediately. Although, I wasnt sure. Thought maybe they put something so obvious there on purpose to make you think it was the drag queen when it was someone else. Maybe his sister. lol. JK, although there are the share of girls much worse. I have seen a good share of gals who look like drag queens, but were really girls. You just dont know always.

Guess I thought too much into it. Truth is it's not the worst horror film I have seen. There are actually much, much, worse to tell the truth. KillJoy pops to mind.

The movie was a passible slasher, but kind of drags. Some decent moments, but they are too far and few between. Too much chatter and magician tricks. This should have been called David Copperfield's Train of Terror. If I saw the guy perform one more magic trick, I thought I would come out of my mind.

This movie does have two parts that made me cringe though. One not even meant to be there.

When Jamie Lee really bashed her head off the door and we hear a thump. She was really hurt here. The other is when she gets her earing pulled right out. Poor Jamie Lee. There sort of abused her in this movie. Hopefully they paid her extra. ;)

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