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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by BrianAe, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. BrianAe

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    Dec 2, 2002
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    OK, about 6 or 7 months ago, after reading about it here on this forum, my wife and I decided to get in to satellite radio. I did a brief audition of both XM and Sirius and chose Sirius for what is mainly (but not entirely) music listening.

    Here is what I now believe to be true:

    1) Both Sirius and XM are great. I believe most people would greatly benefit from purchasing either and believe the cost to benefit ratio would be low for most people compared to other discretionary purchases.

    2) The differences in play lists between the two services are real. XM does play a greater variety of songs with less repeats than Sirius.

    3) Some (even those who like variety) will find the variety and lack of repeats on some XM channels to be too great.

    4) The variety on Sirius (and XM) channels varies greatly. The best channels provide a great deal of variety, approaching XM levels but with a little more repeating, perhaps the perfect mix. The worst channels approach FM but are still a good deal better in terms of plays and repeats.

    5) For Rock, Sirius has a much better selection of channels than XM, including a jam band channel. If you like Rock and don't mind occasionally switching channels this might make up for the less diverse play lists on Sirius.

    However, I think there has been enough talk and hyperbole about which service is better for the music listener. So here is what I propose:
    :A thread where every HTF member who uses Sat. radio posts listener diary entries of what songs they heard during listening sessions of 1 hour or more.

    I think this will be a fun little thread that will give people a good feel for what is being played on both services and how great both services really are. I will post my first diary later today or tomorrow.


    1) Your listening session must be a minimum of 1 hour
    2) You must record and post every song you heard. No skipping the Elton John or Flaming Tomato's rendition of Viva Las Vegas. If your in the car and can't record or remember every song then wait until next time.
    3) Changing channels up to 3 times per hour is allowed.

    Format for posts:

    Start Time:
    Artist, Song
    Artist, Song
    Artist, Song
    Artist, Song
    Artist, Song
    Artist, Song
    End Time:
  2. Chris

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    Jul 4, 1997
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    Ok, I'll play along to what extent I've got.. you're asking for too much info for me to jot down, though :0

    Took the wife & kids shopping this afternoon, so lots of breaks in between, no start/stop time, but roughly from 4:25-6PM

    1st Wave (Channel 22) (until we switch below)
    Peek-A-Boo Siouxie and the Banshees (Request)
    Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
    Just Like Heaven - Cure
    The Walls Came Down - The Call (Request)
    Head over Heels - GoGos
    StarShine (didn't catch band name)
    Video Killed the Radio Star EP - The Buggles
    China Girl - David Bowie
    Man in the Moon - REM
    I'll Tumble For You - Culture Club
    What I Am - Edie Brickell

    (then we switched to Radio Disney)
    Why Not - Hillary Duff
    Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
    Teenage Drama Queen - Lindsy Lohan
    Coming Clean - Hillary Duff
    Hamster Dance - Hamtaro
    Naked Mole Rap - Ron from Kim Possible
    Superstition - Raven Simone


    Since we have 5 hours of driving on Turkey day, I'll try to post the log then.
  3. Chris

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    Jul 4, 1997
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    Having compared the two, and this doesn't often go mentioned, but I'd take Shade 45, Eminem's hip-hop station, over any rap station on XM at this point, they really have put it together in a good fashion.. their on-air live "rap duels" are hilarious call in segments, worth the station alone [​IMG]
  4. TheLongshot

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    May 12, 2000
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    Well, personally, I think that's a matter of what you are looking forward. Sirius definitly has the edge in Classic Rock. XM has the edge with "alternative" channels. If you just like Hair Bands, Sirius is for you. If you know that there was more metal in the 80s other than Hair Bands, then XM is probably for you.

    Sorry for the non-subject E-Mail, but I thought I should add this. I'll put in my entry here tomorrow evening.

  5. BrianAe

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    Dec 2, 2002
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    Thanks Chris. Good job. Looking forward to your post Jason. I encourage everyone to participate. Also, feel free to post multiple times.
  6. TheLongshot

    TheLongshot Producer

    May 12, 2000
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    Well, let's get started!

    Commute into work:

    Fine Tuning:
    Arcady - Bretton Reels
    Yes - Magnification
    Tornadoes - Telstar

    70s on 7:
    Linda Ronstadt - When Will I Be Loved?
    Elton John - Island Girl

    Fine Tuning:
    Yussi - Yaxchillian
    Jimi Hendrix - Drifting

    The Loft:
    Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider (Live)
    Ian Mattews - Shady Lies

    Fine Tuning:
    Los Lobos - Angel Dance
    David Darling - Restraint Begins

    Fine Tuning:
    Renaissance - Prologue
    Tony Levin - Tequila
    Chet Atkins - The Girl Friend

    70s on 7:
    Van McCoy - The Hustle
    Chicago - Old Days

    Fine Tuning:
    Rick Wakeman - [email protected]

    70s On 7:
    Meatloaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
    Hot Chocolate - Every Ones a Winner

    Stone Temple Pilots - Down
    Alter Bridge - Find The Real
    Staind - Price To Pay

    More comming later...

  7. BrianAe

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    Dec 2, 2002
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    Jason, very nice. I was only able to listen for about an hour today online. Didn't have very good luck with The Vault but Jam On did it for me as usual...

    Service: Sirius
    Start Time: 3:40 pm
    Channel: The Vault
    ?-? Some song I had never heard but really liked.
    Yes – Love will find a way
    Dylan – Tangled up in blue
    Steve Miller – Going to the country
    Elton John – Switched because I’m not too fond

    Channel: Jam On (for those of you that don't know, many of these tunes are very long)
    Give me three steps – Good cover but not sure by who
    John Scofield – Swinganova
    String Cheese incident – Black and white (common band on Jam On but first time I’ve heard this song)
    Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Broken hearted Savior (possibly first time I’ve heard this band)
    Dereck and the Dominos – Jam IV
    The Band – Blind Willie McTell
    Dylan – Queen Jane
    Phish – Possum

    End Time 4:52

    Doing a road trip over the long weekend. Hopefully I can record some of what we hear on the trip and I can post it Monday. Keep em coming!
  8. TheLongshot

    TheLongshot Producer

    May 12, 2000
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    Had a really long commute last night, so I have a lot here. [​IMG]

    XM Music Lab
    Yes - Time And A Word
    Coheed And Cambria - The Velourium Ca

    Da Boneyard
    Metallica - Thorn Within
    Giant - I'm A Believer
    Kiss - Rock Bottom

    Top Tracks
    The Band - Up On Cripple Creek
    Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen
    Supertramp - Breakfast In America
    CCR - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

    Da Boneyard
    Firehouse - Don't Treat Me Bad
    Extreme - Our Father
    Queen - Keep Yourself Alive
    Yngvie Malmsteen - In The Name Of God

    Deep Tracks
    Aerosmith - Love Me Two Times
    Eric Clapton - Before You Accuse Me
    Dan Folgleberg - It Doesn't Matter

    Ozzy Osborne - Crazy Train
    AC/DC - Back In Black
    Outfield - Your Love
    Men At Work - Down Under

    Fine Tuning
    Karl Jenkins - Mare Astralis
    Tim Buckley - I Never Asked To
    ELP - Tarkus
    Moya Brennan - River
    Gioacchino Ros - La Scala di Seta

    I've got some more I've captured on my player that I haven't written down yet from last night...

  9. BrianAe

    BrianAe Second Unit

    Dec 2, 2002
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    Start Time: 12:15
    Jam On:

    Artist:Jerry Garcia & Howard Wales
    Title:Venutian Blues

    Artist:Blues Traveler
    Title:But Anyway

    Artist:Widespread Panic
    Title:Walk On


    Artist:New Riders Of The Purple Sage
    Title:Willie and the Hand Jive

    Artist:Keller Williams
    Title:Kidney In A Cooler

    Artist:Dave Matthews Band
    Title:Lie In Our Graves
    Time: 1:15

    Classic Rewind:

    Title:Fat Bottomed Girls

    Artist:Cheap Trick

    Title:Highway To Hell

    The Spectrum:
    Jackson Brown

    Artist:Peter Gabriel

    Artist:Counting Crows
    Title:Accidentally In Love

    Artist:Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

    Title:Pride (In The Name Of Love)

    Artist:Nik Kershaw
    Title:Wouldn't It Be Good

    Title:Here Comes The Rain Again

    Artist:Bruce Springsteen
    Title:Tunnel Of Love

    The Vault:


    Artist:Eric Clapton
    Title:May You Never

    Title:Snowblind Friend

    Artist:Gary Wright
    Title:Love Is Alive

    Artist:Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    Title:Blue Moanin' (SurroundSound)

    Artist:Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    Title:King's Road

    Artist:The Rolling Stones
    Title:Dance Little Sister

    Artist:Grand Funk Railroad
    Title:Are You Ready (live)

    Artist:Canned Heat
    Title:Let's Work Together

    End Time: 2:50pm

    Come on people (including Ron), ponny up...
  10. William Laughner

    William Laughner Stunt Coordinator

    May 9, 1999
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    Alt Nation 21

    Start 7:16

    Beastie Boys - Intergalactic

    Franz Ferdinand - This Fire

    Moby w/Gwen Stefani - South Side

    Good Charlotte - The World Is Black

    Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under The Influence

    Unwritten Law - Save Me

    Foo Fighters - Times Like These

    Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus

    Sum 41 - Fat Lip

    The Killers - Somebody Tell Me

    Social Distortion - Reach For The Sky

    Cake - The Distance

    Story of the Year - Anthem Of Our Dying Day

    Green Day - Are We The Waiting

    Nine Inch Nails - Hurt

    Interpol - Slow Hands

    Coldplay - The Scientist

    Muse - Hysteria

    American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Week

    Le Tigre - TKO

    Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

    End 8:35pm
  11. William Laughner

    William Laughner Stunt Coordinator

    May 9, 1999
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    In my second day of listening to Alt Nation 21 on Sirius I am already begining to notice a number of songs that they are repeating pretty regularly. Another annoyance is the host that takes over at 7pm (Madison), she is really awful. Next week I will listen to XM 47 Ethel to compare playlist depth and repetition.

    Alt Nation 21

    Start 6:53pm EST

    Social Distortion - Reach For The Sky

    Tori Amos - God

    Coldplay - Clocks

    The Working Title - Something She Said

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Other Side

    Lazyboy - Underwear Goes Inside The Pants

    Green Day - Basket Case

    MUSE - Hysteria

    The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go

    Prodigy - Hot Ride

    Lostprophets - Wake Up (Make A Move)

    Sum 41 - Pieces

    Radiohead - Karma Police

    Garbage - #1 Crush

    Jet - Look What You've Done

    Offspring - (Can't Get My) Head Around You

    Interpol - Slow Hands

    Blink 182 - First Date

    Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out

    Taking Back Sunday - This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)

    Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

    The Music - Breakin'

    Butthole Surfers - Pepper

    Jimmy Eat World - Pain

    Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days

    The Hives - Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones

    Incubus - Megalomaniac

    Unwritten Law - Save Me

    Prodigy - Firestarter

    Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

    Bjork - Army Of Me

    Modest Mouse - Ocean Breathes Salty

    Coheed & Cambria - Blood Red Summer

    End 8:59pm EST
  12. William Laughner

    William Laughner Stunt Coordinator

    May 9, 1999
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    Only 3 days into listening to Alt Nation 21 for an hour or more a day and I am getting tired of it. As you can tell by looking at the past two days and today, the repition of a set list of songs is becoming more obvious each day...and its very annoying. My local Indie alternative station CD101 ( has more depth and less repetition...and its free.

    Alt Nation 21

    Start 7:47pm EST

    Blink 182 - Stay Together For The Kids

    Modest Mouse - Float On

    Lostprophets - I Don't Know

    Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American

    Foo Fighters - Darling Nikki

    Head Automatica - Brooklyn Is Burning

    Interpol - Slow Hands

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop

    MUSE - Hystertia

    No Doubt - Spiderwebs

    The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

    Sum 41 - Pieces

    Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty

    Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus

    Live - Lightining Crashes

    Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down

    U2 - All Because Of You

    Everclear -Santa Monica

    Bad Reglion - Los Angeles Is Burning

    Taking Back Sunday - The Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)

    Smashing Pumpkins - Today

    MC Lars - Signing Emo

    311 - Down

    Jet - Look What You've Done

    Pearl Jam - Better Man

    Prodigy - Hot Ride

    End 9:30pm EST
  13. DwightK

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    Sep 12, 2000
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    XM going home from work
    1653 - 1753 Mountain time

    Dilated Peoples - Worst comes to Worst
    Modest Mouse - The World at Large

    *They Might be Giants - Particle Man

    Pitty Sing - Bleeding Hearts
    Pennywise - My Own Way
    Stereolab - Sudden Stars
    Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Eyes of Green, Green, Green

    *Radiohead - Creep

    The Faint - Southern Belles
    Lilys - Precollection
    Cato Salsa Experience - Move On
    The Crimea - Howling at the Moon wont make it Better
    D-Plan Remixed - Time Bomb
    Allister - Radio Player
    Franz Ferdinand - Matanee

    *Radiohead - Karma Police

    * - These groups are on my Skyfi2 tuneselect list and I usually switch to those groups as they come available.
  14. William Laughner

    William Laughner Stunt Coordinator

    May 9, 1999
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    Drove from Columbus, OH to Pittsburgh, PA last night and took my SkiFi2 with me. The drive ended up being a little longer than normal...but i didnt mind at all. I enjoyed 3 & 1/2 hours of excellent music. The people at Sirius 21 - Alt Nation need to get themselves a XM Radio and listen to XM47 - Ethel. The 3 & 1/2 hours I listened was a near perfect mix of old & new. I am looking forward to my drive back to Columbus, OH today to see what I get from Ethel this time.

    Start 10:44pm EST
    47 - Ethel

    Jimmy Eat World - Lucky Denver Mint
    Franz Ferdinand - This Fire
    Pearl Jam - Spin The Black Circle
    Smashing Pumpkins - In The Arms of Sleep
    Sum 41 - Pieces
    Radiohead - High and Dry
    Yellowcard - Only One
    Todies - Away
    William Shatner - Common People
    Toad the Wet Sprocket - Good Intentions
    Alice In Chains - Angry Chair
    Razorlight - Golden Touch
    Fastball - The Way
    MUSE - Stockholm Syndrome
    Jane's Addiction - Had A Dad
    311 - All Mixed Up
    Unwritten Law - Save Me
    Beastie Boys - An Open Letter To NYC
    Garbage - Special
    Louis XIV - Finding Out True
    Bjork - Hyper-Ballad
    Straylight Run - Existentailism O
    Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot
    The Donnas - Fall Behind Me
    Bloc Party - Banquet
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away
    Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under The Influence
    Sebadoh - Rebound
    Coheed Cambria - Blood Red Summer
    Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
    Jimmy Eat World - Work
    Catherine Wheel - Gasoline
    All-American Rejects- Swing, Swing
    Mclusky - she will only bring you happiness
    Cranberries - Zombie
    Joe Strummer - Arms Aloft
    U2 - God Part 2
    Fugazi - Argument
    My Chemical Romance - I'm Not OK (I Promise) (EDITED VERSION)
    JET - Cold Hard Bitch
    Hole - violet
    The Killers - Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
    Rancid - Time Bomb
    Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore
    The Fire Theft - Chain
    Wolfgang Press - Mama Told Me Not To Come
    Riddlin' Kids - Stop The World
    Secret Machines - Sad and Lonely
    James - Sit Down
    Elefant - Misfit
    Marcy Playground - St. Joe On The School Bus
    Modest Mouse - Ocean Breathes Salty
    Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of
    Afghan Whigs - Be Sweet

    End 2:16am EST
  15. Kevin N

    Kevin N Stunt Coordinator

    May 14, 2001
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    Here's a few of my presets I did. I'll do some more later tonight or tomorrow. [​IMG]

    3:00-4:00 PM CST
    Ethel XM47

    Collective Soul - The World I Know
    Green Day - American Idiot
    Cardigans - Lovefool
    Jimmy Eat World - Work
    311 - First Straw
    Bjork - Army of Me
    The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk
    Urge Overkill - Sister Havana
    The Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
    Nirvana - Something in the Way
    Nine Inch Nails - Sanctified
    Beck - Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes)
    Better Than Ezra - Desperately Wanting
    Blink 182 - Down
    Semisonic - Closing Time
    By Divine Right - Soft Machine

    4:00-5:00 PM CST
    Cinemagic XM27

    The Godfather
    O' Brother Where Art Thou
    Cold Mountain
    Gods and Generals
    The Last Samurai

    5:00-6:00 PM CST
    Fungus XM53
    Special Program (5:00-5:30): Hee Haw Hell

    Cramps - Birdfeed
    Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors - Orenthal James was a Mighty Bad Man
    Benny Cliff - Shake Em Up Rock
    Reach Around Rodeo Clowns - Party, Party, Party
    Southern Culture on the Skids - Soul City
    Slick Pelt - Magdalena
    Dash Rip Rock - Johnny Ace
    Atomic Bombshell - Chicken
    Beat Farmers - Big Rock Candy Mountain (End Hee Haw Hell)
    Suicidal Tendencies - Suicide's An Alternative
    Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Strawberry Fields
    Crizzy & The Punx - Rude Boys
    Drones - Bone Idol
    The Offspring - Worst Hangover Ever
    GBH - Pass the Axe
    Ignite - In Defense
    Less Than Jake - Escape from the A-Bomb House
    Sum 41 - Angels with Dirty Faces
    Plasmatics - Rock and Roll
    Bouncing Souls - Night Train
    The Briggs - One Shot Down
  16. Kevin N

    Kevin N Stunt Coordinator

    May 14, 2001
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    11:10 PM -12:10 AM CST
    Squizz XM47

    Local H - California Songs
    Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing
    Soulhat - Bonecrusher
    Slipknot - Pulse Of The Maggots
    Beck - E-Pro
    Limp Bizkit - Hot Dog (listener's note: yuck.)
    V Shape Mind - Monsters
    Thornley - Easy Comes
    Tantric - Mourning
    Failure - Saturday Saviour
    Papa Roach - Scars
    Dope - Slipping Away
    Magna Fi - Down In It
    Powerman 5000 - That's the way it Goes
    Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug
  17. Kevin N

    Kevin N Stunt Coordinator

    May 14, 2001
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    12:10 - 1:10 AM CST
    The System XM82

    Sonar Methods - Echoing Waves
    Paul van Dyk - Seven Ways
    Andy Ling - Calling Angels
    Mark Otten - Tranquility
    Anthea - He Said She Said
    R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments
    Digital Tension - Symphony of Tomorrow
    Juno Reactor - Pistolero
  18. Kevin N

    Kevin N Stunt Coordinator

    May 14, 2001
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    1:15 AM - 2:15 AM CST
    Deep Tracks XM40

    Beatles - Revolution
    John Lennon - Give Peace A Chance
    Pat Travers - Born Under a Bad Sign
    Standells - Try It
    Dion - The Wanderer
    Creedence Clearwater Revival- Before You Accuse Me
    Jerry Garcia - Sugaree
    Allman Brothers - In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
    Andy Pratt - Avenging Annie
    Quicksilver Mess - Mona
  19. Brian Elwood

    Brian Elwood Stunt Coordinator

    Sep 3, 2004
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    OK - I gotta ask since I'm getting Sirius tomorrow (I have it with Dish Net and love it). How are you guys remembering all this while driving ????

    Octane ROCKS with rock!
  20. Arman

    Arman Screenwriter

    Jan 10, 2003
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