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Alon Goldberg

Jul 10, 2006
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Alon Goldberg
The IEEE - the International Body and Standards Board for Electrical Engineers - biased and fan boys? I'm pretty sure that their research standards on this topic are a bit higher than that!


Sep 25, 2004
I say bias because the article often refers just about only positive things on lcd and all negatives for the all other technologies. Annnnd they are engineers too, they often just see specs and run simulations but rarely any real life testing (depending on the type of engineer obviously). I worked in two firms with them and it's sad.

In any case, I'm not pro this or pro that, I just thought the article was pro LCD. The type of screen goes with what you tend to do with it really IMO. As for new technologies, theres always tons of them popping saying that its the end of this or the end of that. But when it comes to economics and manufacturing. Little of them actually make iit on the market. Didn't we talk about Laser HDTV a few weeks ago. There's always something. If we were to always wait for something better, we wouldn't be getting anything at all.


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Feb 1, 2006
That's a pretty stupid article. The article begins with a completely misleading intro: "Today, plasma televisions are what many consumers would like to have hanging on their walls; liquid-crystal-display televisions are what they can afford" and goes downhill from there.

Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
We must admit that Joe Sixpack is still out there.

Even he would love to have a plasma but remember, his father and grandfather bought those el-cheapo TV's with deficiencies like:

Obtrusive color fringes from misconvergence,
Lots of overscan and geometric distortion,
Obtrusive dot crawl from poor comb fiters,
Having to unplug the S-video jack before using the composite (RCA) video jack,
Takes a long time to change channels after you push the buttons on the remote,
(for his grandfather) Having to fine tune each channel every time, so having a remote (he didn't) was useless,
(for his grandfather) Having to adjust vertical hold after each channel change.

Of course, if we all had been educated so as not to suffer any of the above indignities, the term Joe Sixpack would have disappeared from discussion as did Vertical Hold.

I think the direct view LCD is going to be the Joe Sixpack TV.

Video hints:

If I have some time I should research history to find an article that begins, "Today, color televisions are what many consumers would like to have sitting in their living rooms; black and white televisions are what they can afford". Maybe that article too will go downhill from there.

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